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Smruthika Vilayanoor

Comedy Drama Fantasy


Smruthika Vilayanoor

Comedy Drama Fantasy

Hunting Chaos

Hunting Chaos

2 mins

(End of school at Greenwater High)

Principal Kendall: Attention students! Your 'hunting for monsters session has begun. Now, Anna, Mike, Christy. Please report to my office now. Came the dreaded announcement.

Anna (POV): We're so dead!

Mike (POV): I know! What did we do?!

Christy (POV) Don't worry, we'll be there for each other. If you didn't know, they could mind read. 

Soon they were all nervously standing in front of Mr.Kendall, who was...weirdly eyeballing them. His red hair and snake green eyes could frighten the wits out of anyone!

Without a word, he motioned for his special box, which floated towards him and opened up... The Stokelisia Badges. These badges were made out of student's powers,( before we continue, let me list our trio's powers. Anna had the power of rainbows, Mike had Ice, and Christy had invisibility and electricity.)and were considered precious.

Mike, like the baby he is, grabbed his badge and took off running like a maniac. And can you blame him? This is Kendall we're talking about!

Christy: Thank you, sir! We will be the best monster hunters Greenwater High has ever had! Anna nodded and grabbed Christy and ran out of the room.

After teasing Mike about it, they headed to the academy's power jet.

Christy: Okay, according to my calculations, we should arrive at Saneteet Forest at exactly seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds.

 Now it was Mike's turn to tease, "Nerd!" He yelled. A spooky glance from Christy shut him up.

As soon as they reached Saneteet Forest, they parked their jet and rummaged through their backpacks.

Anna: Found it! Wait, no, not that...Ahah! Found it! You do the honors, Mike! She said while handing the gunto a very confused Mike.

Mike: How do you use it?

Anna: Simple! Click that button near the trigger when you see the monster.

Mike: Sure! I just hope I don't shoot myself in the face. 

Christy: Sure you did! Remember the Meringue Pie Spell incident?

Anna: Anyways we have to go save the mo-


Trio: AAAHHHH!!!!


Mike, in a panic, accidentally hit the explode trigger. (May I also add that there were no bullets int There? Without that, they couldn't tranquilize the monster.

They all started coughing, for there was a lot of dust. Instead of the monster's roar, all they heard now was a rumbling of rocks.

Anna: Uh oh...

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