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My 3 Husbands: Revealing The T

My 3 Husbands: Revealing The T

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I am sorry that it took a while for me to come back to you, as I myself was confused of what was happening.

I thought it was Sudha at the door, but it was the same man whom I had spent whole day with, married me and was sleeping with me.

I could not understand what was happening, hence I shouted- Abdul, why are you playing with me? When I asked you to take off for work, you did not listen and now what fun are you getting in playing around with me?

While I stood there shouting, I heard voice of steps from the bed room heading towards us. I went silent for a second.

I was not sure if I was hallucinating or it was real.

It was like Abdul standing in front of a mirror. Same looks, same style, only the clothes were different.

For me both were Abdul. I had married the man who came from bed room. The other man at the door, called out, Jonathan, my brother. When did you come?

I was completely shocked knowing that I married to my husband’s twin.

Jonathan said, glad you are here, I have good news, I have married her and I have a daughter too.

Listening to his words Abdul and I had lost ourselves. It was the moment where everything was again over.

I wanted Abdul to tell his brother that whatever happened was just a misunderstanding. I wanted him to tell his brother that I am his wife and he has to forget what happened with him.

He stood silent, I don’t know why? Was it because he is none other than a brother? Can’t he go against his brother? It is a matter of us. It is a matter of our lives.

What about me? What about my daughter? Why is he not thinking about us? Why is he not speaking?

What do I do? I am clueless…

Should I go with the flow or should I go against for myself? Should I be quite because if I speak it will bring up a disaster?

Please help me with what should I do?

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