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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Smruthika Vilayanoor

Children Stories


Smruthika Vilayanoor

Children Stories

The Wishing Tree [NOT!]

The Wishing Tree [NOT!]

3 mins

'Woah! Nicky! Check this out!' Christy yelled to her friend Nikhil. The tall, blonde hair girl was ecstatic! She and her parents moved to India a few months before the pandemic. In the small town of Kasauli, there wasn't much hustle like a city, so it was mostly boring.

The girl stared in awe as Nikhil approached her. He was a dark, slim boy. He was used to Christy and thought of her as a sister. Finally, when Nikhil saw what Christy was looking at, he was spellbound! It was a HUGE Banyan tree, with massive branches sticking out like sun rays.

'Let's climb it!' exclaimed Nikhil.

'A-are you sure about t-that?' murmured Christy.

'Come on scaredy-cat! There's nothing to be afraid of!' Teased Nikhil

As soon as they reached the top [Christy shaking like a tree during a storm] they were completely blown away. Here, they could see huge mountains, vast forests, and...a castle?!

'Christy! Why do I see a castle? Did they build one?!' GASP!

'Where?' asked Nicky, confused.

'Relax! This is a Xertian tree. I read about this in a fantasy science book! It makes us hallucinate, see things we imagine! For example, I imagine a castle, so we see one! Ummm... okay, WHY DO I SEE A GIANT WALKING PENCIL?!' she said.

'Well, I did that. Sorry. But, we need a cool name for the tree! You can do the honors, Christy! After all, you were the one who discovered it!' Nicky suggested.

'I guess we can call it the wishing tree! Even though it doesn't grant wishes... but you get the point,' said Christy

'Sure! So let's imagine a new universe! Where we can get away from the pandemic. Let's call it...Xertia!'

' Sure, so lets dream of an evil giant with a...' Nikhil continued.

'Giant sword! And he tries to turn Xertia into a huge wasteland so he can build a mansion!' Christy exclaimed.

'Great! So we will need-' Nikhil was interrupted.

'HEY! YOU KIDS! GET OFF ME TREE!' a voice thundered.

Christy could see who it was. Bandae, the Headman of the village. He always got his way, as he was filthy rich. Nicky and Christy thought he was a big baby, throwing a tantrum when he didn't get his way.

'Pff... Yeah right fatto!' Yelled Christy, looking at his round, seemingly bottomless tummy.

'Yeah! We know you'll cut the tree to make room for fields, where you can use the villagers as slaves!' said Nikhil, when he remembered how hard his parents worked before they quit the job.

'Grrrr... YOU BLASTED KIDS!!! I'll get my lawyers to sue you SO MUCH UNTIL YOU TUMBLE DOWN AND-' Bandae yelled, along with some other nasty words which could get your mouth washed out with soap. Yikes!

'Psst...Christy! Catch!' said Nicky as he threw a bunch of green paper with scribbles all over it. He immediately winked, and Christy understood.

Both of them threw down the paper onto his head [he's STILL screaming?!] and he yelped up in pain. They did on purpose or an accident. We will never know!

'Oooohhh! Money!' He said, diving into some mud to find it. When he realized it flew away, the lazy miser followed suit.

'Well! That's the last we'll hear of him!' Said Christy.

'Good riddance!' They said in a chorus.

And that's where we leave them! Forever happily enjoying life in Kasauli, in the beautiful branches of the wishing tree...


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