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palak Inde



palak Inde


History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

7 mins 199 7 mins 199

Mehak and Meera were sisters. Mehak was 7 years elder than Meera. Both the sisters were talented. Mehak was really good at singing and writing. Meera was really good in her acting skills.

Mehak was struggling for becoming a singer. And God granted her wish. She was selected for a singing reality show and she emerged as first runner-up. Since then, she got popularity and her parents were really proud of her. She got name and fame at the young age of 21. Soon, she started getting offers for playback singing. Her career got some pace.

Most of the struggling singers were jealous of her. Everyone thought it was her luck. Mehak used her good looks, she had no talent.

Meera was always fascinated by her fame. She thought to follow her sister's footsteps. Meera was good in her academics. She was renowned as the topper.

Life was going smooth for their family until one bad day snatched their happiness.

Mehak was invited for the music awards as she was nominated for one of her songs. Meera joined her there. Although Meera was in her teens, it was Mehak's decision to take Meera along with her. Meera was surprised when she saw the glamour industry. They enjoyed the function. Even Mehak won the award in the category, in which she was nominated. Their joy knew no bound. But, some of the people present there were not happy with her success. They envy her. One such name was Rohan Khanna. He was in the same reality show in which Mehak was the first runner up. Rohan was eliminated in the semi-finale only. He was always jealous of her. That award which she won, sparked the fire of revenge burning inside him. Rohan had planned something for Mehak. While leaving from the award show, Mehak forgot her mobile phone in the hall. She asked Meera to fetch her mobile phone. Meera went inside. Meanwhile, Mehak was crossing the road. Suddenly, a car bumped in her. And BOOM!!!

The road was bloodstained. Mehak was dying. As Meera came out, she searched for Mehak. She saw that Rohan was smiling weirdly at her but she ignored as she was in a jolly mood. She saw the rush. She had no idea that it could be Mehak. When she saw her lying on the road, blood-stained, her innocent mind was blanked. She immediately called the ambulance and managed to take her to the hospital. She immediately called her parents. It became the breaking news that she was hit by the car. Some told that it was just an accident while some news channel came with a report that it was planned. Nobody knew the truth except Meera. Mehak was undergoing treatment. Meera blamed herself why did she leave her alone.

Everyone was praying for Mehak's recovery.

After 2 days, the doctor called her parents in the office and informed them that Mehak's larynx was badly injured and it could not be recovered.

Her mother asked," so what's the issue doctor? Is she safe ?"

The doctor informed them," Yes Mam. She is safe but I m sorry. She lost her voice forever."

Mehak's parents were devastated. They didn't know how to tell Mehak this. How they gonna handle her? Meera listened to their conversation. Her tender mind couldn't bear the pain and she decided to take revenge. But, being with her sister was her priority. Meera decided to tell Mehak the truth. When Mehak became conscious, she was feeling weak and when she tried to open her mouth to speak, she felt pain in her throat. Soon, she realized she couldn't hear her own voice. Then, Meera told her. Mehak lost her consciousness that moment only. The doctor said that she couldn't tolerate but, she would adopt it soon. Their family became unstable. Both, emotionally as well as financially. Meera was the one who was strong through this period and stood like a stone. After two days, Meera disclosed the whole scenario to Mehak and told her who was the real culprit. Mehak got another shock. Mehak couldn't understand that somebody could even do such a shameful act. But, Mehak was mature enough. She felt pity for the guy. After that, the police came to have their statement. Both Mehak and Meera were there. Police ask the questions to Mehak and then the same questions were asked to Meera. When police asked Meera, did she had doubt on anybody, she was going to answer but she asked towards Mehak. Mehak nodded a no. Meera wondered why she didn't allow her to reveal the name. But, she kept silent. 

Mehak got discharged from the hospital. Both sisters learned sign language just to communicate well with each other. They both got some fluency after practicing a lot. Mehak was still hopeful for her career. Mehak focused on her writing passion and started her personal blog where she used to post some poetic lines and quotes on a regular basis.

Meera was totally changed after that incident. Meera was still seeking her chance to take her revenge on behalf of her sister. The doctor's words still echoed in her ears. She decided to work hard in the field of research and opt for medical lines. She worked really hard. After the hard work of 10 years, she got her degree of M.D. as an ENT doctor. Her family was proud of her. Only Mehak knew her true intentions. She was stepping ahead towards her goal. Mehak knew it but couldn't stop her. Meera got succeeded in making an artificial voice box, for the one who couldn't speak. She even got patent of it. Finally, Mehak could express her thoughts. This was the success of Meera.

Days passed and Meera became one of the leading ENT doctors of the country. One day, she was in the hospital, when she got an emergency case. She was already operating on somebody. When she came to knew that the patient's family wanted only her to treat the patient. She felt pleasure. But, she couldn't leave the patient in O.T. So, she requested another doctor to take over the emergency case and she will join them as soon as the surgery was over. The patient's family was quite adamant that they want the treatment only from Doctor Meera. Meera assured them that she will handle the patient. Meera completed the pending surgery in about half an hour and soon got ready to take another case. She asked the nurse to give her the details. After listening to the details she got a shock.

The patient was none other than Simran Khanna, sister of leading singer Rohan Khanna.

 She immediately called Rohan Khanna in her cabin. Everybody was a bit confused. They thought she should be there in the O.T. but why she called Rohan inside her cabin. She asked him some questions but every time Rohan pleaded her to treat his sister first.

She asked him," So Mr. Rohan, you are really close to your sister?"

"Yes, doctor. I m her brother. Please treat her soon. Please. I m begging you. I can't see her in pain. Please doctor save her. "

" Don't worry, she is stable now."

She asked him to tell her something about him. He told her the things but felt a bit awkward. She asked him, "Do you know Ms. Mehak ?"

"Mehak? Who? How do I know her? I don't know any Mehak ."

"Then, why are you sweating Mr. Khanna?"

"No doctor. I m alright."

I will tell you a story. Then tell me afterward.

"There were two girls. The elder sister was Mehak.........she lost her voice."

"Yes. I could recall something. This came into news about 11 years ago, I guess."

"You are right Mr. Khanna. You know what, we may know each other."

"What, how ...? I didn't even know who you are? Except that you are a doctor. "

"We met 11 years ago in that award show. "

He was still confused.

" I still don't remember the doctor. Could you please leave this and treat my sister. "

" Wait, Mr. Khanna. I will treat her. Another doctor is treating her. Do you know why I told you that story? You didn't ask me the name of a younger sister. It was Meera. "

Rohan got shocked till his nerves.

"What ??"

" Let's have a deal, Mr. Khanna. You just need to accept your crime and I will treat your sister."

"Which are you talking about ?"

"We both knew what I am talking about . Give me your confession, I will give you your sister. You know what, I could reveal your name to the police that very day when police came to record our statement. But, Mehak di stopped me and bound me. She didn't let me reveal your name. I was silent only because of her. History repeats itself. So here we are."

Rohan had no other option. He accepted her offer and accepted his crime. She left for the surgery. When she came out of the O.T. she told them that Simran was safe now. She saw the police. She knew what had happened behind her. She immediately dialed Mehak's number and told her,

" We won di. We won!!"

Mehak was sitting in front of the TV and came to knew what she had done. Tears of victory ran down her cheeks.

Police took Mr. Khanna in their custody.

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