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Vaanya Tewathia

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Vaanya Tewathia

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Hobbies and Hidden talents: Lockdown update

Hobbies and Hidden talents: Lockdown update

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Lockdown: Bored yet?

Me: Me, bored? Never! (well, not really..) ;-) 


Lockdown gave us so much free time, like never before. I’m sure most of us out there get bored all the time. It takes time to adapt to such a major change in the environment. I prepared a time management table to avoid confusion, to invest time judiciously and to help maintain a daily routine for proper balance. Here are some hobbies from my tables:

I was sitting idle most of the time. Then I opened doors to new hobbies and hidden talents. I personally love crafting. So, I decided to brighten up the blank photo frames, make a DIY bookmark, start doodling and filling my sketchbook with all sorts of crafts.

 I would eat lunch after the classes, finish my homework, play or do some physical activity, and then sit down with a craft planned for each alternate day.

Another hobby was reading and writing. During lockdown, the best routine to cheer me up was one with plenty time for reading novels and writing stories of my own. I even composed 3 new poems! I never realised I had enough time for so much love towards literature. I would read after dinner and write in the evening when I wasn’t crafting. I recently read about Greek mythology: books by Rick Riordan, Shadowhunters: by Cassandra Clare and explored numerous book genres like adventure, humor, fantasy/supernatural, thriller, mystery and many interesting others.

I enjoy trying out new, simple recipes too. I have already learnt how to make biscuit sandwiches, garlic bread, bread pizza, maggi, pasta, sandwiches and I contribute in household help also. I guess I’m going through a ‘foodie’ phase. Now only did I realise I had a hidden master chef inside!

As for more hidden talents, I recently discovered I can dance pretty well! I used to map out all these steps, go to an empty room, play the music loud and dance with all my heart, grooving with the tunes. Man, do I love music! It was a good exercise too!

Speaking of exercise, I just loved to wake up early daily and exercise in the cold wind! Nah, I made that up. You know those cozy mornings where you just can't get up? Well then, who cares about exercise? Like really? I'm pretty much NOT into it (no, really). But yeah, physical exercise was quite a problem during lockdown. Still, somehow, I managed to spend an hour or so on the terrace, playing. It's not like I can argue anyway...

I have indulged in these hobbies and used my time in productive, co-curricular development. Lockdown provided me with time to involve myself in daily, exciting hobbies. 

So, how are ya'll doing? 

Do share...

Stay tuned, Stay safe! Toodles (for now)...

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