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Bumping Into The Jerk (Mingyu FF)

Bumping Into The Jerk (Mingyu FF)

5 mins


Y/N's POV-

I finally landed in New York, I was kind of excited but the excitement wore off when my called. Yes, I was on a trip in New York but I was on a work trip! I rolled my eyes as I picked up the call and informed my boss that I have landed in New York. While I was in the taxi I sent my best friend, back from college, a quick text telling I am in her city and that we should meet up. Jess was part Korean and part American but she did her degree course from London and that's how we became friends. I almost immediately received a call from her. "Hey!!! I am so excited to meet you!! It's been so long!!!" she squealed from behind the phone. "Hello to you Jess!!!" I smiled. We decided to spend the two days that I was in New York together and hence I decided to crash at her place for the days I was in her city. 

Jess was an interviewer for the Korean idols you visited America for award shows or their concerts so she was always busy and surrounded with famous people. I reached her house and found a key under the door mat. "Typical Jess!" I smiled to myself as I inserted the key and it clicked opening the door to her house. Since I was alone I decided to drop by her company. 

I took a shower, got fresh and changed into new clothes. I booked a cab and reached her company. I asked around for her and finally found the room she was in. "Jess!" I smiled knocking on the door and opening it to see a group of men sitting there. "Umm...Oops!" I bowed and backed away. "Y/N???" I heard Jess. "JESS!" I grinned as she tackled me in a bear hug. "Aw I missed you!" she said. "I missed you too!!" I said. "And I got you coffee!" I added. "Come on in!" she pulled me in the same room I knocked and smiled to the men sitting there. "Guys, meet my best friend Y/N, Y/N meet Seventeen, I am interviewing them today." she introduced and I greeted them smiling. 

All of them greeted me one by one except one. He was the tallest of all with a baby face, his black bangs fell upon his forehead almost effortlessly and his voice was completely opposite of what he looked like, it was deep yet soothing. "Ummm...He is Mingyu!" S.coups who was apparently the leader introduced him, Mingyu gave me a cold look before getting up and walking away. "Um..I guess he is not fond of me." I laughed awkwardly. "He is not like that usually." Joshua gave me a nervous smile and I nodded. 

Mingyu's POV-

We were all sitting, waiting for Jess to come back and start with our interview. We were sitting and discussing about how to go about with the interview when we heard a knock on the door and a girl peeped in smiling. "Jess!" she said and looked at us. She looked embarrassed as a blush crept on her cheeks and her went wide. At that moment I smiled to myself, I haven't seen anything as cute as that. "Umm...Oops!" she apologised bowing and shut the door. 

A few minutes later Jess came back dragging someone behind her. It was the same girl as earlier. She was actually really pretty now that I have a good look of her. Her hair fell right on her shoulders and she wore a cute floral short dress. "Guys meet my best friend Y/N, Y/N meet Seventeen, I am interviewing them today." Jess introduced. She greeted us with a smile and I froze. She is already growing on me, "Wait...Is this love at first sight? Wait...Is this my first love?" a series of thoughts started rushing into my head. Everyone greeted her and she looked at me waiting for me to introduce myself to her. I gave her a blank look and suddenly got up to leave. 

"Wow! What is happening to me?" I said looking in the mirror of the washroom. "Mingyu-ya it's time for the interview." Dokyeom informed. I shook all the thoughts aside and took three deep breaths as I got out of the washroom. "Why did you runaway like that?" DK frowned. "I-I don't know." I stuttered. "Y/N already might think you are rude." he informed. "Ohh..Yeah well! I am!" I said as I walked off. I heard Dokyeom calling for me but I didn't stop. 

At the interview, I saw Y/N behind the camera smiling at Jess as she winked. "You go girl!" she cheered grinning, my heart melted right at that moment. "All the best guys!" she wished us. At the entire interview she was right there and I felt a sudden boost in my confidence, maybe it was because I wanted her attention or maybe it was because of her presence that I wanted to do extra good at the interview. After the interview Seungkwan asked if we all can meet up tomorrow for lunch or something because we would be leaving after that. 

"Ohh sure!!" Jess smiled. "We'd like it if you join us too Y/N." Vernon smiled. "Oh well! I would love to but I am not sure." she smiled tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Not sure?" Hoshi frowned. "I am on a business kind of trip," she explained. "Ohh! We still hope if you can join us." Woozi smiled as she nodded. "I will definitely try." she reassured. 

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