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My Friends' Love Story

My Friends' Love Story

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Not sending a single message just saving her WhatsApp DP as her contact ID. And just looking at her picture when she has hidden her DP from me. Deleted my contact or whatever. Just watching her there online and staring at her picture. Well this is one of my friends. I was also in this same phase a few months ago but now it's all over.


Neha was a very charming girl. I have seen her a lot of

time but never felt so connected. But last time she passed cross me. It felt

something else it was just as if I have missed a heartbeat or two.

It was all so different who was always there in front of

me and I never felt so connected. And now all of a sudden it was a different

feeling for her. I don't know what was so amazing about her face or her eyes. I

was getting madder every second.


It all started a few years back we were in the same

college. Well to be precise it was 5 years back when all this started. Neha was

the most beautiful girl I knew in the campus. I wanted to know her and to my

surprise she was my friend's sister. Who was actually my best friend, the

person who is still always by my side. And who knows each bit of my life. But

this thing! This thing I kept hidden from him. I never got a chance to talk to

her but knew much about her. As things like she had a boyfriend and they were

truly in love with each other.


So I was staying away from her. But one day, I got a

chance to talk to her. As she knew I was brother's best friend. She helped me

with my chemistry practicals. She was an intelligent girl but she wasn't

arrogant. She was too sweet and it felt like heaven talking to her.


I was in a situation when I wasn't able to tell her my

feelings nor could I stop thinking about her. I even got her phone number. We

used to chat but she was too far for my feelings and I never told about it to

anyone not even my best friend.


So my friend was in this situation too now. And it wasn't

simple to suggest him a way out of this cause I was never able to get out of

it. But everything has a way out. No maze was created without a way out. But

it's truly hard to find that way and its really relaxing after that. I didn't

suggest him anything but had a lot in my mind to say but I always knew it won't

be easy to implement them.


This wasn't only a case. There were many complicated

things around. A friend of mine was getting mad due to some reason. And when I asked

him about I could stop my laugh. Well it was the scenario but the statement

that made me laugh. This is what he said. " I was never in love with her.

She fed me with love and then blamed me for falling in love with her."

This made me laugh cause this was a thing that reminded me of someone.


I told you a part of my life that happened few years back.

This story also belongs to the same phase. As I knew I was wrong falling in

love with a person who was already in relationship and also my best friend's



And then I met Shreya. It was the time I was in some

coaching class and I admired her for a long time but not in that manner but

suddenly it all grew intensely in me. Maybe because of the blank spaces that

have been created in my heart because of Neha. Well whatever it was I felt all

those spaces being filled by her. And a possession developed in me for her. And

I told her everything but she was a person who was very away from these kind of

things. She had never been in love with anyone and never wanted to be a part of

it either. And then I too received that sentence that changed every guys live.


No, she didn't accept my proposal, she just said , " I

like you but as a friend!" But somewhere I knew I wasn't stopping here.

And I continued talking to her day and night chatting calls whatever because I was

happy with it.


And one day she said she had started liking me. I was mad

and wasn't able to think of anything at that time. We were to young and didn't

know how to handle this happiness. But it was my first love and of course it

was exciting for me. It was good for a long time but then I felt somewhere I was

disturbing her. She had got her scores degrading test by test on the other hand

my scores they were rising and rising. And somewhere I started getting reviews

of her scores from my friends and it made me sad. Cause I was the reason. I was

the reason for her loss. So I called out for a breakup. She acted strong while I

hid my tears cause I knew I couldn't resist this distress.


And the very next day I was crying in front of her for

some love. But you know once proved weak in handling the relationship you could

never din the heart over again. Its been 2 years and I am still waiting for



Then one day I got an SMS on my mumma's phone. "Rohan

please contact me ASAP its urgent" I was shocked who this person was and

how that person got my mom's contact. I was worried so I contacted that person

on WhatsApp and to my surprise it was Riya. She was a cute girl from my

previous batch and it took me no time to realise that my best friend face her

my mom's number.


Well she wanted something which she had misplaced and

thought that it came down with my notes during our last meeting. Soon we

started talking so often . Late night chatting and all the fun that happened

made me happy. Cause it was removing the dullness that came across my heart

while I was in the phase when I wanted my girlfriend back to me. Well I am

talking about Shreya.


But somewhere I knew I can never forget my first girl ever

in my life. So I never took a step further and even warned her once telling her

that I have a girlfriend. My best friend told me that it was too rude to

talking to her like that. So I felt embarrassed and asked sorry from her. Which

gave her a reason to explore me. And I didn't disallow her cause I have to pay

for my misbehavior now. She got a chance to know me more. Pierce through my

pain and stitching all the wounds that Shreya gave me. I didn't like all this

so I wanted to get away but she didn't let me go. Somewhere I was felling for

her and I realized this late. I never wanted to be a part of love story again

but I was felling in a pond which was actually a mussy zone the more I moved

more I went deep in. And when I told her about what I was feeling. She had

already found someone else. Why did she made me fell for her when she had

someone in her life already. Well it was a nice experience and now I know how

to react to such situations.


Well heart broken again but my friends helped me get out

of this. So now I was the person who is helping everyone out there now.

Suggesting what to do what to believe and what not to. It was all fun helping

everyone until you are in a situation when you don't know who is right when

both sides you have your own friend. Then you look out for the situation and

how to manage the thing in a proper manner. But what if you realise that its

none other than your same story and whom side you are taking right now is

coincidentally playing the role of the girl who rejected you.


This is not too old from now. Not more than a year back.

Neha joined in the same college. Yes the same charming Neha. I was helping her

with the new environment and had met her many times. And soon all my feelings

for her were returning slowly and slowly. I wanted to quit and I started to

prefer some distance from her. And it was working, it was getting back to

normal. But one day I received some different kind of msgI didn't understand

what was happening and suddenly I proposed her. It got so awkward cause she

wanted to say "No" without breaking my heart. And I took no time to

understand this. I told all this to my best friend. And he advised me to stay

away from his sister. And he was correct somewhere and I realized it already.

And I did what I was advised to. So it was all cool now. We didn't talk much

and I was already away from all this and we were just friends. I started

treating her as my sister. Maybe this way it was helpful to get rid of all these

feelings. Cause I never found another way out.


I heard everyone used to tease my best friend by Disha's

name. Cute girl of his class and somewhere I saw he had a crush on her and it

was vice versa too. As everyone said. So I wanted to make this out . I know it

wasn't good to involve in this matter but of course she deserved to be my

sister in law. Well I also knew he couldn't initiate a talk with her so I tried

my luck. I have heard she never replies to unknown senders so I needed a

correct moment. And I got it somehow. It was her birthday I wished her. She

replied with a thanks. Tomorrow's mine I added. She laughed and replied okay I will

wish you tomorrow. And we both sent smileys. Next day she wished me and I asked

her if she even knew who I was. She asked me about me and I told her to guess

and the game started. I told her your class's smartest guy is my best friend.

She made a lot of guess and finally I told her my friend's name. And she

laughed . I asked why she laughed and she told me that he wasn't on her friend

list even. she said I never talk to strangers but it was funny talking to you.

And one day I met her. She was too beautiful and I knew somewhere my friend was

too lucky if it worked. But he wasn't ready to take step further. She was cute

and I was talking about my friend to her. She wasn't feeling comfortable so

often. And we started talking about each other as a friend. And it was fun. I found

many things common in us both. She was too passionate for her career and this

thing I admired in her. I was doing my best to get them both together but then I

got answers from both that they weren't interested. But in all this I happening

got a very nice friend. I shared my personal life with her even. I don't know

but I always felt it so me in her. Talking to her felt heavenly . Her funny

mood and talks always made me cheerful.


I was finding myself in her I was getting lost in her. But

this was wrong as I never had these intentions I was just helping my friend.

And this was really wrong but my friends they fed that Disha was better than

Neha and all these things confused me a lot. And one day I told her that I had

started liking her. She told me it was fine but I shouldn't go further since

she doesn't want to involve in love affairs . She was focused towards her

career and don't want to lose that.


I accepted this fact and stayed like a friend and days

passed but my love for grew stronger. But I resisted every time. Sometimes it

was too strong . And still I managed it somehow . But one day I proposed her

and I was blocked . Well I deserved it. But few days later I was unblocked and

her beautiful heart gave me another chance. But it wasn't all like before and I

told her that it was getting poor and I was more in love with her. I was

blocked again. This time I felt really sorry and asked her not to do so. And

this time it was all good until she told me about the guy who proposed her. And

she felt like accepting his proposal. I thought I was distracting her from her

career and what was happening now. She was felling in love. I know she chose

him for a reason but it was like she was cheating me. And I said I cant talk

anymore now and even you wont be able to. there were messages between us and in

the end I was blocked again.


That night I cried a lot. I wasn't able to speak to anyone

I didn't face anyone the next day for few weeks I was all alone even standing

with my friends didn't make me feel that inner peace. But all my friends helped

me get out of it but it was all too late I already spoiled my semester and I was

ruining everything. My friendship with others . My relationship with my family.

I was getting rude and was spending more time alone.

Until one day...


I received a message from Neha.

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