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Unexpected Invitation

Unexpected Invitation

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Unexpected love invitation actually....

(the invitation I was trying to avoid turned out to be our first meeting.)

I had an invitation for a birthday party in a nearby lawn. I was forced to go as everyone was going. So as I entered the lawn. I was actually astonished to see its beauty. Actually everyday I used to cross it but today I went in for the first time after its renovation. I went in and there I saw a beautiful girl. She was wearing blue denims and white top, over it was a brown leather jacket. Making her more beautiful was the smile she was wearing. I was staring at her or maybe just looking at her which seemed to her as if I was staring at her. Well, trust me, everyone there was looking at her the same way, with full amazement.

She was too far and I wanted to reach her. She was with her friends and soon I had found mine too. All the time talking to my friends or clicking some pictures I was always looking at her. And whenever she was looking back at me I had to swiftly switch my eyes position. She was noticing this. So maybe she smiled too which I noticed maybe or maybe she smiled at something else but it was really a beautiful sight seeing her smile. I wanted to talk to her so I gathered some courage and then went near her.

"Excuse me! " I said

"Yes?!" She asked.

Now the talks started with a one on one reply session as if it was like a kavi sam-melan quiz or something similar.

Me: Your smile!

She:What's that?

Me:Cute! Trust me enough to die for.

She:That was something really old to hear.

Me:But I want to live each moment blinking my eyes as if clicking images of your lips with my eyes.

She: This was better. And thank you for the compliment..( she laughed too)

Me:You are with someone or alone.

She:With my family here but met my friends so with them right now.

Me:Where is your boyfriend?!

She:I don't have any! (She was aggressive a bit)

Me:Just kidding! I guessed already that you don't.

She:Liar! What a big liar you are!

Me:Okay let's see this then... You haven't got your phone out of your pocket since you came here. You didn't click much images even and all your pics are with your friends and not a single one is solo. Most important of all your aren't dreaming and smiling like all lovers do. Like Imagining their lover and missing and recalling the memories.

She:This was too much! You are stalking me.

Me:Yes ! I am ! You knew that all the time. I can't lie at this. (We both laughed)

She:So you read people?!

Me:No I just read you. Cause you hold many secrets.

She:Why do you think so?!

Me:Cause no one had courage to face such a beautiful girl and ask her what's the secret?!

She:Hmmmm?!Impressed! ( She said and laughed)

Me:No seriously!

She:Control a bit , the butter is melting out of the bread now. (I laughed)

Me:Well if I want to dial a number from your phone, I hope you won't mind.

She:So all this was just for a phone call!

Me: Yeah ! Maybe! Or maybe not! ( I laughed)

She:Yeah sure ( she gave me her phone smiling. )


(I dialed my number. Made a call. Returned her the cell phone. And bid her bye. I had now received her number on my phone. I went away from where she wasn't able to see me now. But I was looking at her.)

Me : Hello

She : Hello

Me: Hey Simran! (I made a phone call to her. Voice changed)

She:I am not Simran! Maybe It's a wrong number.

Me:But You just called me. I am on hold, check your call history. (She did)

She:Ohhhh! Well! It seems your friend made a phone call but he went away.

Me:Okay! Thanks Simran!

She:I am not Simran!

Me:Who are you then.

She:I am Divya! (She said angrily forgetting she was talking to stranger.)

Me:Well Divya it was nice meeting you! (Changing my voice back to normal)

She:Okay! that's you! Why this prank?! (She smiled)

Me:To see you smile.

She:You started again.

Me:What ?!

She: Bread and butter and the spread you do.. !!

Me : Lets make it rhyming . I like you.

( We both laughed )


She looked more amazing as she was laughing. I could hear her heart beats right in my ears from so far and in between so much noise. Cause my heart had got the same rhythm. And her smile was the only thing visible to me. My eyes kissed her lips and finally I had to get her away from my sight. Not sure if we were going to meet or talk again. But for sure she had the most beautiful smile. I had ever seen.

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