Rushika Shirish

Comedy Drama Romance


Rushika Shirish

Comedy Drama Romance

Hyunjae/Eric FF (TBZ)

Hyunjae/Eric FF (TBZ)

5 mins

Chapter - 5

Sangyeon's POV-

"Sangyeon-ah!" our manager Hyung called me up in the morning. "Yes Hyung?" I said rubbing my eyes. It was around six in the morning when he called me up and asked all the members to meet in the studio.

We reached the studios and saw him sitting in our practice room. "Hyung why did you call us here so early?" I asked as the other boys formed a circle around him. "How is the assistant manager doing her job?" he asked, "Oh Y/N noona, is great at her job!" Hwall exclaimed. "I want to know from the leader," he ordered. "Y/N is good at her job though she has just started and makes a little mistake, she is good at it." I explained and he nodded considering my point."Okay! So from today she is your official manager. Give her the news." he said and everyone smiled. "And you Hyung?" I asked. "I will take care of the new group. Don't worry we will keep on meeting." he smiled as he left.

Hyunjae's POV-

"Okay! So from today, she is your official manager. Give her the news." our manager said and a smile formed on my face. Not that that I did not like our manager, I was just happy that Y/N will get to stick around us more and I could spend more time with her. I smiled at that thought as Haknyeon spoke, "Let's give her a surprise!" and the boys agreed. "Let's call her and tell her to come here and then surprise," Sunwoo suggested. "I'll call her!" I volunteered. "No! I'll call her and tell her that there is an emergency. Hyung you help others to decorate the room and get something nice to eat and celebrate like a cake?" Juyeon said and I shook my head. "Where will you get a cake in the morning you silly?" I laughed. "We are going to practice now Hyung we will call her later." he laughed at me mockingly.

We practiced till 10:00 am and then we decided to take a break and decorate the studio. I decided to go to the cake shop with Younghoon and Jacob. "Which one should we buy?" Younghoon asked. "Chocolate? Don't all girls love eating chocolate?" Jacob Hyung suggested. "I'd say butterscotch she is different than then rest of the girls," I said eyeing the beautiful butterscotch cake. "It is because you like that flavor?" Younghoon nudged me. "We finished buying and went back to the studio. The studio was already we decorated and I looked at Juyeon who had his phone in his hand. Honestly, I wanted to call her instead of Juyeon, I am anyways better at acting than he is, but I let him do that since I didn't want to look desperate. 

We all gathered around him as he called. The ring went off and Y/N picked up the phone "Hmm...hello?" she said sleepily I found it cute so giggled getting death glares from different members. "Y/N YOU NEED TO COME TO THE STUDIOS RIGHT NOW! WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY!" Juyeon yelled in the phone and I facepalmed myself again. He hung up the phone immediately without waiting for a reply. 

Y/N's POV-

I got sick worried and I shook Y/S/N, "Get up get up!" I said shaking her, she opened her eyes drowsily "What?", "I need to get to the studios Juyeon said there's an emergency," I said finding my coat. "What?" her eyes shot open. "I'll come with you," she said. "No, you stay here if it is something big I don't want you to get in trouble," I suggested. "I am coming!" she said already heading out of the house.

We reach the studios and I ran towards the practice room. "No one's here." Y/S/N said. "Wait I'll call Sangyeon," I suggested. **POP** confetti came out from both sides of the room and as I entered THE BOYZ had already decorated the room. "What is going on here?" I asked with wide eyes. "Where is Juyeon?" I asked as my eyes landed on him and I rushed to him. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" I asked hurriedly as he smiled. He put a hand on my shoulder and made me turn "Congratulations Noona you are our official manager from now on." Sunwoo said as Q came with a cake in his hand. My eyes teared as I watched all this. It meant so much to me. Y/S/N came and hugged me, "I told you it was worth a shot." she smiled and winked. "Oh this is her favorite flavor." she said "Who bought it?" she asked looking at everyone. "Hyunjae Hyung made that choice," Eric replied as he looked at Y/S/N lovingly, I knew he was very interested in her and it was kind of cute. "How do you know it is my favorite?" I asked Hyunjae who had a look of surprise on his face. "Well I just thought you'd like that better than chocolate," he explained and shrugged. I grinned and punched him playfully. "Thank, you guys! You all are the best and I promise to work hard for you all." I said. 

Later we sat and enjoyed for a day and I gave the members a break for they have been practicing hard. "We leave the day after tomorrow, are you all excited?" I asked and everyone nodded. "Let's work hard you all!" I smiled at them. "I guess you will be good at your job." Hyunjae gave me a reassuring smile as if he read the nervousness behind my words. "I will if you all keep listening to me." I laughed. "I will make them listen to you if they don't." he laughed.

~Timeskip to the day of the tour~

"Packed everything?" I asked Y/S/N and she nodded. "Excited to spend some time with Eric?" I nudged her and she laughed shaking her head. "I am more excited to explore New York." she said, "With Eric," I added. "You have been teasing me a lot. Someone knows your favorite cake flavor and you're teasing me," she said as I blushed. "It was a coincidence!" I said throwing a pillow at her as she rolled her eyes. "Anyways you wouldn't want to miss the flight let's leave!" she said taking her bags.

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