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Love - The Facebook Way

Love - The Facebook Way

2 mins 226 2 mins 226

Kria and Rudra met each other on Facebook through mutual friends. Initially, it was a conversation between two people trying to know each other. They soon became good friends and came to know that both are from the same city.

Needless, to say they decided to meet to fall in love and decided to get married. Rudra understood that they would have to wait for two years at least so Kria could complete her graduation. Hence, it was decided that Rudra was to meet the parents on the day of her graduation. Kria was sure that this was going to be difficult but, they were determined. 

Time flew by and Kria's graduation day arrived. Rudra had thrown a huge party to celebrate the occasion. Kria had somehow convinced her parents to come to the party. 

The twist in the plot is that even before the introductions could be done Mr. Rishi Agarwal couldn't believe his eyes for he was face to face with Rudra Singhal and his family owners of multi-millionaire Singhal Software. Rudra during their conversation had understood that Kria was the one he dreamt of and told his parents to ask her hand in marriage. The Agarwals couldn't be happier and both decided to surprise Kria on her graduation day. Kria who was clueless about the whole setup was more than surprised when Rudra proposed her and agreed with a big Yes.

They celebrated by cutting a Facebook themed cake and lived a happy married life.

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