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Punyasloke Bose



Punyasloke Bose


Hated By Some But Loved By Most

Hated By Some But Loved By Most

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I have had this strange quality of mine for a long time. From when and where I acquired this distinct characteristic, it's now difficult for me to recall. Who inspired me to behave in the way I do behave often becomes difficult for me to tell when someone wants to know. I have this habit of straight talk or #seedhibaat. Nothing stops me when I get a chance to tell all. For this strange quality of mine, I'm equally loved and hated by people close to me. 

My friends tell me that often it becomes difficult for them to speak the plain truth. They have to respect the sentiments of other people listening. The person on the other side may not always like to hear the plain truth. But I have never felt awkward to speak out the truth. I have never failed to call a spade a spade. 

As a kid, I heard a lot of stories from the epic Mahabharatha from my grandmother. My hero had become Yudhisthir the Pandava ruler and eldest of the five brothers. I loved his truthfulness. How by telling one lie his chariot which used to ride a few inches above the ground became grounded as a punishment for telling a lie. Probably I idolized him. 

This truthfulness became my core characteristic. Due to this many of my close acquaintances, my relatives loved me. At the same time, people who had vested interests hated or avoided me. Undeterred I just engaged in #seedhibaat. 

I remember once I was the reason for the argument between my parents. My father and I had come late to the house after watching a cricket match which my father had somehow withheld from telling. I let everyone know the reasons for our late coming. My mother had a big argument with my father. After this, my father always cautioned me what to say and what to withhold. But I ignored it with elan. My father then was careful of me. 

Once my mother had removed some money from my father's pant pockets and kept it hidden from him. I had a chance to take notice of it and let father know about it. My father praised my candidness and my mother just glared at me but could not say anything for fear of supporting misdeeds. 

In school, I had many instances of #seedhibaat. Our teachers had taught us to tell the truth. Opportunity sided with me. My friends stealing lunch boxes and emptying the contents without anyone knowing would catch my notice and I would let everyone know. The thief used to get thrashed. Then they would target me for the thrashing but I would get protected by those who had benefitted by my #seedhibaat. 

Once I had observed a senior boy kissing a senior girl in the corridor which happened when I was passing through. I reported it to the warden. Those two involved were given a good dressing down. Both had kept me under their watch but failed to harm me. 

Once in an inter-school match being played on our grounds and was being supervised by our teachers. Our teachers were showing their bias towards our team. I observed and reported it to the school authorities of our rival team. The rival school principal was in full praise of me and offered me admission to their school at a concessional rate. But I politely turned it down even though I got a good dressing down by our teachers and warning by our principal. 

In college due to my oratory skills, I was made the students Union president even against my wishes. Once the students agitated against the school authorities. I found the student's demand unjustified and I sided with the authorities. In the next general body meeting, I was dumped from holding all the posts of the union. 

Due to my truthful character and my plain-speak, I was getting a lot of attention. People were calling me bold and fearless. Some who were at odds with me tried their ever best to put me to harm but miraculously I always escaped. 

After college, I joined the workforce. At the interview, I was asked that even in adverse situations would I stick to my quality of straight talk and #seedhibaat. I vehemently gave my vote for #seedhibaat. The employers were impressed and gave me the job. Little they had comprehended the loss they would have to face because of me. I was given the work of an accountant. Because in college I did well in bookkeeping and accountancy my employers thought it best to offer me the job to maintain their firm's accounts. At first, I took some time to learn the tricks being followed by the company. Then I found a lot of loopholes in the company accounts. Many of the employees were found to be gratifying themselves monetarily at the cost of the company. I became my boss's favorite and my colleague's nightmare who were always finding ways to corner me. They got their opportunity very soon. I found a gaping hole in the accounts. The company had doctored the accounts to avoid paying tax to the exchequer for two consecutive years. My efforts made the tax authorities to wake up and issue notices to the company. I did the compliance work for the company. After the company was out of the woods I was politely told to look elsewhere for work. So I knew that the company had avoided paying taxes on purpose. My #seedhibaat had put the Company on their back foot. 

In my personal space also my #seedhibaat determined my life's course. My parent's arranged my marriage. As my proposals for marriage to any lady could not see the light of day. When I proposed they would accept but then my #seedhibaat on some issue would make them antagonize and call off the marriage. My wife initially enjoyed my company and loved me but later on, when my plain-speak #seedhibaat would cross swords with her opinion she began to sulk. She almost walked out one me once when I supported our housemaid against her opinion. Only the concern for our little daughter made her stay back. 

Now l joined many public fora and participated in a debate on many social and civic issues. My response would be my plain talk #seedhibaat. Even I started a weekly newspaper column titled #seedhibaat. After a few weeks, I found it to be quite popular. The editor was very happy as the sale of the paper had increased and the revenue. 

Especially the opposition leaders enjoyed my plain speak. Their opinion found a chorus in my articles. But I became a thorn in the government's back. They were now made to be ready on their toes always due to my various public interest articles. As my safety became a concern my newspaper employed bouncers as my security. I had to constantly upgrade myself to the Indian constitution, the Indian Penal Code, and other social and economic topics. My articles on sand mafia, illegal mining, and environmental issues made powerful enemies. But my newspaper gave me protection. 

Ultimately, I had run my course. One article on #seedhibaat infuriated the government so much that I was put under house arrest citing grave reasons for insecurity for the nation. The opposition filed public interest litigation and fought the case in the Indian Court tooth and nail with the government. Ultimately they lifted the ban on my free movement. 

Then when the opposition won the election and formed the government they wanted to honor me with their citation and cash award. But I backed away saying that after a few months in power they would also regret felicitating me because I would be working as their censor. 

My forecast proved correct. The new government became peeved with my writings #seedhibaat. Then I survived a bid on my life. All political leaders were in unison in deploring the attempt on me. But I knew whose work it was. My pen rebuked them in my style of #seedhibaat whenever I felt they were on the wrong turf. 

I continue with my plain-speak even today. But I know I have antagonized a huge section of the society especially the people with power and wealth. At the same time I feel happy that even a greater percentage of the population especially the common man, the Aam admi continues to shower their blessings on my #seedhibaat because through this mode their life has been made worth living. Hated by Some but Loved by Most. 

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