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Thank You Teacher- My Fairy GodMother

Thank You Teacher- My Fairy GodMother

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Dear Ma'am, 

That day seems like yesterday when you had reassuringly told me, " You bring her to me and I promise you will never have to cry again."

As a special needs parent, I had dreamt that my daughter would fit perfectly in an inclusive environment at a "regular school". Probably I was wrong. The crowd of forty-something in a classroom, the shrill of the school bell, the clamor of the school children overwhelmed my daughter with autism. 


The school became a war field to her and I was oblivious of her struggle within herself. Back to back classes, continuous complex instructions, heavily structured curriculum, and a support teacher beside her to monitor her every move made her school life all the more miserable.

From a calm child, she turned to a person throwing temper tantrums and completely restless. Her behavior was affecting her progress in her therapies.

Though I knew that the stereotypical school wasn't meant for her anyway, still I kept forcing myself to believe that everything would fall in place. In the process of convincing myself, I was losing my daughter each day. I shattered the illusion of "normalcy" when I realized that I was doing more harm to my little one than good.

Then I placed her hand on yours, her true Guardian Angel. Thereafter everything is sheer bliss. The first mammoth change was the willingness she showed to go to school every day. I realized she looked forward to your hugs. She loved her little school which was more or less like a house where she could feel at ease with her peers. She did not see terrifying blackboards, multiple books, and structured periods. She loved the concept of activity-based learning. You gave her the time and patience for her to explore things. 

I could see her learning curve progressed. I realized that learning was not confined to books. She learned to socialize with her school mates, she became independent in her fulfilling her daily activities. She could eat with a spoon, wearing her shoes without getting confused with the pairs, and used the toilet all by herself. 

Day by day she blossomed with the love that you and all her therapists at the center showered on her. In two years, my daughter could read, write, paint, sing, and most grandly just be herself- cheerful, chirpy, and delighted.

A teacher is the only person in this world who can transform the lives of a million young minds. But a special educator is the one who can not only transform the lives of our children but also pump in so much hope and confidence into dejected and hopeless parents like me.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But ma'am it takes the entire world to raise a special child. We need the world to see them as any other person and discover their abilities rather than being judgemental on their disabilities. Teachers like you have that tenacity and perseverance to truly uncover the potential in our children. 

As a mother, I can battle the world for my child, but ma'am you work so hard to shape the future of hundreds of children and prove that the only special need that our children require is love, empathy, and trust.

Thanks are too small a word for you. I owe you my entire life for you have shown us the world where the sun rises every morning motivating us for a better world and a promising future for our children. 

Yours Lovingly,

A parent of your child.

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