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Harihar Pai

Comedy Fantasy

If I Were A Superhero

If I Were A Superhero

3 mins

The superhero has some superpowers. If I had some of the below superpowers, I would have used it innovatively.

The best power is Telekinesis. Moving objects from one place to another, using mental power. I am too bored to reach up for remote control when I am watching my favorite cricket match. Getting a water bottle from the kitchen. Getting a coffee mug from the office pantry. Newspaper from outside, etc. All the problems will be solved by Telekinesis.

Next power is time stopping. I would freeze time, if my manager is coming near my seat before I complete my job. In the morning when the alarm rings at 5:30, I would have frozen time for another hour so I can sleep well.

The best power is flying high like superman. I can reach my office, which is 25 km, within seconds. But flying into Bangalore has its risks. If I fly low I will be stuck in electricity cables. If I fly high, I will be stuck in congested air traffic and if I fly in between air is so polluted. I will have to wear a mask.

Telepathy or mind control is a very useful power. I would have convinced my manager to give me a good hike this time. The office security guard to leave me inside when I forget my id. The possibilities are endless. How about the coffee with the Prime Minister Of India? I am not sure if we can control his mind, even with this power.

Next comes the super strength. I have already shifted my house 4 times to avoid traffic. When my office changes, I shift my house nearby. Next time I don't have to spend on movers. I will upload and unload all the items myself.

Teleportation, the power to move from one place to another. I will complete my long term dream of visiting 30 countries. It would not take me more than 30 days and yes, I don't require any VISA. I can move to the cinema halls, pubs, stadiums, museums without any ticket. I will be in demand with spy agencies.

I like Spiderman very much. He has one power, which is super senses. He can hear someone walking at a far distance. Even the flying sound of a bee. If he was in Bangalore, he would have surely died with sound pollution. This power is more of a bane than a boon for me. I have a migraine problem and require proper sleep. This power would disturb my sleep forever, resulting in constant headaches.

One thing common with all the superheroes is they use the same clothes every day. This will save time and laundry bills.

There are endless possibilities of being a superhero. But the question is who will give the superpowers?

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