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Anu Menon

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Julie The FireFox

Julie The FireFox

3 mins

One day, on the 28th of July, Mama and Papa fox had a baby and they invited all the animals in the field to show them. There were bunnies, rabbits, frogs, fishes, owls, parrots, and all sorts of unharmful creatures. They all voted that the baby's name should be Julie.

A clever frog had a little prediction that Julie would grow up to be a very rude and mean fox so he told everyone in the field about his prediction. The animals heard, complained, and went away from the fox's house. Mama fox tried to stop them but she was too late, all she could see were the animals long shadows disappearing across the sunset. She gave a little sob and went back to her house.

A few years past and Julie was four years old now. She was old enough to leave her house and have a little adventure around the big field. She did not want to play alone. Julie knocked on all the doors she could reach but each time she knocked, there was no reply. She knocked on the last door. There was the sound of footsteps and she saw an eye peeping through the peep-hole but for 'some reason' the Frog did not open the door. Julie lost all hope, she went back home. 

“Mama,” said Julie “Why didn't Uncle Frog and the other animals open the door?” 

Mama Fox replied trying to make an excuse to cover the truth “Because.... They are Hibernating.” 

“Hibernating? I thought they only hibernate in winter. Besides I saw Uncle at the peep-hole.” said confused Julie.

“They are sleeping now,” said Mama fox in a kind voice. 

Julie was still confused but she obeyed her mother.

The next day she went to the houses again but this time earlier than yesterday. She knocked on a few houses and then went to Uncle Frog's house but this time, she only saw a glance of his Sophisticated Plaid Shirt.  She went back home disappointed. This time mama said they went on Vacation.

 Mrs. Bunnies' house was last. This time because Uncle Frog moved his house to a very strange place called Frog's Fletinder but Julie was not allowed to go there as

It was too far. It was only for frogs. When Julie knocked on the Bunnies house, the door flew wide open. She saw a curved figure.

 “Don't hurt me, please,” said Bun Bun. 

“I won't. I promise!” said Julie. 

The bunny came out. 

“Wanna be friends?” asked Bun Bun who could not spell 'r' yet. 

“Sure!” said Julie.“ Finally, someone wants to be friends with me.” thought Julie.

Five hours past and it was 7:30 pm but Julie did not return yet for dinner. Mama Fox got worried.

She went to search for Julie. While at the Bunnies house Julie was busy asking Bun Bun if they were hibernating, sleeping, or on Vacation. 

Bun Bun replied with a confident 'no'.

Julie was confused why did Mama tell those things if they were not true.

Mama arrived with a relieved look on her face.

Julie looked a little mad “Mama You lied to me?”h

Mama gave a sigh, and then she said “Yes, I did.”


“I did not want you to know.”

“Did not want me to know what?”

“That no one likes you.”

“Bun Bun does. She is my true friend.”

“Yea Yea I do.” joined Bun Bun.

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