Drashti Badheka

Fantasy Romance


Drashti Badheka

Fantasy Romance

Lion Women

Lion Women

5 mins

The lightest among the darkest night has been waiting for my presence, the plan was bonfire and camping. The dark clouds overpowering the few sparkles left behind the sun. The noise of waves from the ocean was clearly edible, making my stomach flip. I started my trail towards the camp, drash came along to get hold of my waist. I looked towards him, trying to get enough of him. His crooked smile appeared, making me skip my beat.

"You are afraid of going, aren't you? " 

He asked, his face lighten with humour.

"I guess, I am amusing you."

"Your cheeks are red with blush, and surely I am loving that. "

He took my chin and left a kiss on my forehead, and then, pressed me through his chest. I put my arms around him, though my mind couldn't get along to take a step further towards bonfire.

"Everything will be fine, they'll like you, trust me"

What could I say now, meeting his family for the first time, I just have to trust him. 

We went towards the small group encircling the woods which was yet so brown and wet, guess the rain didn't help it to dry. An old man, nearly of age 65, set on the chair placed near the circle, as if the chief of group, and darsh's grandfather. He contains royalty in its posture that gave the feel of head of the group. Besides him, was darsh's father, too young to call a father who had same features as darsh, besides the swollen eyes, and lines around his cheeks, but that didn't took away charm of his face, he was along with his wife, darsh's mother, who has perfect pair of round big eyes just like his son, might he has inherited it from her and wide face with a smile that flourish pink blush across her face, she was a delight to watch. As soon as, her eyes flickered over us, she became extremely delighted, and walked towards us, Darsh kept me besides him and we walked towards them,

"Mrisha, welcome dear, we are so happy that you came here. "

I blushed as she hugged me, and took me towards others. There were some other cousins of darsh that just arrived here to spend the night, just like a family time. 

"It's my pleasure to be here, I guess I am loving it already. "

She was quite happy with me, I must say , I have no idea what I have done to make her so happy but I liked it in a way.

"Grandfather is going to tell us some stories, so you go and sit over the rock that placed besides your cousin's."

She point us out and we went towards it, at once all were silent. The rock we set on was so comfortable that I first thought it would be something else, the bonfire was lighten, the stars countless high up sparkling, the waves just likes pearls moving and darsh besides me, it was one of the night that I can't forget. 

Grandfather started the story,

"We are descended from the warriors that fought for the protection of our people, royalty is in our blood but royalty brings responsibility to die for people. We don't believe in mythology but once there were some mythical creatures that roam on earth, and yet, I would say our great fathers has fought with them for protection of the people. But the story that I am going to tell is not about the great fights our fathers fought. One of our great father was Abhimanyu who had 5 wives and those wives had 2 childrens each. But, the hero of this story is a women who used to work for his one of the wives. "

The grandfather had speech just as he had lived through this. His command had a strong reflection of a great warrior who was still ready to fight for people. It just makes the story more real from his speech.

He continued,

"Once, our village was attacked by huge lions, who had the capability to kill whole village at once. They were not just lions but something about them was magical. They were in a group of 3 and had blues eyes, huge fur hang above their heads but when they stood their height has to be as big as giraffe. They were not just animal but some mythical creatures roam on earth. They killed every single thing who came in their way. It spread great fear among the people, they weren't able to get out their houses. Abhimanyu send his 2 of the children with some guards to track them down but they never returned. Abhimanyu understand he have to plan something to track them down. So he made a plan to lure them out of forest by keeping a goat for them and attack, but only 2 of them appeared and got killed. 1 was still roaming around and was sharp enough to kill whole village. The plan they executed cleared that other 2 were just follower of the one who didn't appear. That night, the lion attacked on the village and killed everybody, the guards and whole village was killed by a single lion. He was crossing all the boundaries to reach near Abhimanyu. Now, only 2 wives, Abhimanyu, their children and the women who worked for his wives were alive. The lion appeared near them, they were all terrified but Abhimanyu decided that he will fight at the end of his breath and will save his wives and children. They were locked in a room except for working women and Abhimanyu . Abhimanyu fought bravely trying hard to kill the lion but lion didn't gave him time to attack. Women was watching the fight between the king and lion, and lion was about to eat the king when the women came in front of him, took the sword and cut a wound in her hand, the blood started coming out of her hand, the lion cannot resist the smell and went towards to women, while our king push the sword onto mythical creature heart. His blood pouring out from his body which was sparkling blue in color. The women took her own life to save his king and his wives. And, she was forever remembered in our memories as lion women. "

My eyes had become wet from the chill of the story.

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