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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Snehal Singh

Drama Romance


Snehal Singh

Drama Romance

True Love

True Love

11 mins 10.2K 11 mins 10.2K

( Exist if you find it at the right time. All you require is patience for your love.)

I had a crush on a girl. I was totally mad for her. We used to talk daily, but suddenly one day all went wrong. Cause I proposed to her. Maybe she thought it wasn't the right time or maybe she never liked me. Soon it was getting worse, she had started ignoring me. And I started feeling all alone even if I was surrounded by my friends. Tears were mostly present in my eyes all the time and came whenever someone uttered anything relating to her, or even if it reminded me some past.

I have many such examples which actually reminded me of her which had no such links, which I actually linked to her. Now so much like " yaar! Vo bhi hasti thi!". Of course everyone does. But they were like which only she used to say. One of them was like whenever I used to say something good about her she used to say, "ahaaaan! Maska paav!" Was actually that I used to link with the real maska paav. It is really funny right now to say this. But imagine you are at a tea stall in some winter morning. You pay for the tea and the vendor says, "sir ji! Maska paao loge ! Garama garam Hai!" And all you hear is the word " maska paav!" And a drop of tear encircles round your eye ball everything gets faded and you close your eye to let the drop escape.

I now started spending my time all alone. I wanted no one to remind me of her. And it was sometimes very much relaxing but sometimes it was really worse than anything. On one such day I was sitting near the beach watching the waves come, touch me and leave. And then I saw someone floating or maybe drowning right in front of me. It was getting dark maybe that's why nobody noticed this. I didn't know how to swim so I was never going too deep. So I was not that close to that person so I didn't understand what was happening so I went nearer. She was a girl, maybe around my age and I felt as if she was drowning. I went near her and took her to the shore. She was able to breathe however, so it wasn't any issue to worry. I was always a shy guy and never touched a girl but today I did for the first time and as she was wet so I was feeling uncomfortable. So I told her to stay till I call a lady for help. She held my hand and told me to stay. I could see from her face she was really scared. She was shivering from cold. I was wearing a shirt , I removed my shirt as it got half wet while I went in the water to save her and gave it to her so that she could wipe off the water over her. And gave her my jacket which I left on shore while going in, so that she she could get some warmth. I told her to stay till I went and got two cups of tea for us. I returned she was still there. I gave one to her and had one in my hand which I held in my hand looking at her. We both sat there on the sand having sips of the hot tea, looking at each other. She held my hand maybe she was trying to thank me. But I wanted to know why and how she was in this situation right now.


Finally I asked her, " how are you now?!"

She:Don't know!

Me:Why? what happened?

She:I want to live but on the other hand I am afraid to live too.

Me:What happened? you can tell me ! If you can share!

She: Umm! Okay I should try but it goes wrong please. You understand!

Me:Yeah sure! Go on...

She:I loved a guy. We were in relationship for a long time. We used to live together for an year now. And now he got engaged to someone else. He doesn't want to meet me. He always said he would never leave me. And now he just ignores me. I don't want to live in this ugly world. Where you don't get you feel as yours! And the person you trust more than your own family cheats on you.

Me:What you left your family for him?Oh! I am sorry! I reacted this way.

She:Yes! I had too! They weren't ready for our relationship. And somewhere they were right. Now they don't want to see my face.

(She started crying...)

(First time! For the first time I am holding a girl in my arms and wiped her tears. Then I felt it was too close so I got some distance.)

Me: You know where your parents are right now?!

She: Yes! I always see them but hide my face with a scarf or something so they don't see. I don't have courage to face them.

Me: Well let me try something then! I will tell you something you just conclude this. Okay?!

She: Yes fine!

Me married a guy. Now that guy found a kid who lost his family somewhere and he is not able to find them. So your husband brought that kid home. You took it wrong way assuming that, that kid is his. You had a fight and so your husband shifted to some other place. Now what do you have in your mind right now?!

She: I want him back now! I love him very much ! May be I can't live without him.

Me: Exactly! Do you understand how much your parents want you right now! They can't live without you. They would be searching for you right now and you are wasting that life for someone who doesn't even deserve it.

She: Maybe you are correct but how would I face them.

Me: I can help you!

She: How?!

Me: Leave it to me!

She: And why would you help me?!

Me: I don't know but it feels like I should. And maybe I could see you smile that way.

She: You are too complicated to understand maybe you are hiding much more things than me.

Me: Yeah! Maybe! ( I smiled)


We left that place , I drop her at her place. And went to my home. Now it was hard to thing of something to help her. But I needed to do something because I had told her that I would. Next day I went to her house to take her to her family. And when I reached her family I was completely blank. I saw her sister and she was none other than the girl I always used to love.

I saw her, I wasn't able to move my eyes away from her. Soon I realized the girl sitting next to me was actually more tensed than me but right now I could already feel all those waves in me. I was right now more shocked whether how to face her who left you when once you were dying for her.

We went in. There her mom was welcoming us. On the other hand her sister (let's not make it more complicated assume her sister is Divya and let's call her Simran).

So Divya was staring at me in disgusting angry look. It was making me more confused and when her dad came in front of me. I was all blank.

" Why are you here?!" He asked

" Sorry papa! " Simran replied. " I can't live without you all!" She added.

" Leave my house right now! Or I am going to throw you out! Right now!" He shouted.

She hurried towards the door and before she was out I held her hand and politely I said, " uncle ji! Please forgive her. She is your daughter only. Please Sir" They both were staring at me. Her dad as well as Simran herself she was crying too. Her dad landed a tight slap on my face. It was really hard enough that I got imbalanced. For a few seconds I was blank and then again heard him shouting and I fell on my knees. Meanwhile he gave me another tight slap. I didn't understand what was happening. For a few seconds I was blank when I managed to get some idea I was blank again. Now I stood and said, " Fine sir! You can hit me. But please take her in . She deserves to be with you and not me. She will not be happy with me cause she will always remember you people only!" Simran was confused about what I was saying.

He was about to hit me again but this time I moved back in defense. " Sir she is your daughter. I am not your son. I won't tolerate all this. I am leaving your daughter with you and you send her to me. If you feel I deserve her love." I said and was leaving.

" And sorry sir ! But I can't face you right now! Bohot zor se maarte ho yaar aap!" I said in sarcasm in that serious matter and went hurriedly and drove my Audi out of the campus. I was having some pain in my jaws now. But I was happy how I had managed the scene cause now they won't let her go and she got her family back.

Meanwhile her father was really happy to see her daughter back. Her mother was more excited than her father. ( Aakhir maa toh maa hoti Hai ) And Divya was even more excited to tell her about me.

" Di ! Where did you find him?! That's good he left you here, now stay away from him. He was actually after me four years back. And I dumped him. He isn't a nice guy. How come you both were together so long I don't know. One year with that guy I think that's too much." Divya said.

" So that's his story!" Simran was astonished to know this.

" Do you know what had happened actually?" Simran continued.

" The guy whom I loved left me alone. I had no choice as I could not return home making mom dad feel embarrassed. So I went and got myself inside the deep portion of the beach expecting that would kill me. Instead I was thrown near the shore by the strong tides. He saw me and saved me. He didn't know how to swim still he did his best to save my life. He even dropped me home and see he brought me here too and got slapped but still managed the whole thing perfectly." She explained Divya every scene by scene. Just enough to melt her heart for me.

"Where can I find him?!" Divya asked Simran.

" Maybe the same beach!" Simran replied.

" Trust me! He is the best guy who can love you without any conditions!" Simran added.

" He still waiting for me ? Are you sure ? Cause four years is like it's a really long time! " Divya was confused.

" Call him for dinner tomorrow. I will get your engagement dates finalized." Her father said to her( Simran).

Now who should reply with a yes was confusing.


Next day

I was sitting at the same place where I was sitting that day. And heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see Simran there. She came near me.

Simran : What are you thinking now?!

Me: Nothing! Just feeling blank as always.

Simran: Dad called you for dinner tonight.

Me : And what for?!

Simran: Our engagement!

Me: What?! Why ?! I mean how?! I don't understand what's this. (I was shocked and started laughing too)

Simran: You already proposed me right in front of my dad.

Me: I didn't. I just tried a way to convince your dad. I didn't mean it.

Simran: Why ?! You don't like me?!

Me: I don't want to say anything.

Simran: Okay! I propose you now! Will you marry me Rohan?!

Me: Ma'am! You are too beautiful! I won't be able to say no to you. Please don't do this to me. No one will be happy anymore. We can be really good friends but not, Please understand!!

Simran: Give a reason! And that's all.

Me: I love someone else. I will always love her. And I would never forget her all my life.( I exclaimed)

Simran: And who's she?!

Me: I can't!

Simran: You can tell me! She already did!

Me: So you now know my past! Then why were you doing all this?!

Simran : What do you think we should do next?!

Me: I love her but I won't approach her now, she doesn't like me. She never did.

Simran: And what if she does?!

Me: She doesn't!

Simran: She does!

Me: She does?!

Divya: I do!

Me: Oops! You brought her too?! ( Confused and shy)

Divya : No! I followed her.

Me: Okay! I am feeling shy now.

I sat on my knee. I held her(Divya) hand.

Me: will you marry me?!

Divya: No! ( She laughed with pause said) Of course I do!

I was about to hug her. But then I backed away. And smiled with shyness putting my hand behind my head. And hugged Simran and thanked her for making my life awesome back again.

I never knew if I my patience was really important or not. But it was a coincidence which really turned out to be the reward for my patience.

Simran: What about dad?!

Me: Well I have to think a new script again for that! ( I laughed)

Simran : I think you should marry me. I want to be the lucky one. (She laughed)

Me and Divya together: Oh! Behen! Aaram se! ( And laughed)

I hugged Divya. And we sat there together watching the waves touch our feet and return. But this time it was happiness which they left us with. Not the tears.

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