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Ashwin Achariar

Comedy Drama Romance


Ashwin Achariar

Comedy Drama Romance

Melodious String

Melodious String

39 mins 144 39 mins 144

Rahul is getting ready for something big. All smiles and fragrances singing some romantic tune was wearing his jacket for the final touch up to his hair.

Leena was also all getting ready with her minimal make up. She was making her long beautiful hair straight not absolutely because her man never liked the all straight one. She thought of wearing her glasses but this time she wanted a big change. She wore the pretty red dress which she always found lucky for much awaited occasion.

Both of them come out of their houses happy. Rahul comes to the cafe and waits for the girl. He gets a message and gets extremely angry. But couldn't express to anyone he just starts banging the table softly. And walks off the bench and goes out of the cafe. While Leena is seen crying on some bench seated and the cry was it realization or to miss someone. Both had some different stories but why the same? One cried to be betrayed and one to lose?

*Few Weeks Ago*

Veer is trying hard to decide something. He walks back and ahead and thinking and thinking. Just then Amitha enters the classroom. Veer comes in front, Amitha is startled and he checks that no one is there in the class. "Ah Amitha see...(stammering) we have been friends like since school right." Amitha replies "Undoubtedly yes Veer". "But what if I say that I kind of liked you earlier let's just say ok we are still friends right." Amitha was confused and yet knowing the reason behind such a weird confession out of no such big deal. Rahul says it "Amitha....! My dear friend Veer likes you since you finalized him as your best friend." Veer frowns at Rahul. Amitha says " Well you see Veer we girl's no about such feelings from the beginning itself. I respect that but first let's deepen the friendship we have right....Rahul?" "Veer my boii you see it's difficult to keep a friendship when you confess your love after that but it becomes even more harder to expect that which can never be yours. So, fuck it...! In friendship we can love and share." Veer "You fuckin really mean that. I now hearing words from a person the most weirdest friend who told me earlier that Anita was a bitch because after saying that she didn't like boys she obviously went for a movie date with his rival Arnav. My mehn I hate you bitch." Rahul" Aww I love you piece of shit. At least being an introv and negative I can roast someone anytime and that person does get offended by me so, I am bad ass." Amitha" Oh come on you guys and Rahul you should start talking to different and stop blaming yourself for every fuckin thing. And of course Anita is a bitch the last time I saw her and Arun having spring role by keeping it in the middle and biting on either sides. But why does one do that. And of course coincidentally she is trying to hook up with the brothers ,so nice." Veer " Well Amitha I am still your best friend right, I am scared now." Amitha stares at him with her puppy eyes. And she sits on the row of girls, while Rahul and Veer sit together. Students came to the class and it was the first day after the sem leave. Teacher came and welcome all the students. And after some time a new student came in. Her name was Leena. She was cute and beautiful. But much reserved to her character as she stood quite. Teacher gave her the permission to enter the class and then she walks in towards the girl row and sits back at the last row which was empty. In front of that was sitting was Anita with her long tresses showing attitude looks at her. Her partner Ruby tells " She looks beautiful but quiet." By putting her hair behind Anita says ,tell her to be the same I meant "quite". And yes as of course for some point of the time boys trying their ways out for this new girl. That somewhat annoyed Anita but she didn't care about it. But that didn't stay for long. Anita decided to make her friend so that she can make her an ally. So decides to sit with Leena.

Leena was still much more introvert. She used to always sit alone. Listening to some songs when free or try drawing some thing. That's was her life. During break Amitha tried her luck to make her laugh but kind of it became lame. Veer comes and cheers her up " Hey Amitha it's not new that someone is not laughing at your jokes." Amitha frowns at Veer. Leena smiles a little. "You people are so cheerful and like what about him" Leena said this when she intentionally points at Rahul. "Well he is a nerd. He is sarcastic but not to everyone. Like only we know his funny side but that's weird”, Amitha says. Veer continues "Yep he has some dark secrets and the reason that he never is interested on changing. He is a very negative guy, always complaining about himself." Leena then continues looking at him.

It was the end of the last lecture and Veer and Amitha had plans to watch a movie this evening and it seems as usual Rahul wasn't a guy with sense of rom-coms. He denied to join them which they knew of saying he had a game to finish of with. And that's what the life was. Rahul was a geek with games and only thing he knew was games and Netflix and almost all the dark web series he knew of. Rahul was a very good photographer. So almost everyone wanted to click a photo by him. On the other hand as Leena was trying out befriending Rahul but the only replies that she would get was " hi" " hello" of bumped by mistake then "sorry" that’s all was the conversation between them. Anita saw this and as there beauty queens as one army decided to give a final try to separate Leena from the very nerd group of Veer, Amitha and Rahul. Next morning it was a normal day of school. Rahul and Veer were coming to the class and sat on their bench. Teacher came and class started. A staff came inside the class and teacher called out Rahul and said that Head of the Department was calling him. Rahul was scared a little. And he politely came outside. As he came outside his class advisor was walking fast and came near to him. "What were you thinking? Do you have any idea? You should control your eyes. And also Anita? Seriously? " mam said. Rahul was now scared and confused that what was actually going on. Veer was thinking in the class what and why Rahul was called. Suddenly there was a sudden silence and Veer could hear "Amitha what's happening what is happening to you? " Veer turned his head. And finds that Amitha was having a mild stroke her breathing became difficult. The crowd was formed and Veer jumped in forward. Mam then came in the scene and called for class tutors. Another way Rahul and Anita's gang were in the principal's office. The staff showed Rahul some pics of the recent function. And he was shock that Anita's changing her clothes one from the bathroom was captured. And to the shock it was captured on Rahul's camera. Rahul tried his best to justify that it wasn't him who did this. But as girl power the situation was withstood by Anita for her protest. He even tried calling Veer from the class by the help of the staff for the proof but he didn't show up. Then the situation came where the principal started questioning his character and maturity. This totally brought an emotional side of Rahul. He couldn't protest against it because his parent's are working hard for his engineering and he couldn't stand a chance to make this issue a big deal and reach to broad ears. So, he became silent and just accepted all his allegations which he even never did. It was a long standing. Anita and the gang came out with a subtle silence while Rahul came out dejected and annoyed and angry because Veer didn't show up. As he was coming out. He saw veer. Veer was in a hurry because he had gone to the hospital. "I saw 15 missed calls bro what happened? Rahul.?”, veer asked. Rahul frowned at him and with all his anger he just ignored him. Few tears just came out but as we see " A man's tears are always not out of weakness but not been able to achieve something which he could have". Rahul was dejected by himself by the insults and allegations imposed over him that was a lot of weight to handle and absence of his friends did put him in the situation where he started doubting them.

The next day was a tough one. Rahul didn't speak to his parents and also wasn't fresh to go to college. He still had hope to find Veer outside his house waiting for him but all in vain he wasn't there. Dejected and upset he was replaying his allegations from yesterday and that eventually broke him from inside. Rahul came to college and of course everyone were kind of staring at him and he could hear whispers. He angry and yet silent went directly to the class. After some time Veer came with Amitha inside the class. Amitha was weak but didn't show her weakness. She had our dark circles and was also heavy breathing but sigh a bit normal than yesterday. Rahul didn't even care about it because he was too engrossed on cursing himself. Veer came to him and was going go tell about Amitha but Rahul strongly avoided him. It was then break time. Veer came near Amitha and asked about her health. Amitha also asked about Rahul that he wasn't looking good what happened. Veer tells yes, and he has not spoken a word since then. Amitha couldn't stand this at all. She called Rahul thrice but he didn't respond. For the fourth time Rahul saw her with anger and got of the bench and walked away. Veer ran and stopped him and asked what was it? What's going on? Amitha slowly slowly got up for him and slightly walking towards Rahul that why is he not talking to any of us. And then Rahul couldn't hold up his anger "Yes, I don't need friends anymore oh wait I didn't have any friends at all. All are fucking betraying me. And Veer doesn't gives a fuck about me. All he does is care about the girl that she doesn't give a hint about. Fuck you two. And Amitha I hate you I literally do. You don't care about your friends at all and yeah of course like other "that" girl even you are the same. Bye." A subtle silence was it. Amitha tried to stop him and started crying. Veer ran behind to pacify him. This took away two lectures and now was the lunch break. Veer annoyed about him is weirdly watching over Rahul who was now going to finish over the last sip of strawberry milkshake. "Well just say it right, like any problem you have just say it for God 's sake. Don't fuckin make a scene out of this. I felt bad and came here so I know how Fucked up your day was yesterday because of that that I don't care. But bruh Amitha? Seriously you seriously made her out of your League bruh. She was sick yesterday that's why even I was busy and thinking about it. And now she has just little bit recovered. You understand right she has a weak heart? And you tell her bad things?. I need you to apologize to her right now", Veer said. "Fine ya, I was a dick earlier I will tell her sorry I do feel sorry about my fuckin behavior I don't wanna lose you people", Rahul sadly said this. Veer was scared will Amitha be able to hear him. Even though Veer and Amitha were the closest friends for Rahul but some times situations change the consequences so was this. As they were coming near the class they could see a crowd gathered near the class. Rahul and Veer got eventually worried. They pushed through the crowd and saw Amitha in a real horrible state. She had almost passed. She was choking and couldn't breathe and fallen down her head was placed on Leena's lap. Teachers got in the class and told them to clear the class. As of Women staff were with Amitha and all the children with the Male staff were kept outside the class. This made Rahul very much scared and felt very sad. Veer was as shock and saw Rahul. After some time the doors were open and Veer was the first standing and he asked what has happened. Teachers told the signs were of fits and continuously she is patting her chest. Quickly the ambulance came and attendants cleared the corridor bringing out the stretcher and carried Amitha inside the Ambulance and went to the hospital. Her Parent's were informed. And the class for the others resumed. Both Veer and Rahul were restless to visit her. Leena looked at Rahul's face. As the last lecture ended Veer and Rahul just got up from their bench and ran. Booking an auto they reached quick to the hospital. At the reception they asked about Amitha and they instructed them to ICU on the second floor. Veer and Rahul were now petrified. They went for the lift as quick as possible. They reached the floor and saw Amitha's Dad and Mom waiting outside the ICU. Veer asked what was the status. Her dad replied that, since she had fits because some uncertain issues in head her weak heart couldn't take thus caused her to pass out. Amitha had a weak heart since the childhood and she was given a pacemaker at the age of 10. Doctor came and went inside the ICU took some diagnostics. He came out and said that now she is normal and pacemaker is doing fine but still we might change it because it is causing some trouble so we might change it tomorrow. For now she can be shifted to the normal room. Nurses came and did their procedures and brought Amitha out and shifted her to the room. Veer and Rahul called there parents and said they were staying late because of the situation. After some time nurses came inside the room and check the condition. She was recovering and slowly opened her eyes. Firstly her parents went inside and saw her for sometime. Then when they came out Rahul and Veer went inside. Firstly Veer went inside and then Rahul was hesitant because earlier the day he said a lot about her. She was happy when Veer was there but her face fell when Rahul came inside. And she instructed Veer that she wouldn't talk to anyone if Rahul doesn't walk out the room. "Please am sorry Amitha what I said I didn't mean it and I didn't knew see, I was struggling with myself alot the day Amitha please am sorry." Rahul pleaded. But Amitha became angry and said get out Rahul I don't want to see your face. Rahul was dejected and veer couldn't do because even he thought what he was going through had to be done by him only. Rahul cried while walking out of the hospital. He booked an auto and was all remembering all those what he said about her. And he was very sad. He reached home and then it was early morning 6 clock. His mom got had just got up. She asked how Amitha was. Rahul didn't want to show her his emotion. So, he controlled it and said she recovered slowly. I will get ready and go to class now. In hospital Amitha was looking at Veer where he was nervously looking at Amitha at certain intervals. "What is it Veer? " Amitha asked. "Ammu......... Did you even think this way that whatever you did was a little bit too harsh. You know about him right. “veer says this. "Amitha looks at Veer and sighs "Hmmmmm, enough of massaging my hand now go to college. And take notes properly probably for a week I can't attend the class. Idiot, fast. "

Rahul comes to class on time. But Veer becomes late because returning from the hospital. They both sit quite for long. Rahul gets a call from an unknown number. He ignores it. Again a call from the same number comes and again ignores it and puts his phone on silent. It's a lunch break, Veer couldn't handle the silence. "Well Rahul Ammu is obviously upset and me also but since I know the story behind I hereby grant you forgiveness but don't expect the same from her. So, please don't be silent just give it time and all will be fine." Rahul looks at him and sighs, “Maybe ya I shouldn't think much about anyways Ammu is my best Friend some day or the other she will forgive me." Veer exclaims " Thank you brother now, let's go canteen? ". They both go canteen, after a while they return to the class and as usual Rahul looks at the phone and sees 10 missed calls and messages saying "Pick Up". Rahul was surprised. Looking his surprised face Veer asks what's going on? Rahul replies that there is this number which is unknown and of course he has 10 missed calls from the same number and messages also. Even Veer became suspicious who could this be. Again the call comes. Rahul tells that you answer and ask who is she. Veer agreed with the plan and picks up the call. "Hello who is this? “And then Veer looks at Rahul and he has this expression less expression which makes Rahul more awkward and scared. But clueless was his expression Rahul became nervous. Veer cut the call and said "Well it was customer care!!" Rahul said "Oh fuckin really? You spoke for like 3 minutes." Veer exclaimed "Well loneliness bro." Rahul "You are weird."

In the night after having the dinner Rahul comes to his room to sleep. He gets a call from the same number. Now he becomes nervous and horrified that why the fuck Customer service would call me again? He slowly comes near the phone and picks up the call, "Hey Rahul can't you just pick up my call? I gave you 10 missed call idiot." a cute girl voice which could not be ignored. Rahul was surprised a customer service number huhh? "Well you see, I don't want any plans on my network Thank you." He replied. "Network seriously? You thought that....oh ha I see, Veer told you this right? Customer service seriously such a cute voice for customer is not acceptable I say."

Rahul " Ha totally agreed so now what? Will you please tell me what's going on? " The girl said " Well I thought you remember me I was your school partner in 3rd standard remember? Minnie? Remember anything. How could you forget yaar." Rahul had a big question mark because what he thought was he has only sat with Veer the whole school life and why doesn't he remember that he sat with Minnie?" this made him nuts. Minnie continued " Awww so you forget me right? How could you? You sweet idiot? Well I somehow got your number. But I am a bit nervous to meet you." Rahul was confused as hell now. "Ah Minnie or whatever I think you are just hitting on a wrong guy? I would still say I don't need any services and please you can take away service charges as much you want I don't care. Can it be a wrong number?" Rahul said. "Rahulll you idiot. You have a stitches mark on your right elbow which was due to 3rd standard mishap where it got stuck against the door clutches. Of course you cried alot and I pacified you by tying the hurt part with my handkerchief." Rahul realized he forgets almost everything now. "Well I think now you are convinced about me. So, ya my name is Minnie as you know and now I am studying in Faridabad and have come in Mumbai for some important work. So,i might meet you some day." Rahul's nervousness gone a bit was now very ready to deal with it. "Yep sure but it's been like a long time I didn't see you in any social network so how would I or you know how we both look?". "Hmm good question let's play a game then I might tell you ways that you identify me and in the same way I know about you." "Game? Well ok. I am not much into games though but sure." "Ahh Rahul it won't be a game that you are expecting but much more that you will forget about yourself let's talk later bye good night. “Many unanswered questions but a cute and happy voice did brought a smile on Rahul's face. And he tried hard to remember Minnie. But before that, he calls up Veer "Well brother Customer care seriously? You jealous fuck...! Good night."

Veer hears and then smiles and sleeps again.

The next morning was a happy one. Rahul slept real nice. That one sweet voice did clear him up with much issues. But still Amitha's condition still bothered him. He had his breakfast and expected the call from her. He waited a long but the call didn't come. He got ready for the college and waited for Veer. Veer came and both went to the bus stand. The whole way Rahul was holding the phone and constantly looking at it. Veer didn't pay head he was finishing his anime on Netflix. The college came and they both went to the class and still this wait was irresistible for Rahul.

Veer looked at him and asked "Bruh? Did you even ask about Amitha this whole long?" Rahul lost the concentration from the phone and said " OH ya am just sorry....! Yep how is she bro?" Veer replied "She is having issue with her heart beat. Seems that she was feeling uneasy yesterday, she slept for long, got up feeling heavy in her chest, delayed heart beats causing her many problems bro." Rahul felts sad for her for now he totally forgot about Minnie. After the school ended Rahul and Veer went back home. Rahul was restless to see Amitha how she is doing. Rahul kept his bag on the bench and walked fast out informing his mom he is going to hospital. He caught an auto and speedily reached the hospital. He went near the room and there was sitting Amitha's mom. She saw him and He greeted aunty and said how she is now. "Well beta now she is asleep for a little bit. She is was busy playing games and some editing stuffs so it distracted her. But the condition is worsening." Rahul felts bad. And quietly saw Amitha from outside door. Some drop of tears came from his eyes. Cleaning it up he bid bye to her mom and went back walking to his house. As he step forward, outside the hospital he gets a call. It was Minnie. Rahul thought twice that should he pick up the call at this situation? He did pick up the call. "Hey Rahul so how was the day, I had a pretty tough one. Some guy at my working place my very best friend of course after you. I had a fight with him. So, you know as I was pissed at him I said all the curse words that I eventually knew about. And then he asked me sorry. And after a long time of his pleading I forgave him for the sake of the friendship. What was yours?"

"Well nice to hear Minnie but seriously I have done worse and I don't wanna talk about it. Makes me feel sick and emotional." "Hey Rahul being emotional and doing bad doesn't mean you don't have a chance to plead for your forgiveness. You should until and unless you didn't spoil someone's life though. And trust me this works only if you share it to someone you think will listen to you and not brag the knowledge that he knows much better than you." "Hmm really ? is it so? Well to tell you I have two best friends Veer and Amitha. Amitha is always close to me because she treated me like her own child. Best friend I say. Who take care of you when no one was. When I had situations at home where my parent's went away for days she is the one who always stayed with me to take care of me like a true sister. Veer also never missed a chance to love Amitha for her bold yet cute persona. Veer is an amazing mess my just another brother. He is awesome my gaming partner and try making an extrovert but all in vain. I love these people. But sometimes the situation came where our friendship was questioned and tried breaking it for a pass. Friendship didn't break but I failed to make it even deep. I don't know I think I just bad at judging myself for the people I just overthink." "Well see you found the solution for yourself honey...! See I told you just speak up. And also to make this a success I tell you, find that one person who can force you to think about them." The conversation went on walking on the night streets. "Well a challenging task and I don't especially think, why should a girl like a person who is a nerd and of course thrown out allegations more than that." "It's not a matter that why should a person like a person if it any way matter then obviously you don't like that person. I mean if someone gave you a reason to love that person then obviously it will get less when that something wears out. Love and like should be taken as an emotion not a quest to fulfill." "Well it's true Minnie I agree. But ya I still believe that I have done wrong things on judging the people very quick." "Well in that case confront that someone you hurt and you care about. It won't be easy they might not forgive you but confronting them will surely give you hope that they are still near you." Rahul stopped and thought for a while and smiled and said "Well Minnie can I call you later." "Sure". Rahul ran back to the hospital and to the room. He first saw what Amitha was doing. He sees that Amitha was awake and playing games on her phone. He slowly opens the door and comes inside the room. Amitha gets her eyes of the phone and sees him. "What's with you Rahul at this time? I am sick and always sleeping that's why I am awake. Oh wait even you are sick." Rahul saw her annoying face. And he stood silence for a while. “Ahh Ammu I am sorry first of all and I came to tell that why I did that" "Wait I know about it, Veer told me. But still Rahul angry is a thing we all understand but you took me as just normal friend and shouted and said things which hurt me. Literally hurt me. Like for me you are still my best friend but it will surely take me time to forget all that. And please learn to respect a person's feeling for you they don't do things for the fuck of it we do care about you. Know that." Rahul said "Hmm sure Ammu I promise I will return a better person now just wait." And some amount of motivation he walked slowly out closing the door. He came again and whispered "Take care Ammu good night. I love you friend." With a big smile he walked out the hospital and called Minnie. "Hey Rahul wassup?" "Minnie I seriously thank you I spoke to that person and in turn she said I am still her best friend I feel that I have now an energy to change my behavior. I feel it. Thanks to you." " Aww that's just fine it's all my pleasure." " I seriously want to see you Minnie please let's just meet." " I will come to see you as my work is complete ok. And my work is something that requires to repeatedly keep a watch on. But I enjoy talking to you. In a way my situation gives you the solution of your bad situations. But Rahul also think of that "One person is always there who is always wants you to look at her. Keep your eyes open and don't miss she might me the One that will listen to you." Though Rahul was a given a weird task but even that seemed easy. The newness with Rahul was just coming through. It was mid night and somehow without disturbing his parent's he went inside his room and got ready to sleep. It was a peaceful one indeed.

The next morning he woke up happy and did his chores and got ready for the college. Keeping in mind "To not lose anything from the eye." Veer as usual was busy finishing his series. And they reached the college towards the class and it started. Leena was sitting alone since Amitha was absent that place was now occupied by Anita and her friends. Anita tried to strike a conversation with her. "Hey new lady you always seem quite and studious. But deep inside I know that you are not that regular girl but a silent killer." As weird was her line so was her expression. “Since today is a Saturday let's TGIF..! Come with us and we will give you a piece of club partying. “Leena thought for a while and decided to try something new and so she agreed. After the class resumed Anita sees that she has an eye for Rahul at the back. Rahul on the other hand was keen on searching and thinking about that one person. And suddenly his eye fell on Leena. Leena realized that Rahul saw her she quickly sighed and blushed. Hard to believe Rahul rechecks that is she is for real seeing him? He knocks Veer from his shoulder and asks "Bro can you believe that Leena is looking at me?" " Honestly I thought you already know it she is though looking at you always. But since she is from different I totally doubt she doesn't have a boyfriend already." "Then why the fuck is she looking at me or am I just over-thinking." Thinking and thinking the time just flew. It was lunch break and Rahul was waiting for veer to pack his bag and get the purse. While Anita and gang came and gave Rahul a shoulder push making him uncomfortable. Veer saw this and said   " What a horrible bitches.". But then Rahul's eyes stayed on Leena. Leena saw him and waved her hand at him. He blushed a bit and slowly took up his hand and said hi. Rahul and Veer came back to class after sometime. And then Leena saw him she was eating her tiffin. Rahul came outside the class because he was not getting a decent Network. Leena came near the class after coming from restroom. Leena waited for a while and Rahul was hesitating to talk to her. Leena looked at him and said "So, how is Amitha?" Rahul said "ah ya Amitha is getting better but having problems in sleeping you know after the treatment and medications." "Ohh ok I wanted to meet her. I might come today night. These girls called me a for a pub party. So, by night I may come." " Ah ok ok fine." They both smiled at each other and went inside the class. After the class ended Rahul and Veer went to house. Rahul had no homework to do and he thought of calling Minnie. "Hey Rahul so how was the day?" "Well Minnie I found out that one of my classmate new girl in the class Leena I saw her looking at me but couldn't make a conversation with her. I still feel that she wanted to talk more." "Well then talk to her Rahul. So, today right I had a tough decision to make. One was about the job and on had to decide to keep an extra person or not? So, what I thought was people always have to be there going behind the work and conveying some formalities all are just for time being." "Hmm so what should I do? Maybe I thought to go the Pub you know. Should I?" "Well you should I wanna see how you doing there maybe can give more options to add on you." "Ohh ya seriously? Hmm hmm." and Rahul calls Veer "Hey bruh wanna TGIF?" Veer expression changed and aloud he said "Hell yeah". Rahul gets ready keeping his nerd look yet the party mood. He comes and down and tells mom that he is going to some random friend's birthday party and will check on to hospital and come back." His mom nodded and told him to come back safe and don't do anything stupid. Rahul runs to Veer's house who is already standing outside. Rahul said let's book an Ola. And just then Ola came. Rahul was surprised and OTP was given by Veer. Both reached the pub and showed their wrists and got the stamp, went inside. Both of them didn't see a Pub before and of course people dancing in it. Veer's mouth was wide open and Rahul looked puzzled. " How do people dance like so randomly see that guy looks so weird but women doing the same step obviously looks so hot. Veer was paying no attention to whatever he was saying. Veer turned to him and said "You look for the girl ok any trouble? Just damn stay away from the trouble ok. I will be busy to drag me to any of your troubles bye bye bye." Rahul was clueless and Veer eventually went inside the crowd to dance. Rahul was feeling weird and he was pushing through sides and finally saw Anita and friends dancing, Leena sitting near the bar tender and watching everybody. Rahul anyway makes way to pass and says "Hey Leena". "Ahh you came" said Leena. "Wasn't I should be coming in the pub? I mean of course no! But you know to get some fresh air. “Rahul blabbered. "Ahh fresh air of course what do you smell? Sweat? “Leena said it. " Of course, a nerd negative girl and public annoying what can I expect? I am so you."

"Well what if I call you for dance? Would that be weird for us weirdos?" Leena said it looking at Rahul and expecting a reply. "Well of course because two weirdos will be dancing, coming my lady?" Rahul asked her for the dance and willingly she gave her hand and they both went inside the crowd and tried to capture the song and remembering the hook steps they must have or must not have seen. They both tried to imitate that. On the other hand Veer had gone crazy and just dancing. Veer joined them and all became crazy. Rahul looked at Leena and so happy she was that he eventually fell for her smile and laugh. Anita saw it and ignored. All the three danced and danced. They were in the ola after a rigorous dancing all of them slept on each other's shoulders totally passed out. The car reached the hospital. Everyone went to Amitha's room. Rahul and Veer didn't take too long after some discussions and Amitha needed some girl to girl space and boys rather got jealous and Rahul invited Veer for a sleepover. Both of them cleared. Amitha looked at Leena and said "Ohh is it you and Rahul anything going on?" Leena said " Ahh I don't know I do feel something for him you know. Like ya much more like just like. Like I wanna grab his hand and forcibly take him for a boring walk in the garden. I know he will bored so will I and we both just think about some weird questions. And I would surely have a serious argument. I would love doing that with him. Of course I do like hot guys but ya Rahul I just spend my whole life with him with some weird feeling I have ha ha ha." Amitha blushed and said " Ohh ho I do feel blush about him now. So, when are you going to tell him?". Here in Veer asked " Well bruh I do feel that you should tell what you feel about Leena now." Rahul looked at him and said "Thinking about it bruh I do feel great with Leena no offense but I don't know what love actually feels like. It makes me scared that how will I deal with this." Veer continues " I know sometimes the first things make a scar that doesn't mean we do it to others what if that turns out to be the best cure for the scar. Just you know tomorrow is Sunday just go to some cafe and tell her." A scared Rahul looked at Veer and said " Well I do think the same I should tell her why am I scared and how much do I love her." Leena looked at Amitha and said well I think I should tell him I am just so happy I don't care about his views of course he is weird. So fuck it I am gonna tell my very first love proposal. Veer slept and Rahul called Minnie, " Hey Minnie I am just so happy and also scared I don't know what's going on Minnie". "Well listening to you my sweetness feels a bit short now. I am so lucky to hear that. Is it love or is it like? Decide that and tell me and you might get your doubts cleared". Phone closed There was a smile on Rahu's face and Leena was walking on the midnight street with at most love in her heart. She wasn't scared to tell but he was scared to commit. What was anyways going through their minds. Mid night just went away. And blissful morning came up.

Next was a blissful Sunday morning. Rahul and Leena got up smiling. And the first thing Rahul does is call Minnie. "Hello good morning Minnie..!" "Ahh so early and so loud that's feels energetic what's up? I do now think Leena is something I do wanna talk about”. Ahh see I told you now just book some nice coffee table. And invite her. Just tell her in your most weird yet natural way ok. And also I would love to know what happens just be cool honey". " Thanks Minnie if it wasn't you how would I be able to do anything like that. You have brought a big change Minnie I always want you with me”. “Let’s just do the job and I finish mine and we will surely meet but till then You can never get something which you need to heal yourself you earn the stuff to deal it with yourself". And the call was cut. Rahul began searching for the good café in Zomato, selected one and booked a seat for two. He then called Leena "Hey, happy Sunday. It will be any weird if I call you for a date this afternoon?" Leena said "Well let's two of the weird people meet then I wanted to tell something also". " Same let's meet then" said Rahul. Both of them were getting ready with all new enthusiasm. She wore red for the very first proposal and he wore something cool to make his first appearance with a change in attitude. As Leena came out of her house. She was walking toward the café and in the way she meets Anita. Anita "Hmm I see you look very happy? You going out with Rahul?" Leena blushed. " Hmmm mind if I show you something". The Anita shows Rahul talking on the phone and smiling laughing saying and flirting with a girl on the phone on the mid night street. He was seen saying Minnie. "See these are the boys they will be flirting with someone else in the phone and play with feelings of the girl. Leena think before you act". This was a heartbreak for Leena she literally broke down because yet she couldn't believe what did she really saw. She couldn't believe that Rahul could really do something like this. She wanted to confront Rahul now and she any how wiping her tears went ahead to the Café. Veer passed Leena and could see het crying. Veer was puzzled he was going to hospital to check on Amitha. He called Rahul and he didn't pick up. Leena came inside the café and sat on one of the chair. She couldn't believe what she saw and constant question was there that who was Minnie. She broke down. Just then Rahul entered the café. Leena hid her face and he sat on the behind table section which he reserved. Leena wanted to confront but her confidence to ask broke down. She got up and then sat again. She couldn't handle and keeping her head down she cried. After some time Leena got a message from Rahul that Where are you? Leena out of anger texted " Who Is Minnie? And you have been hiding this from me for so long. How could you fuckin do this to me. You have no idea how did you fuckin hurt me. I don't want to see your face at all. Just fuckin get out of my life it's over." She sent this. Behind Rahul saw the message and tried responding back but she evidently block him. Rahul got agitated and angry and confused. Out of which he couldn't shout and that made him loose out. Tears of broken dreams were passing out. A little bit of hope and he tried calling her but she didn't pick up. Rahul became furious and he got up and just walked away from the café. Leena saw this and then even she walked away and looked at him and walked opposite. Rahul tried calling Minnie and this time it wasn't picked up. It said it was switch off. He was very furious because to him Minnie was a just a helping friend and that's it he just walked somewhere. Veer was returning from the hospital and saw Leena again. She was walking fast and angry. Veer came by and asked what was going on? Leena looked at him with at most anger and asked "Go and ask who the fuck is Minnie?" Veer looked clueless. " He was fuckin playing with my life or maybe it was my wrong who took wrong intentions on him. I am so crazy to love him but yeah I guess he has another girl now". Telling this she just walked away. Veer was tensed about Rahul that he knows the thing he hasn't done he gets mad. And also he knew who had brought out this ruckus. Veer searched for Rahul and finally saw him in a park sitting. Rahul was sitting depressed. Veer came near and sat with him. Rahul looked at him and started "When nothing was going right and even you left me for some time after that very incident. Minnie called my school time friend I hope it's even true that. She gave me light in my darkness. I started to feel whatever she was telling me was something that I wanted to do. Yes it's true that whatever I did was on her command but it was all heart which I always wanted to do. But yeah my life is such now that no one wants me. I tried to change because I knew I did bad to you and Amitha. I now feel I can never. Fuckin it hurts me mehn. It hurts when people betray you and you betray yourself. I am sorry mehn I am sorry". As he said this Veer hugged Rahul and He was constantly saying sorry while was crying on Veer's shoulders. They sat for some time and Veer took to him to his house. Since Rahul parent's had gone out for some work. It was a perfect time to cool things up. Veer took Rahul to his room and asked him to sit. Veer came to take bring some water for Rahul. He then heard noises of breaking glasses and stuff. Veer ran and knew it was Rahul's room. Rahul got frustrated and was breaking whatever he was getting. Veer caught hold of him and hold him till he got quite. He then took him to the kitchen and made him drink the water in front of him. Veer sat.

It was sometime of silence and Rahul looked at him and asked about Amitha. Veer said that she would be staying a week again for recovery. She might join college after a week. Rahul said it was good. Both of them then went to the room and cleaned up the mess. Leena on the other hand slept on her study table midst the continues crying. It was night time Rahul and Veer cleaned up the room. Veer returned to his house. Rahul felt very much lonely. He tried calling Minnie but no avail her phone was switched off. His inner fears came back. Depression switched in. He didn't talk at all about it to his parents. For almost three days it was dull. He sat with Veer but didn't talk. Didn't eat. Leena had joined up with Anita but preferred to stay alone. She was ignoring Rahul and even he didn't force her to talk with him. Veer saw all this for the next three days after the incident. He discussed this with Amitha and also stated that how much he cares about Rahul but can't do anything about it. Next day, Veer confronted Anita "Hey listen why the fuck did you do that? Huhh was it required you don't even fuckin what's going on with Rahul just don't stick your nose in every one's matter." "So what are you telling me? To just stay back and see a girl getting hurt with such kind of a boys. I am good friend of Leena and sure I will take measure on what I see". "If it's wrong he will know it and he will bore it it's not you're right to decide who is wrong or right for your concern. And also it's good that you even care about your friends. Thank you but apply brains on your judgments without realizing the cause". He said this and went away. Rahul was walking home alone after dropping Veer in his house. Then he gets a phone call. "Hey Rahul listen I have not much time left. See you are a good man. You did respect whatever I said and you did it thinking it from your heart. I appreciate that Rahul. But now you have found your missing piece. And don't for God's sake leave it. Forget me because I am dying and you need to lose me for the greater good. It's your choice that I came and now my work is done now I can go". While Minnie was saying this Rahul's eyes were full of tears and yes he was shocked about her condition. "But yeah this time I won't cut the call so easily I want to know that you have changed. I want to hear that. So keep the phone in the pocket go to Leena and tell her whatever you wanna tell her. Go". Rahul was clueless for this mission but yeah he wanted to this for the sake of Minnie and to not lose Leena. Rahul ran to Veer and asked for his bicycle. Both cycled and went to Leena's house ringed the bell. Came out her sister and she said that Leena is in the park for a walk. Veer and Rahul cycled fast to the park and searched Leena. Far away they saw Leena standing near on the sunset view. Rahul gave the phone to Veer and said please come with me and don't close the call. Veer and Rahul ran and came near Leena. Rahul went forward and told "Hey Leena I am sorry for whatever I have done to you. I feel the same when I that happened to Amitha by me. I feel it. But seriously Leena I love you. Because you have always been that person who brought me in a world where there were laughter and music that made me happy. Currently, now I am now in short for words but yeah I love you and I can never leave you and let you leave me. Am sorry again". Leena looked at him and smiled "Finally after some incident you got brains to tell me the thing which you were holding it for so long. What else is left when you told everything including what was mine idiot. I love you too". Rahul was scared to come more close while Leena came much more forward and hugged him and too cuteness she kissed him on the cheek. That blushed Rahul and he hugged her again.

Veer saw this holding the phone and tears of joy came from his eyes. He left them alone took his cycle and went to hospital. Slowly he came near the room and took the phone and said "well work is done Minnie". Veer opened the door and Amitha looked at Veer holding another phone and said "Now can I switch off the phone permanently?". Veer laughed, but couldn't stop crying. Veer sat taking a chair from near. He looked at Amitha and said "What did doctors tell". "Hmm I failed the test of the pacemaker I don't know just counting days now. You didn't tell anything about my condition right? To anyone". Clearing his throat Veer said "No. No. Tell me Amitha how could you even do this?" he held her hand. While Amitha slides down the bed keeping the cushion below her head. Her eyes had become red and she was very tired. She was preparing to sleep. Veer holed her hand and cried. Amitha looked at him and said "Well that's what the best friends do right".

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