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Message From An Ex-lover

Message From An Ex-lover

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Sneha, a happily married woman for 12 years is content in doing what she loves ie, chasing her writing passion and plans to make a career out of it.

Days and nights are spent thinking about what she can do so her earnings are quick and mind keeps spinning in that direction. Sleep for her is a thing from the past but, that's something she doesn't care about and so far is happy with the way her life is going.

One day, she, however, receives a message on WhatsApp which shakes her entire world.

The message was from a person she loved, who was her first love asking her to meet him.

Flashback to the year 2004

They both worked in the same company and he was her boss though that was just to follow the hierarchy as the company believed in transparency and hence, you could be friends with your boss.

Sneha who was a fresher but had big dreams soon earned a place in everyone's heart with her hard work and helpful nature.

Needless to say, her boss soon started giving her the task to train new joiners which were like another step towards Sneha's dreams and without a second thought she readily agreed.

But, things started getting difficult for her as she had her targets to reach and juggling between two jobs was making things difficult for her. She didn't want to lose this job and decided to talk about it with her boss, Rajeev Sethia who told her to stay back after her shift so they could talk about it.

After her duty hours were over Sneha switched her phone on to see a message from her boss which simply asked her to come to the 3rd floor of the cafeteria. She hurriedly went to the place of the meeting and was happy to see Mr. Sethia sitting there but before she could open her mouth to say something she found herself in the strong arms of her boss who was breathing heavily.

Not knowing the reason why Sneha decided to back off only to find herself being pulled by him, his hold on her arms was growing by the minute as if he wanted to mark her.

Rajeev soon realized that his actions were hurting her and withdrew his hold on her arms. His tight grip had left marks on Sneha's arms and which by now had turned red.

He couldn't understand the reason for this outburst of his and she was too numb to speak as the pain was excruciating but, she knew that it was she who needed a solution to her problem. Thus, she cleared her throat to speak but, her voice couldn't find it's way out from her mouth or rather her boss's action didn't allow her to do so.

Rajeev was looking angrily at her and seeing his angry face she was scared with all thoughts coming to mind. So shocked was she that it took some time for her mind to register the reason for her boss's sudden outburst. The reason as heard from Rajeev was that he had seen her behaving in a very friendly manner with a male during one of the training sessions. Now, he had told her that she is not to behave in a friendly manner with any male but, she didn't pay any heed as she thought Rajeev was just joking with her.

She then recalled another such day when he had warned her that if she's found talking to another male in a friendly manner the consequence would be harsh.

This realization suddenly scared her but, she wasn't prepared for what happened next. Rajeev grabbed her by her arms and caging her claimed Sneha's soft lips biting it harshly and left a love bite on her collar bones.

Seeing his work he was happy and told her that now she was His and dare she talk to another man again. Sneha who secretly had s crush on her boss was on cloud nine knowing he reciprocated her love.


End of Flashback

The year 2017

Sneha, now Mrs. Sneha Agarwal is sitting in her room thinking about her next story when her phone beeps. She sees the pop up on the screen and keeps it aside but, her phone beeps again and thinking it might be something important from husband dear she picks her phone only to see that it's a message from Rajeev Sethia her ex-lover.

Seeing his display picture all the memories are suddenly alive even the way he broke her heart and she decided to ignore it but, her heart wept.

The day soon turned into night and she got busy preparing dinner though her mind was somewhere else. A million thoughts were creating havoc in her mind leaving her totally confused. So preoccupied was she in her thoughts that she didn't notice her husband Dev standing behind her who was noticing his wife's strange behaviour ever since his arrival.

Sneha suddenly turned around and was about to fall when two arms prevented her from falling and she noticed it was Dev her husband. Seeing him she hugged him tight and broke down. Dev in their twelve years of marriage had never seen his wife on this sorrow state of hers and was scared.

He very lovingly asked her what the matter was and in a scared tone, she told him everything including showing him the message. Dev, then told her that it's time to meet him and put an end to it as his name made her sad and he couldn't see her sad.

Sneha now knowing that she had her husband's back decided to face her worst nightmare, her ex-lover Rajeev Sethia and replied back asking him to meet her the next day near Rockefeller Centre.

The next day with full confidence she reached Rockefeller center only to find Rajeev already there. One look at her and his heart skipped a beat but, the anger on her face was not to be missed. He immediately hugged her but, Sneha didn't hug him back. They spoke formally for sometime when Sneha asked him why after all these years he wanted to meet her. Wasn't breaking her heart enough or did he forget something and saying all this she started crying. Seeing her in this condition broke Rajeev's heart in a million pieces but, he knew he had to be strong if he's to tell her the reason for this meeting.

Thus, trying to be firm he told her that he has been diagnosed with a deadly disease and won't live for long. At first, she just laughed him off but, seeing his flushed face and hearing him say it all over again this time, it was Sneha who was sorry. He told her he just wanted to see her face one last time before he dies and is sorry for everything he did to her.

Hearing all this an emotional Sneha kisses him hard but, soon realizes that she has made a mistake and on the pretext of remembering some urgent work flees the place.

Both are oblivious to a figure who had witnessed the scene from a distance and this silhouette was now following Sneha.

Sneha was torn between her husband and her ex-lover and broke down a few miles away from Rajeev. After what seemed like decades to her she composed herself slowly getting up from the bench to find herself staring at Dev's face. Dev, with a smile on his face, told her that there is nothing to be sorry about and that he loves her for who she is.

He also told her that no matter what he will always be there for her as in his eyes she is his soulmate, the kind of wife he always wanted. He then took her by her hands pulling his wife in for a hug and let her crash against his chest saying nothing at all.

Sneha soon found herself relaxed and happy wrapped in the comfort of her husband's arms. Dev seeing his smiling wife took her hand in his and together they walked off towards a new chapter of their lives.

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