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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Ashwin Achariar

Drama Romance Tragedy


Ashwin Achariar

Drama Romance Tragedy

The Night, It All Changed

The Night, It All Changed

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A small group of friends were coming to the house of Sunny Malhotra for his Saturday house party. It was a good time to enjoy. The way he drank and danced felt as if he was waiting for this moment. His phone was ringing for a long time but since it was kept far, he couldn’t hear it ringing. His friends were all having a good time drinking, laughing and dancing. Neha comes inside this party and everybody welcomes her because she was Sunny’s girlfriend. But looking at her it didn’t feel like she was invited personally. As she was barging through the crowd, she saw Sunny dancing carefree, hooting aloud. This made Neha annoyed and she comes near Sunny and tries to grab his attention by pushing him but he doesn’t pay a heed. Then she slaps him hard in the middle of the act, in front of everyone. The crowd became silent and everyone stopped dancing. Sunny was stunned by the slap and Neha stood their looking at him with anger and shame. Then she frowned went out of the house. Sunny couldn’t hold this embarrassment in front of everyone so, he realized he had to do something then he followed Neha.


Neha was sitting on a bench inside the park opposite Sunny’s building wondering about something. After some time, Sunny came inside the park wearing all black, he had dark circles below his eyes and was wearing a black jacket. The way he walked looked like he was unsettled and disturbed. He searched for an empty bench around, while Neha was looking at his disturbed state but didn’t get up from her bench. By the corner, Sunny found a bench and he sat down. It felt like for days he had been not coming out. He sat shaking his legs up and down out of anxiety constantly looking at the people who were passing by him. Some cautious behavior he was following, Neha realized that but looking at him she could only feel about him. An unknown person entered the park just then, he was tall, wearing a brown long jacket. What was astonishing about that person was he was wearing a hat and a sunglass. No one was daring to look at him. He looked very much suspicious. Neha looked at this suspicious guy and raised her eyebrows to this command the suspicious guy nodded his head. It felt like both of them knew each other. The suspicious guy took a round of the park and saw everyone in the park, people were sprint walking, jogging, some uncles were doing light exercises while women were walking with groups, the children around were playing and cycling outside the park and then he reached were Sunny was sitting. He stood there for a while, Sunny noticed that someone was standing in front of him. He raised his head and saw this weird suspicious guy and then he turned his head to look at Sunny. Both of them looked at each other for a while and the suspicious guy bends a little and asks him “Is the seat taken?”. Sunny heisted a little he missed words when he wanted to reply so he shook his head which said “no”. The suspicious guy smiled and quickly sat next to him. He folded his right leg over his left leg and pulled out a notepad from his jacket. He then started writing something on it. After some time, he stood still without writing simply clicking the pen. The sound grabbed Sunny’s attention and he looked at the guy very suspiciously. Noticing it the suspicious guy tilted his head towards him removed his sunglass and kept it inside his pocket. Sitting upright straight he moved his hand in front of Sunny as a gesture of handshake. Sunny hesitated but shakingly removed his hands from his side pockets and shook hands with the suspicious guy. The suspicious guy then introduced himself “Hello, Mister my name is Prabhakar Chatterjee and I have come to this beautiful city, Mumbai in search of something more likely to say to mend something that’s broken. Sunny looked at him raising his eyebrows and says “To mend something? What you are God or something?” Prabhakar replies “Yes! Ha ah I am just kidding I am a worker in a factory that manages the goods of lifestyle so any issues with the packaging I fly down to make things right.” Sunny didn’t care about his reply and noticing this he says “Hmm Mr.?” Sunny tells his name. “Ah Sunny see if you tell your worries to an unknown guy who doesn’t who listens and doesn’t do anything with that it cleanses your heart and lightens the burden that you might be carrying inside by stopping your emotions from coming out.” Prabhakar’s willingness to hear him was charming yet suspicious to Sunny but something inside him made him urge to express his grief to someone, he really needed it. So, he began “Well have you felt the urge to tell many things that you wanted to tell but couldn’t?”. Prabhakar replies “Ah well many times, like when I created the lifestyle packages, I always felt that I should have added something that wouldn’t create any ruckus in the end of the using that packages like you know a life value.” Sunny continues “Life isn’t packages right like the things that I have loses because of me not expressing what I really want to express it has cost me life.” Prabhakar says “Hmm you see that I have lots of time to spare to hear something about life so start from the beginning, Sunny.” Sunny looks at him and felt that he was someone that he needed to expresses his emotion to so he raised his head and got comfortable to talk. Prabhakar looked at Neha and switched his attention to Sunny.

Sunny Malhotra 

 Two years ago, I was at this party of one of my friends in my group. I guess it was something about his early job. And we were all high and dancing. Some people were making out inside the party, weird. Though I had a luxurious life I wasn’t into hooking and stuff like that I always needed a partner that could complete that I lacked in me that was ‘care’. My dad is a wealthy business man and a good human obviously he has done many donations and made sure to give chances to the deserving inside his company. My mom is a housewife she loves dancing, she dances classical too good like for me it was the only dance thing that I used to watch. Ahmm back to the party, so, I do get zoned out sometimes in my bundle of thoughts and thinking like this I bumped into one girl. When I regained my senses, she had poured her drink on my shirt and she felt embarrassed about it I made her calm by saying, it’s ok it’s just the drink. When the smell finally came inside the senses, I realized that it was apple fizz. That felt weird because everyone was drinking alcohol and she was the only one drinking fizz? And her phone was on a pdf. Damn she was studying inside a party. Now I gave an annoying expression. She said “Ah yeah it’s ok of this annoying face I am used to it, I don’t care I need to prepare for a test bye.” I couldn’t leave her that way but it was becoming difficult to find her inside the party. Just then the DJ of the party that was host of this party, he played the trendiest song and everyone hooted and started dancing in full form. Now it was totally impossible to meet her. My friend looked at me and pushed me to dance and I started with some moves. Just then my best friend Hansel gave me a shoulder push. I was relieved that someone was there for my company because I didn’t want to become the only asshole who didn’t know to dance. Though I was just making wrong moves but Hansel was dancing like a dead fish. Didn’t care but I danced with him for a while. Then accidentally peeked on some corners and found out that girl was now dancing. That was weird. I then slowly got separated by my best friend and went near her. This time I didn’t waste any time and said “Hi”. She looked at me while dancing and smiled weirdly and realized she was drunk. She said “You follow me everywhere na? your cute asshole can’t leave this mesmerizing beauty, right?” I said “Who?”. Mr. Prabhakar coughs sarcastically during the narration. Hearing this Sunny exclaims “Yeah I had some good socializing skills though.” Prabhakar says “Continue”. Sunny continues.

Neha smirks on this remark well I knew it wasn’t that good for a joke. I continued my conversation with her while she was dancing “Hey weren’t you studying? Like I guess few minutes ago drinking appy fizz?” She replied “My name is Neha so my choices.” Prabhakar laughed “This was a good one.” He continued laughing for a while. “Oh, am sorry continue.”

So, yeah this was a good weird joke where I laughed a little but showed my weird face for a long time. But hmm Neha, stupid. Then after playing some new songs it was time for the retro where the DJ played some amazing pop songs which were known to be classics so, the first song that he played was ‘uff teri adaa’ from Kartik Calling Kartik. Amazing song and just like the lyrics I were all swooning over Neha. Some magic did happen between us, during those beats I was only looking at her dance. Maybe that was the best thing I have ever seen, a girl just celebrating her for being herself. For some reason the connection was build during that song and she too looked at me. For some more time we just looked at each other while others were grooving to the music. Then her friend came and she took Neha out of the party I guess she was late to return to her home. But that was the best time best night for me for like lifetime. And then next morning.

Neha intervened the narration,

Neha Singh

Next Morning that boy from the last party remember? Yes, we met again. Me and my friend Reema were strolling inside the park and then I bump into him. I didn’t want to remember him but he did recognize me. For almost two rounds we were just staring at each other. He was walking with his weird best friend I guess who was constantly keeping an eye on me and then commenting about me in his ears. Like I know how much difficult it was for me to come to this party yesterday night. My family is very simple, my dad works as a service person in a company and my mom is a housewife who only does house chores, yeah that’s what a middle-class family is right? So, convincing them that I needed to attend this party and coming back late at night was next to impossible task. But I love my dad he wanted me to socialize a little bit so yeah, he allowed me. But pretending to be at a party and looking at people enjoy is a tough job. I didn’t do anything as what party was meant to be. I looked out for some corner inside the crowded house and dodging my best friend Reema I finally got one. Since, I got my area I remembered I had few pages left of the kindle that I was reading. Then I grabbed a glass of appy fizz and started reading. Then this boy bumped into me and then I spilled my appy fizz on his shirt. Very much embarrassing situation. He did try to make some conversation with me but I was so embarrassed to talk after spilling that juice that I moved away from him. Then thinking the same glass to be appy fizz I drank a glass of breezier. And since it tasted good, I drank three of them. Well then hmm I don’t remember what I did till the time I puked, yuck.

Prabhakar “So, you met Neha again right.”

Sunny continues,

Hansel was talking about his last night adventure with some random girl, “So, Sunny I tell you mehn last night was just magical for me, like when I was dancing so off then I met a girl who was dancing same as me. Yeah? Weird right. Like I did that fish flap and then she repeated the same. We both were high as fuck and we didn’t fucking know what we were up to. Few memories that I have is we did make fun of the Robbin sitting near a Mc Donald’s.” While talking about this we bumped into Neha and her friend. Neha was trying to not look at me but I did recognize her. Then we passed them and continued our walk. Hansel kept staring at her as if she didn’t notice. Hansel to me “Hey see I think she is trying to remember you. She looks cute though no mention about that. Why would I care idiot? I said. Though I said that but I do want to talk to her. Then after few rounds we stopped. She and her friend had stopped near the children ground. I looked at her for a while. Beside me Hansel was sitting and thinking something very deep. I ignored and kept looking at Neha. Gathering some courage, I got up and walked towards the children park where she was standing. By that time, Neha’s friend was walking towards Hansel. I just saw that didn’t care about it. Neha saw me and she lowered her eyes. Lowering my head, I said “Hi”. She stammered a little and said “Hi”. I continued “You do remember me from last night’s party, right?”. “She was going to say no but then she just shook her head.” I couldn’t digest this amount of shyness that I was seeing like I very vividly remembered yesterday’s night and her. So, remembering the flashback I laughed a little and was trying hard to not show her that I was laughing. She saw my smirking and she said “Hey You remember what I was doing yesterday?”. I replied “Very well, like A to Z.” She did have an embarrassing expression and said “Oh shit that’s bad, I don’t know how many people must have seen me that way.” I smiled and said “It’s ok don’t worry, you were busy roasting me Neha.” She was surprised that I knew her name. Then we had a hearty joke when I told her about her joke. It was a nice time. By that time, Neha’s friend went to see Hansel who got up as he saw her coming. “Aren’t you Hansel? From last night’s party?” Hansel said “Ah yes…!” Folding her hands, she continued “Don’t you remember with whom did you go to McDonalds?” Hansel exclaimed “Ah were that you….!” He remembered all that weird things he did last night. Both laughed on this and had a moment. That evening we exchanged our WhatsApp numbers and from the time I reached home I was only chatting with her.

Neha interrupts,

I felt that moment that I was getting close to him when he looked at me with a sense of acceptance of whoever I was. I was something else last night, I might have taken the wrong drink but their I felt I had the right hand. Sunny had that charms but yet was so shy and innocent, he obviously stammered talking to me and but didn’t leave the eye contact when listening to me. Romantic right? At that moment yes, I did feel that. We exchanged the numbers. But while walking back home I thought how am I going to take this further and how am I going to express myself. I haven’t been in this stage where I didn’t know what I was going to face. I reached home and my mom reminded me about the course completion exam which was tomorrow. This was important because that was going to decide at which level of employment I was going to be rewarded. My mom scolded me for coming home this late at evening. I said sorry and went inside my room’s bathroom. Looking at the mirror I was imagining what did Sunny see in me? I curled up my hair, looked at my own eyes and blushed like a heroine. Then still figuring out what did he actually see in me, I looked at my chest and I was like “Oh shit what am I even thinking.” I had a quick shower tying my hair I went to open my laptop and started looking at the chapters. I sighed and put my head down, then suddenly my Phone made a ‘ping’ sound. I looked at it and it was Sunny.

Prabhakar “Hmm so, did you text her after getting the number?”

Obviously, yeah…...! I did text her an Hi and didn’t expect anything because I didn’t know how she would react, but mind I tell you it took me an hour to decide to actually sent her just and ‘hi’. This was because, though I was privileged I wasn’t that privileged to express myself inside the house. Like my opinions were always ignored and I was said that whatever you do you have to do alone. This has then added inside me about that hypothetical fear inside me that am I true to myself. This resulted for me to become something called ‘emotionless’.

Prabhakar continued “There’s nothing in this world that does not have an emotion. Like even the things that don’t have a face can express what is going on inside them. Like plants, flowers they express themselves through growth, Animals express themselves by compassion and fear, Humans find it difficult because he has limitations set by ourselves.” I do agree on that sir, I do very much lately. With great amount of courage, I sent her a hi. She replied. And that’s how we ended up chatting the whole night. It was late in the morning I got up with the phone beside me. As I got up with tired eyes, my phone pinged. It was her message saying, good morning. That was sweet I felt so special. I replied “You got up so early…! That’s weird.”

Neha replied

“Yeah, I had an exam today morning for some course that I had enrolled so, yeah I didn’t sleep.”

I texted

“That’s a kind of a dedication my dad actually expects from me for my final year exams so I land up in his own company.”

Neha texting

“Ohh rich kids….!”

I continued typing

“That’s not the case, you know I do accept the fact that I am rich and all maybe but to be truth about the fact no one knows me I exist. Mom yeah, she loves me a lot and dad he does do but he has changed his perspectives. I have always felt alone, I am the only who hears my echo.”

Neha texted

“Hmm I understand. It’s tough to give up things that you want to do just for something called ‘Stable Life’, I seriously envy those people who have guts to speak up to their parents.”

I continue

“Seriously yaar, how can they be so confident that their parents won’t do anything to them. I aren’t telling my parents are strict but I need simple lively things and dad’s just making it difficult to provide me what he wants. He so doesn’t give a fuck my mom only during parties he will hold her close and show he cares.”

The whole night went by chatting and discussing about our families and this was the best moment where I was given a chance to open up, right.

To Prabhakar, So the yeah, we spoke till the late night and we both were drained. I slept.

Neha began to speak,

I didn’t sleep though; well I was supposed to because I had this very important test. But those hours of opening my heart to someone who feels the same was something special. Like I haven’t been so close to anyone that I tell them about myself. It was something different. I felt so relaxed talking to someone like that, I was fresh and then I began my studies. Next Morning, the exam went well and I was waiting for the evening hoping to see Sunny again. So, the evening came by I called my Best friend Sunaina and she said she is ready to go to the park. Then I got ready and informed my mom that I am going to park to meet Sunaina. She agreed and told me that I should return home by the curfew. I quickly walked to the park and saw Sunaina waiting. Then we both went inside the park and started walking. My eyes were scanning each of the benches to find where Sunny was sitting. Then I did find Hansel who was looking at me very weirdly.

Sunny continues while Prabhakar is listening,

Yeah so, next morning again I came to the park for the soul purpose to see Neha again. Hansel was as usual with me. We both found a corner bench and sat. Hansel said “Bro did you see yesterday that me and Neha’s friend were talking and she remembered me bro.” Are you nuts, I said to him? He continued, “See I think I am falling in love with her like she is so pretty and so flawless. Ah I really love her.” Nodding at his weird thinking I looked out of the park whether she was coming to the park or no? Then after sometime she entered the park with her friend. My heart started to beat faster as she was walking. She took a round and saw me. Hansel was seeing her friend. They both came closer to us and we stood up. Hansel looked at Neha’s friend and said “Hi”. She replied with a smile. I smiled at Neha and she too blushed. Then we all were walking together. After some rounds and some talking me and Neha were sitting on one bench. She didn’t talk much so I began “Hey so every introvert like basically doesn’t talk much face to face but in chatting you are this open book, isn’t it?” She laughed a little and saw me “In fact you were just looking at this average girl for past 30 minutes.”, she said. I replied “Well you are that fortune which I don’t measure, its priceless and important.” She blushed. I too felt that moment and held her hand and said “I don’t know much about you obviously it’s just three days we have seen ourselves but honestly to tell you no one has ever known me as you have. I really like you a lot and I don’t mind getting to know you more. It’s a peace to look at you, just look at you talk and share a piece of your life with me and I do the same with you. It’s something beautiful to see ourselves grow, together. I really like you.”

She was amused by my little but that was the most difficult task for me. I have never spoken my heart out to someone whom I have just met.

Neha Continues,

Those amazing things he said about me, wow. I did have that butterflies in my stomach where he was shamelessly being nice to me, I loved it. No one has ever done that to me. No one has ever spoken like that to me. I just looked at him while he was saying this. I just wanted to hug for that and never leave him. The only response that I did was, while he was holding my hand, I kept my other hand over his. He kept his forehead over my hand and went still. There were peace, silence, and nothing else. I was hearing my own heart beat and felt live. It was amazing.

Prabhakar Ji “Ah that’s nice, that was a good beginning to something new right.”


Indeed, it was though, it was a new feel that I was feeling and I was happy she accepted that. We were in our mood and then suddenly I remembered that Hansel was also here right. Just then Hansel came and was looking dejected. I told him to sit and even she shifted to other side and we were consoling him and asking that what did happen? Then Hansel narrated his meeting with Sunaina. “So, after I left you and Neha, I walked with Sunaina and talked about that late-night crash night we had. I was finally so convinced that I should also tell her what I feel. Then we sat on some bench and I came closer to her and was going to say the things. Then she said “Hey Hansel you do know right I don’t like you or have any feeling about you?” I was surprised and it tossed over my head to ask her this that why am I not good looking enough? But then, “Ah the problem is not you Hansel I don’t get along with men, I am in a relationship with Anvi.”, my eyes were open even my mouth.” Neha exclaimed, “Oh Hansel you should have at least asked me, she is a lesbian and already in a relationship.” I did feel sorry for Hansel but also the fact I was so amazed that we accepted our friends equally.

Prabhakar Ji “Appreciated. At least now I think the world will accept human beings as human beings with the same souls as it was created”. Sunny replied “Do you always speak like this? Like one of those movies where God comes to the earth and helps.” Prabhakar Ji replied “Why not am I not the One?”. Sunny exclaimed “What?”. Prabhakar Ji continues “I mean in that same movie it also tells God is present in every human being. Leave that continue the story.”

Sunny continues,

Well, we became close and together all the time. We would meet our friends daily and finally, in our small group, Anvi was also included. With such good vibes, our relationship was also getting personal and healthy. In those clouds of goodwill and eternity, I forgot what was real? I always thought that it would work the way I wanted it to be. Because this was something I considered to be my own. But I guess I went too far with it. And I blame this on me choosing the wrong group of friends. I mean not the close one Hansel, Sunaina and Anvi no not them but my college one’s. I had to play them because of the survival instinct that I carried with myself. The college group was full of rich kids and my dad always told that whatever he is he is because of his friends that showed him what the real luxury is. This was something that got me into this fictitious belief that to be successful in life I have to be with someone who share the life as I imagined as it has to be. So, I have seen my rich kids’ friends getting along with their girlfriends in public, publicly kissing each other, going to costly clubs with them and dance, stay in some luxury hotel and hook up. This was the kind of a trend that I was observing. Whereas me, I was having this sweet, cozy relationship status that was between me and Neha. This was very special to her because she wanted to know each other in a very special manner that stay for long. So, when I announced to my college friend group that I was in relationship, they were happy about me and then of them asked me to bring her sometimes with us so that chill out. So, I knew Neha wasn’t that kind of girl but I couldn’t afford to be lonely again and not being included in a group like that will be the biggest failure of my life.

Neha continues,

Having a relationship when your mom and dad are all aiming about your life is like playing chess in real life, you need to keep a watch on your every move. So, I didn’t tell about my relationship to them and keeping it secretive was the biggest task in my life. But it was fun, I was getting me and him only times to spend. Cozy and warm kind of relationships where you enjoy to the fullest. This time was just going good until somedays it began to wear out. He wasn’t replying to my messages and whenever he did, he would only mention me meeting his friends at late-night parties, which I was not comfortable about. He did understand a few times and then our meeting in public became less. He didn’t understand nor did I wanted to tell my insecurities of meeting new people and my limitations inside the house. I couldn’t talk and neither I wanted to talk about it. This was getting toxic day by day and our relationship was getting unhealthy day by day.

Sunny continues,

I felt that our relationship was getting toxic day by day. I had some expectations that wished it happened but it was not because I felt that understanding her was my biggest mistake. I would stop talking to mom or dad, didn’t meet Hansel for a long time. Regarding this, we had an argument that we almost stopped seeing each other. I was all alone again. And this turned me possessive about the fact that this was happening because of her. Then one day, I got to hear that Neha.

Neha speaks,

I was worried about Sunny because I haven’t seen him in this condition and also got to know about Hansel’s argument, even he was concerned that he had changed. I couldn’t digest the fact about this side of Sunny. Which was dark and possessive. Then I started to look his social profile and tried ways to figure out what was wrong with him. Why do you ask me? Because I did care about him and I couldn’t see him like that. Then through some connections by Hansel and I started to find something about Sunny and his sudden change of behavior.

Sunny continues while Prabhakar ji straightened himself to hear what had happened,

I came to know that Neha and Hansel were walking together lately, what killed me inside was that when I asked her to come to public places with me then she would turn down the plan but with Hansel she is eagerly walking. And that too it’s Hansel, just because he couldn’t get Neha’s best friend, he is hatching eggs around my girl? This was totally betrayed and unbearable about this.

Prabhakar ji “Did you confront them?” Sunny replied,

Yes, I did. One evening I did meet them inside the park.

Neha continues,

It was a tiring search for the answers for both of us. We tried to connect with him but he was always disconnecting our calls, not replying to my messages, we tried to connect with his parents but nothing came out. He wouldn’t come out of his room when we had reached his home to ask about him. Then one evening, all tired me, Hansel, Sunaina and Anvi. I broke down and said “I feel so cold. Like I felt I was that lucky enough to get that warm feeling what I got a few months back. Why? are relationships so tough? With love, with friends or whatever the fuck that makes someone happy why can’t we deserve that?”

Hansel continued “Expectations kill it Neha expectations. His background is different, his life beyond us is different, he himself doesn’t know about it. You know you change when you get what you wish for rather than the value of what you need. I can’t believe that my best friend like he’s been a brother to me and now he is classifying us to be with someone he wishes for like is this what life is? If this is the thing then I don’t want to live like that. I feel incomplete.” Hansel sobbed unbearably.

We all consoled him. Then Sunaina spoke “You know Neha I feel you have to speak to him like even if it means forcibly. You know when you don’t speak what your heart wants to at the correct it might become a reason to feel lost for a hell lot of your life.” Looking at Anvi she continues “People generally feel that every person has to come up with the world that they mean and never ever afford to see it. I met Anvi and I didn’t where I was falling for, but one thing was clear in my mind that whatever I think it makes me happy.” Anvi speaks “Neha people never accept other’s hearts at an instant but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Should we expect any emotions from a human being that’s natural, raw, and beautiful? I think you both have to talk it out that whatever is happening now is all just for the moment will pass on.”

What Anvi told me was something to be thought of. Then I made up my mind that yes, these misunderstandings usually happen in a relationship so, I think we have to talk and sort it out. After some time Anvi and Sunaina went to take a round of the park and I and Hansel were sitting. Then as I raised my head up, I saw Sunny coming towards me. I placed my hand over Hansel and he also saw Sunny. We both stood up.

Sunny Continues,

I saw them inside the park and together they were sitting. Both of them stood up when I came to confront them. I was damn angry and annoyed with a mind to confront and seeing Hansel with Neha just crossed my bar of patience.

“Hmm I see you both are having a good time, isn’t it? Earlier Hansel feels sad about not getting that lesbian and then now you have put hands on my girl. You fucking bastard I would have killed you right now but I won’t because Neha is loving this isn’t it?”

Neha said, “Sunny it’s not what you think we were working this hard to understand that why are you behaving like this.”

Hansel was triggered and said “You stupid fuck, mind your words Sunaina is our friend and so were you, I wouldn’t have given a fuck about you if it was not for the sake of something called friendship we had. Guess what I’m not like you, just caging a girl around the noose and expecting it to dance round as you wishing.”

That made me violent and came in front and slapped him. Hansel pushed me and strangled my head. Neha broke down and was shouting and crying at top of her voice.

“Stop you both, I don’t want anyone to fight for me which makes me weak and begging.”, she shouted. I and Hansel stopped fighting, but I was still angry though. Neha came near to me and said “It’s high time that I was silent but I won’t be, it's over Sunny. You took me for granted and you are taking me now also which isn’t fair. I hold the same respect as you deserve and not something that’s burdening which is keeping me under you. So, get the fuck out from here.”

There she said it, I was taking her for granted. That one thing got me triggered more because that’s what I didn’t want to become which was like my dad. I looked around and it had become a scene, so before anyone around here identified me I walked out. While walking I was carrying this emotional burden which I wasn’t able to overcome. I barged inside my home and saw my dad discussing something with my mom. He said that “I and your mom are going out for dinner today so, if you have your friends come over and have a good time, you can have it. Have transferred money to your account. I looked at my mom and saw something was wrong, she wasn’t really feeling well. I remembered she said she had gone to the doctor yesterday and I had forgotten to ask her about it. I looked at my dad who had that pride that he was owning my mom. I faked my smile and then they went. I tucked myself into the bed and screamed on one of the cushions. With that emotional burden I was carrying I wanted to do something so that I forget about it. I called my friends to a house party immediately. I ordered food, beverages, drinks, alcohol, and everything. That was ‘the night’ that did change everything.

Prabhakar Ji looked at Sunny who started sobbing before he could continue.

Neha looked lost and then she spoke,

I felt that my life just got slipped out of my hands at that moment. I couldn’t hold it and I ran home. Without talking to anyone, not even my mom I just barged inside my room and sat on my chair. I couldn’t think anything else but about Sunny. Just then my dad knocked on my door and asked me “Hey beta, you busy?”. I answered, “Ah yeah just going for shower no changing.”. He then continued “Oh ok ok, I just wanted to tell you that application for higher studies in London is finally done. In two months, you will be flying there. I broke down. That was something my dad was proud of but also what all I had planned and imagine and wanted to tell him before this happens had all gone waste. I didn’t reply and I just went inside my bathroom and sobbed. Then after some time, I realized before anything comes up and I move on I have to tell Sunny everything. Then I got up, changed, tied my hair, and was all ready to go and confront.

I just got out of my room, my dad was sitting on the sofa and my mom was inside the kitchen. She came outside and asked where I was going this late. I couldn’t tell her anything and told her I would be coming really quick this is an emergency that will come fast. Before she could react, I went to come out of the house. I was sprinting to reach Sunny’s apartment and saw that his friends were coming all pepped up. Then I looked up to his balcony and saw that he is having a party. I was surprised and angry. I quickly went inside the lift and pressed his floor button. When I reached there I saw everyone was having a good time, dancing and hooting. I saw Sunny who was dancing all drunk. I couldn’t bear to see him like this, so unconcerned about what just happened. I went near him and with all the disgust feelings I had, I slapped him.

Sunny Continues,

She slapped me in front of my friends in such a sudden moment. Everything became silent. Music was just playing without any soul dancing to it. Everyone was stunned by this action. She looked at me with such disgust and went away from my house. I felt so embarrassed and didn’t want to breakdown in front of so many people, so that turned into vicious anger. I followed her down. As she was returning to her house, in the middle I caught her very tightly by her hand. She turned back, I left her hand and caught her shoulders and brought her close. “Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you? Is it wrong to show people how much I love you? Is it wrong to show how I take care of you? Is it wrong to expect some emotions from you? Do you care about the fact that no one in my own house cares about me?” I asked. She said “You should have thought that before you forgot me to even ask me what I feel. I had made my mind to give ourselves a second chance but you are just unbearable.” I couldn’t hold it and I pushed in the middle of the road and left her. As I was returning home, I saw a car which was approaching at great speed, I didn’t care and ignored it. Then I heard a ‘thud’ sound. As if the car just ran over something. My heart felt heavy suddenly and I turned back and saw a crowd was gathering around someone. I cleared the crowd and saw Neha she had breathed her last. On the spot she was dead, the car which was at uncontrollable speed ran over her, I could see that because her legs were displaced from the torso area. I fell down on my knees and looked at her unshut eyes, her eyeballs slowly fading away. I couldn’t believe what I did.

Prabhakar Ji listening to Sunny felt really heavy inside his heart. Sunny stopped for a while as he sobbed. Sunny speaks as he sobs “At 10:00 same night, I got a call from Dad that mom faced an accident and she was burnt inside the car. She was declared dead at 10:05. My friends didn’t speak for a while didn’t even meet me after the funeral. I saw Neha’s dad unbearably crying near the altar and burning the appointment letter of her college. My dad started drinking a lot and was always crying alone. He would stay alone and even I didn’t speak to him for a while. One night as he was drinking and coughed, so I came and calmed him down. He held my hand and said “Son, we take lives, time, and humans so much for granted right. I should have known that your mother was in so much pain even being alive because of me. I didn’t think that I had a family to take care of. Son, I am so sorry about Neha. I understand that it’s hard for you with this emotional burden. The only thing that I want to say is now please hold on to the people with emotions because that’s what real success is. Any work that doesn’t involve you at a personal level will only make you arrogant of its fruit. You have to speak your heart when it’s necessary we cannot live for ourselves we cannot take anyone for granted we are humans and someone expects just emotions that not wrong, you need to fulfill that of your loved ones. Please don’t take anyone for granted, please.”

I cried hearing him like this, gaining some strength I replied: “I never took anyone for granted dad, not even you, I just became you for a while.”

Sunny sees Prabhakar ji and says “You know every day I just wish that I got that moment again, I would have stopped myself from pushing her, I would have stopped myself from betraying my friends who believed in me. I would have stopped so many things and have told her, that how much I loved her, it was me who was at fault, I just wish that I could have, I could have” sunny sobbed unbearably.

As he kept his head down, Neha kept her hand on his shoulder. Even she cried, but to the reality, the time had passed, he didn’t have Neha to hear his reasons neither Neha couldn’t tell hers. Prabhakar Ji saw them both, Neha looked at him and stood up. Only he could see her. Then Prabhakar Ji removed his note and started writing again. As he was writing Neha came close to him and said “How is life is so unfair, even I wish that I was alive again just to hold him.” Prabhakar Ji looked at her and continued writing the note then there was a flash that brought to the night when this happened.


Sunny’s mom and dad were sitting and eating their dinner. Then her dad began a conversation “Tomorrow we have to go to a party ok, I told you right.” Mom said, “yes I remember.” She wanted to tell him about her reports that she had gone to the doctor but he was only talking about the party and what to wear and what to do. Then he mentioned, “Ah you see Mishra ji is also coming for the party so, try to impress by some talking so that we get shares around get it?”. Then mom said “Mishra Ji Ohh he is a bit he touches me in a wrong manner. I don’t like that guy since our last meeting.” Dad replied “I don’t give a heck about it; I care about my job and prestige for this silly thing? Are you nuts some touching it’s ok although I don’t know what did he saw in you? Like see your hair it’s getting old and white and you will come like this to my party? I mean look at you, you getting all fat and looking so old and weak already do something about it you have to be attractive if you want to be staying like my wife.” This was the limits and mom got all sane and burst out “Do you know I am suffering from mild chest pains? Did you know I have a weak heart due to excessive consumption of alcohol just for you? You are just a disgrace to be a husband and as a father taking your family for granted.” He was embarrassed and looked around, people sitting who were sitting there were looking at them. He got annoyed and got up from the chair and went to the bathroom frowning. Even she couldn’t sit in such a condition and she snatched the car keys from the table and came out of the restaurant. Dad was washing his face and realized in what all ways he had promised her a good life and this work has made him such a monster. He made up his mind and wanted to say sorry to her. As he came out, he saw that she was gone and asked the waiter that where did she go? He replied she just lashed out with the keys. He remembered that she has said that she was suffering from a heart condition and at this time it’s not safe to drive. He tried to catch an auto but none stop. As she was speeding down-home, she had no control over her driving then she started to get mild chest pain. That pain became unbearable and she couldn’t see properly on the road. As she turned towards the apartment the pain became unbearable and she realized it was a heart attack. Instead of putting the legs on the break, she pressed the accelerator and the car was in top speed and uncontrollable. In front, Sunny and Neha were having a spat and he had pushed her on the road. He saw the car but couldn’t recognize it was his mom. The car turned right and ran over Neha. Due to the impact of the dash, she suffered immense pain in the chest and she was slowly passing out. As her vison was fading, she banged her car into the truck which was moving in front. The whole car burnt down with her.

Prabhakar Ji finished writing the note and Neha saw what had hit her, she was shocked. He tore the note and handed it over to her, next second, she vanished. Prabhakar Ji kept the book inside his pocket, just then Hansel barged inside the park and saw Sunny cry. He sat with him and hugged him tightly. After that Anvi and Sunaina also entered the park and grouped around Sunny and Hansel. As he walked outside the park, Prabhakar Chatterjee ‘THE GOD’ vanished.

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