Drashti Badheka

Abstract Romance


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Romance

Magical Butterfly

Magical Butterfly

3 mins

The clock ticking at 8 am, the silence in the empty room started comforting her. The soothing fresh air caused goosebumps. Every breath that she inhaled made her cheeks turn pink indicating blush which lightened her soft pale skin glowing like lighting. The fluffy cotton balls on the sky flying their endless journey which was clearly outside the wooden framed window. A few small bunches of mountains visible at a distant, beautifully longing to stay. The house shared the space with one of the mountains which ranged over the area. She was sitting near the window, hiding her thoughts, mixing calmness in the air. Suddenly, she spoke to herself,

"Heart is what I need, love is what I seek, 

Dear mountains, couldn't I get a companion for me? "

The mountains, however, never spoke but have seen this girl grew from a toddler. Having known her for a while, they know how much compassion and love she desires. When they first met her she was just a few months old, handled by an old man, who died when she entered adolescence. Afterward, she started talking to her surroundings as if they might be listening to her, we are too, one of them. But, today, she lay in silence which is uncomforting. The trees and the plants, the flowers and the bees, the mountains, and the deep sky, all looking at her with concern.

I, like air, went beside her, to make her smile.

"Happiness is an illusion, so sadness is too.

Loneliness is alone, while alone is never lonely,

How can alone be lonely when 'lone' has 'al' with it,

Here I solely say, you have you with you, like I, the air has been with me."

She looked at me with an utter surprised face, the topez eyes were filled with tears,

"I know, here I sit with me, but for whom should I wait for?

Now, what's the use of my name, as there's no one to call me. 

Now, for whom I will prepare tea or for whom I will prepare food?

You all are as lifeless as my life is right now,

There's no goal or no aim.

What's my existence now? "

She spoke knowing there is no one to hear her. Hearing her voice, all became concerned but suddenly, a butterfly came near her,

"Butter is my name as Divya is yours,

I heard what you said, what you wished for,

So I came near you, bringing your companion,

She will stay beside you, as a blessing from flowers, take care of her as you have wished for,

Here, she comes when I get disappeared,

She is my feather and calls herself an angel"

As soon as she spoke to Divya, the beautiful butterfly started emitting blue lights within her. A girl with blue eyes and brown bronze hair appeared in front of her, she was much elder than Divya, and then, she took Divya in her arms and told her.

"I am with you now, until forever"

So as magic continuous on the hills of this range where love is the only treasure which we get.

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