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Sneha Saraogi

Drama Crime


Sneha Saraogi

Drama Crime

Her Revenge

Her Revenge

4 mins 224 4 mins 224

Tina and Rishi, a newlywed couple have recently moved into their dream home and are very happy. Unknown to them this happiness of theirs is short-lived as they didn't enter the house alone.

13, Riverside Court on Maple Street was amongst the most sought after housing society in the area which housed the famous and elites of the city. Rishi and Tina had chosen flat number 1309 for the breathtaking view it offered. Tina left nothing to chance and got busy decorating the whole place right after Rishi had left for work. 

Tina was humming her favourite song when suddenly she heard a child giggling. Tina turned around but, couldn't see anyone. She thought this might be her imagination and got busy in decorating the house. She finished decorating it in no time and was quite happy with her labour. Fatigue clearly written on her face, she fell on the sofa when she felt as if a child is caressing her hands. She quickly jerked it away but, again couldn't see anyone and assured herself by saying that it's just fatigue which is making her imagine things.

Tired from the day's work she soon fell asleep. 

She woke up with a jolt when she felt a caress on her cheek but, seeing Rishi heaved a sigh of relief. 

They sat down for dinner. Tina didn't want to trouble her husband and decided not to tell Rishi about it. Both were enjoying their dinner when suddenly the lights started flickering. Thinking it to be an electric glitch Rishi got up to check the fuse box but, stopped right where he was standing on seeing his wife's scared face. Tina was trying to tell him something but, was unable to and just kept pointing towards the kitchen. Rishi, however, was unable to see anything which wasn't normal but, Tina was sweating as if she had run a marathon. Rishi then told his wife that she needs to take rest and should sleep now to which Tina seemed to agree.

Rishi suddenly felt a mild pain in his stomach and in a feeble voice called out to Tina. When she didn't respond he shook her body only to realize that Tina was missing. Frantically he started searching for her in the whole house but, couldn't find her anywhere. He was about to call the police when suddenly he heard some voices which seemed to be coming from the terrace and he ran towards it following the sound. On reaching the terrace he couldn't believe the sight he saw; Tina was floating in the air and her face looked pale as if life had been flushed out from her being. She was just staring at Rishi without saying a word. 

Rishi didn't know how to react. Tina's behavior since the last few days was a little weird but, which he shrugged thinking it to be just a mood swing or stress of starting a new life.

He was thinking about what should he do when all of a sudden he felt a caress on his neck and which was so cold that he jerked at the touch to realize that it was his wife's. She was smiling wickedly at him and started laughing all of a sudden.

Rishi was now really scared and it was then that Tina started talking to him rather than telling him to confess his crime. Hearing this it was as if the ground had slipped beneath him and words failed him. Rishi Taneja the author of five bestselling books had a dark past that was not known to anyone. A past that he had killed his pregnant wife to elope with his girlfriend Tina Sequeira and his first wife, Shanaya had come back from her grave to seek her revenge for which she was waiting for since long. 

Rishi pretended as if he didn't know what she was talking about but, had to confess when Shanaya threatened to kill Tina. Hearing this Rishi begged her to leave his wife and left with no choice he confessed his crime. Shanaya then left Tina's body happy that justice was done. 

Rishi is finally behind the bars for the crime he had committed six years ago. Tina broke down crying for she had never imagined that in just a month her life would crash and would now have to learn to live alone. Rishi was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Shanaya was now a happy soul.

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