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Snehal Singh



Snehal Singh


The Best Friends

The Best Friends

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Okay! It starts with a conversation. Not actually face to face instead on whatsapp messenger. A chat with my friend. A girl who is cute, smart but a kid from heart.

After some random messages :

Me: I have an offer for you!

She: And what's that?

Me: I have a different kind of proposal for you!

She: proposal? (She laughed)

Me: Listen! We can be best friends. I wont say I love you. But seriously I am too much comfortable with you. So I just want us to be together forever.

She: Okay! Interesting and how is that possible? (Hiding her smile or rather laughing face)

Me: Yes! I was coming to that point only. But be serious. Well I want us to be friends. The best friends. We are not going to fall in love. I will support you to get a career I am satisfied with. And I will also get a career that you are satisfied to.

She: What next?

Me: We will talk to our parents about us to be together. If they agree hence forth we are allowed to fall in love. Till we finally get married.

She: Is this possible? (She laughed louder this time)

Me: Not sure! But maybe a nicer way not to spoil each others feelings.

She: What if they don't agree?

Me: We are best friends. We will be forever. But we can't marry. We are going to accept that with happiness. Its fine don't worry.

She: What if you fell for me before that?

Me: This time it won't happen.

She: I won't let this happen.

Me: Why?

She: At least not before I fall for you.

Me: Okay at least that I can promise you.

She: Hmm! Nice

Me: So now you are my dream girl, best friend?

She: Yes! But how can you manage to convince our parents?

Me: We aren't convincing anyone. We are just letting them take an option.

She: I thought you were talking about love arranged.

Me: No! its first arranged then love.

She: Sounds interesting but not feeling its possible.

Me: Leave it to me, lets give a start.

And from the next day, I planned our studies. We had a nice smile up on our faces which only we could feel. Our behavior didn't change but we could feel that happening in our hearts. It was something else. It wasn't love it wasn't friendship either. Well I can describe that comparing to something. Its like the difference between the waves and tides. Waves occur due to wind. Tides occur due to gravitational forces. It was something when both the tides and waves are at their peak. And you can't determine the actual reason for the lift of water. All you can do is just enjoy watching that with that similar smile that I right now have on face.

We did, we did our best to achieve what we have planned. I failed at many places but my main target was crystal clear. That was a fact. And I was preparing her for GATE. I cleared my all process and qualified the exam in first attempt. It was amazing and it was really exciting but it took me nearly 2 complete years to complete all the procedure and training since I had filled for AFCAT. And I was excited to meet her. She was in Delhi. IIT Delhi! She qualified GATE. And I was now going to surprise her.

I took the first flight to meet her. I went for a hotel first. Got ready it was Saturday and it was around 2 PM in the month of April that too in Delhi. It was hot outside but the excitement to meet her cooled me down. I wore a white shirt and blue Jeans and Ray ban glasses. Hired a bike and drove to her campus. In a Royal Air-force look. A bullet, a smart guy driving just to meet her lady. Let me tell you that feeling of becoming an Air force Officer is far greater feeling than anything. To be more specific its far beyond your imagination, its even better than being in love.

Well back to the story, I reached her campus. Made a phone call to her. She was in the canteen and came to main gate, it took her sometime and I waited at a nearby restaurant as it was hot out there. And then I saw her coming. She was with a guy he was holding her shoulders and walking behind her. He was teasing her playing with her hairs. I don't know what was that I was feeling insecure to that.

I was speechless and so was she. She introduced that guy to me.

She: He is Rahul. The guy who made my life here. Helped me survive here for an year.

I was shocked what I had planned was all finished. I was so shocked that I didn't notice my eyes filled with tears. I reached out to shake his hand.

She: And he is Rohan. The love of my life.

I was astonished to hear that. Love! That wasn't the part of the plan. Well before I could tell her that I also loved her. She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"Sorry! I broke that rule! I always loved you!"

" When I made that rule I also knew I would fall for you. But I promised you not to confess it before you." , I replied.

"And this, Rahul?" I asked

"He is my brother you idiot!" She replied hitting behind my head.

And I blushed with still tears in my eyes.

So, I was thinking how to end the story. To be frank I don't know what ending could be fair for this love story of these so called friends.But somehow I can conclude if this was an arrange marriage. It was the best marriage. Since the relationship is strong if and only if I find that my partner is supportive, trusts me and doesn't empower upon me. Then only it will be a great bond. The love is always secondary. But in most scenario arrange marriages lack in this and that's the reason for failure of relationship.

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