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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Miss Understanding: Train

The Miss Understanding: Train

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Okay ! Well every time we are about to do something good, some misunderstandings occur right at that moment . And you realize finally it's all over! It feels like a cage, trapped in a situation when you can't think of anything. And the only way out is just letting yourself through it.

Well this story is somehow very much relating. About how I met my Miss Understanding and some misunderstandings. But just remember my statement, "Getting out of it is just going through it!"

"Once upon a time, there was a king, he had three daughters and no son! So he once again went for a war and married the princess of that kingdom after winning over it. And in span of ten-twelve months under great care the queen gave birth to a child. A girl child again! King got furious cause he wanted a son to rule his kingdom after him. He was now unable to think of a way and called the geniuses from all over the world so that they can suggest a method to deal with this circumstance." A mom was reading this story to her daughter. And I was looking at them since I was also interested in listening to her.

Well I was traveling from Delhi to Nagpur by train! And I was all by my own so there was no one keeping a watch on me that, what I was doing. So feeling free to do anything I interrupted in between.

" Sorry to interrupt you ma'am! But don't you feel this story is going to place a wrong impact on the girl's thinking about the society!" I said what I felt.

"So you were listening too! Well don't you think without knowing the real fact or ending you shouldn't conclude!" She replied.

" Well ! that's correct ma'am!" I said. Maybe she was right she may have read this story earlier before narrating it to that girl. Well I loved the way she was careful about this thing! Well let me tell you she was young and beautiful. It really didn't seem that the girl was her daughter. Her voice was so sweet and when she spoke to me it was so pleasant! Wait a second, I can't conclude without knowing the fact! Was she married even? And how could a young woman like her have a daughter of around 8-9 year old. Well not in this generation!

So I learned a thing from her today don't jump to a conclusion until you know the correct fact! Now I was eagerly waiting to know the story further and wanted to grab another chance to talk to her!

So now she continues...

The geniuses from all over the world came to his kingdom and one by one they started suggesting him! One of them said, "My Lord! I believe that there is a curse on you. I feel like you should held a great dinner where you may invite all the Kings from other kingdom and marry your daughters one by one and get a cover over that land too!" King liked his ideas.

I raised my hand signaling her as if I had a doubt.

"Yes please!" She said with a smile. Not a familiar smile but it felt as if I knew this one for centuries.

"By the word curse what does he refer to?!" I asked. She smiled and again continued the story.

After many such thinkers, one minister of his came forward and told the king," My lord! This is no curse. According to me it's a great fortune for your kingdom! " Everyone in the hall started laughing at this. But the minister wasn't ashamed. He instead offered a deal to the king. "My lord! If you really feel that this is a problem then allow me to adopt your youngest daughter." This time king also started laughing. He told the minister ," you have 3 sons that's why you are saying this. Else you won't have said so. " The minister felt bad this time so he added, " its not so Sir!" "Then prove me wrong!" the king replied. "I will take your both twin and you adopt my youngest daughter." King ordered. The minister wasn't able to think anything and asked for some time to decide. He was given 2 days time in which he was allowed to meet king's daughter and spend sometime with her.

2 days later the minister returned to the court and was ready to accept the King's condition. But he had something in his mind too. He took his rest of the family and his daughter with him to some other village. Meanwhile king was happy with the suggestion of other ministers and married his other daughters to the kings of nearby kingdoms and took away their territory too. Now he was a great king. Cause he had two sons to rule after him this huge kingdom.

Years passed the kingdom got greater and Now these two princes were ready for their marriage too. So they were sent on some so called exile to pass an year in forest and return after learning something their. They were accompanied with the greatest sage of that kingdom they both gained good knowledge and were returning to their kingdom.Some goons attacked them which was actually a test for them. They weren't able to fight the goons and were finally about to fail in thier test when all of sudden a girl came and rescued them.

Now the actual scenario was as such. The goons were actually sent by kings of the kingdoms whose territories were taken over by our king. And this lady! She was the same girl who was born to a king but was brought up by the minister. She saved their life and no one knew who she actually was. So the king sent an open invitation for that girl and wanted her to choose herself a king and be the queen of the kingdom.

She went to the kingdom in a very royal manner she was welcomed but same day the enemies had planned an operation for their revenge and wanted to kill the whole family and the girl too with them.

But this time also they failed cause she saved them all. The king was so delighted by her bravery and courage that he awarded her to rule his kingdom by just marrying any of his sons. She accepted the deal. And now the minister showed up from the crowd and told the whole the to the king how she turned up to be a fortune for him.

The king first smiled and then hugged his daughter.

"And like other stories,they lived happily ever after!" She ended the story. She looked towards me, smiled and closed the book. She won my heart that moment. That smile was so lovely, that I was almost in the position imagining that smile for few minutes. And I was smiling too imagining that. She went out of the compartment. I followed her, I know that's not right. But I felt like talking to her. So I went behind her and this was our first proper conversation.

Me : hey!

She : I knew you would follow.

Me : I am not following you!

She : You eyes are more desperate than you heart.

Me : what do you mean?

She : Ask your ques, you wanted to ask since so long!

Me: how do you know that?

She : I can understand things easily!

She: and one more thing, she is like my daughter.but actually she is my niece.

Me : when did I ask you that?

She : I can read your eyes. They have the same question. Tell me if I am wrong.

Me: you are too smart. Too beautiful too.

She : this is our first meeting and you should act decently. I hope.

(She laughed)

Me : I am confused, but I am being decent.

She : let's have an introduction first at least.

She: I am Neha.

Me : I am Rohan.

She : Nice meeting you , Rohan.

Me : Neha what?

She : I am not on Facebook or Instagram. And I won't share my contact so soon to any stranger. Meet you soon.

And she went in. To her compartment to her seat. Where the cute girl was waiting for her.

This is how I met my Miss Understanding.

To be continued...stay tuned.

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