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Freda Francisca Noronha

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Freda Francisca Noronha

Abstract Tragedy Others

Lesson Changed My Thinking...

Lesson Changed My Thinking...

3 mins

Life teaches us a new lesson each day. Yes, I believe and I know it's true as I have faced it. Who knew such a pandemic would arise. I was so happy that this year would bring in happiness, happiness that I have been longing for all these years.

But I don't know what to say, whether it's my bad luck or my destiny. Happiness is playing a hide and seek game with me. I get a slight reason to be happy and then something happens and I am back to where I started.

I guess I must be a curse or an unlucky thing or else why is it that life has been unjust to me. I agree that there are problems in everyone's life but it's not that they are always sad.

See today I am in the same pathetic state that I was some years ago. I am in the same state where I don't know if I should spend or save. I have been working like all my coulleges but my situation and theirs is totally different.

We do the same amount of work, same efforts, same timings. But you know what is different? It's salary. I am on a temporary basis and they are permanent. They get a monthly payment and I have to wait till my salary is credited. 

What difficult times, everyday life is unpredictable. But I don't know where to head, what to do. I am scared if my savings are over how to manage things; what to do? Each day is a nightmare, no proper solution for my situation. 

Whom do I consult, who can help me out. I can't discuss my problem with anyone, as a friend today might be an enemy tomorrow. I have seen that some people are so good in bluffing people, but I can't do the same. They might succeed in achieving what they want but I can't live in guilt. 

I know I am not the one alone who's facing problems, there might be many having more problems than me. I know, I am blessed to be still working, as many have lost their jobs. There are many who can't even afford a single meal.

Our places of worship remain close but gadgets have opened our doors to deepen our faith. Many families have come close. People have realized that relationships are more important than our differences. 

I too have seen and learned a lot. Be it the importance of forgiving or being forgiven. Yes, our grudges will remain, but what's the point when the person being alive is not forgiven. At the end it's our wish to ask for pardon. A chance to undo the wrong or maybe at least say what you want to say before you leave. As journey once ends up you can't return back to say what you ought to say. I may have a little bit with me but least I have it. That is what that matters, rest is meaningless...

This pandemic has taught us a great, big lesson. It has taught us what is important in life. If people are losing lives due to poverty then the rich have not been spared by this pandemic. All the frontline workers, doctors, nurses, medical representative have done all that they could, and are still doing. Let's not forget this, let's not forgo this...

I have immense faith on God, he is my provider. I know he knows me and sees me through, definitely, I'll sail this pandemic too. And in the same way, God will heal each and every one. He will save us by eradicating this pandemic. 

Lockdown was for humans but humanity still prevails in us. Let us contribute in a way we can, if not financially then at least through ways we can do it. Be in touch with one another through social media but make sure we lessen anxiety and depression this pandemic has created.

Lockdown has taught us this lesson, let's make good use of it.... 

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