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My Makeover Fiasco

My Makeover Fiasco

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​I had been brought up in a very traditional, conservative family and right from schooldays I was known to be a simple looking girl clad in a cotton salwar suit without makeup. I never remember a day I left home without the holy kumkum or holy ash on my forehead. I seldom used to hang out with friends and was a typical grandma's girl. Even after I started working, my style of dressing pretty much remained the same. A crisp starched and pressed cotton salwar kameez with neatly tied up hair, that's how anyone would remember Priya.

Finally, I was getting married and was going to settle down. After receiving an array of advice, beauty tips, counselling sessions, daily mailers, I finally decided to go for that huge "Fashionable Makeover" after marriage (I had to look traditional for the wedding). After the wedding, reception party, a series of poojas, my home was now void of guests and relatives. My husband asked me to get ready for a candlelight dinner in a theme restaurant that evening. So then the bells started to ring all over" Get ready Priya, you have to look your best and make him fall over his knees ".

Off I was on a shopping expedition. Jeans, shirts, tops and all the outfits which I have never worn before was now on my shopping cart. And yes, I chose a beautiful red dress for the evening too. Then the extras and accessories. I bought my first clutch, a makeup kit and lipstick of extra bold shade. Next on the agenda was a visit to the salon. After two hours I came out bright with a facial done, color streaked hair and a series of painful beauty procedures.

I came home tired realizing that I had skipped my lunch. But it was too late. I just had a cup of tea and then finally got ready. I was just waiting to surprise my dear husband with my new avatar. I opened the door as he rang the doorbell and what happened next left me totally disappointed. He did go over on his knees but with roars of laughter. That was too much for me to take. I sunk in the couch and cried out loud.

He came next to me and said. I like you for the way you are and don't try to change yourself. You are beautiful the way you are. These things don't impress me. I was happy that he told me something really nice. Also, I was not really comfortable with my clothes and makeup. We did spend a beautiful evening that day and had an awesome candlelight dinner, but sans makeup sans the hep red dress. Just a simple salwar suit, the way my husband still likes me.

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