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Swapnil Kamble



Swapnil Kamble


I Am Human

I Am Human

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I am human. I am a citizen of India. I am not a criminal. I am a farmer in this nation. I am a voter. I am requesting you to treat me as one citizen of the nation. I am not feeling that I am living in a democracy.

Even I am a part of the nation. Everywhere lying scattered heart, heartbreak, houses by the infected mind, a house of dung piles. They don't have care for others. They dug up money. Collect money through gambling and smuggling people. Even though they are respected people in society. They get tax free. They get an exception from everything. They don't steal heart, but they Rob heart of humanity.

They aren't afraid of God. They don't measure good and had. They make themselves slaves of their own. They are affluent. Spend lavishly money on a party, marriage ceremony. But even they do scare of small ants. They loot and Rob our freedom and generosity.

They do come and wear disguise faces of royal people. Donate both hands open-heartedly. They double their amount through a finance company.

First, they soothe our sorrow, condolence. They show you a crocodile eye. Then we bow before them. Then we melt before them. Bend before them. Put them on our house wall their photo as' caretaker' framed them as our God messenger.

They open a small finance company to respect for drought-affected farmers. And filled loan forms and thumbed on stamp paper. Then they recover the double amount from us. If we are unable to pay the principal loans, they send extortion people or goons to collect money. They threaten our family.

Then they sealed our land and house. They stamped us as' loan defaulter' 

A farmer could not repay the loan, they hanged themselves and poisoned themselves.

Then the drought-affected committee established by them. Look into the matter seriously. They take the chance of the situation.

They charge a double amount what actual they paid the farmer. Then they're represented send to chief to loan waiver committee. And waive over who has committed suicide.

Who gets profit from? The farmer or small finance company, money lender or drought-affected farmers.

They confiscate land. They bully them they torch them. Create a 'pay or die' situation.

Finance gives loan half what sanctioned by committee. By thumbing or signature on stamp paper, they don't know the intention of finance giving loans behind.

A farmer does not read the paper. And blindly signed and thumbed up a paper. Financer doubled principle and interest. they forged loan paper and send to sanction to loan waiver authority. 

Fiancée gets triple profit and returns the money. Who lost their property is farmers often all. He hanged himself and poisoned. The family lost bread earner.

Again, a new finance company establishes and bribe farmers to take a loan without interest. They well up money by establishing plan finance in every drought-affected village. Fraud them. Confiscate land in every nook and corner.

Salute to a farmer.

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