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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Anubhav Tamak

Drama Tragedy Crime


Anubhav Tamak

Drama Tragedy Crime

Forced Treason

Forced Treason

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The weather was nice that day. “Shoot him” he joked. Zack was considering it. The poor kid was so scared. He had not seen a gun in real life and was not expecting one to be aimed at his head. He was Luiz. He had just shifted to the neighbourhood after his dad found a new job. Luiz hated the place because everyone bullied him. They teased him, beat him up and at school, it was also the same. The neighbourhood they lived in was a very bad place. The area in which it was located had the highest crime rate in the whole state.

Right now two bullies from his neighbourhood had a gun pointed at his head just because they wanted to. Luiz was crying. Zack and Josh were laughing. “Want a taco? Stupid Mexican.” Josh screamed. Luiz thought of running. He looked around . There was a wall behind him and the two bullies were in front of him. He decided to climb the wall behind him. He jumped over it and ran away towards his house. While running away he heard “Jumping over walls! It’s in your blood loser.”

He reached home. His mother was fighting with his father. He ran to his room. He looked in the mirror. A loser. That what he was. He was bad at everything he did. Sports and studies were hard for him and even speaking English was a challenge for him. He stared in the mirror. He wiped his tears. He thought about how he was bullied every day, how his drunk father fought with his mother and beat her. He thought how he was beaten up, threatened every day. He thought about how he didn’t matter. He was another poor child who was stupid. Anger and sadness rushed him. He washed his face. He went to the living room picked up a beer bottle and smashed it over his father’s head. His father fell down. He ran out of the house and never stepped in it again.

13 years passed away.

He pointed the gun at the man and asked him for money. The man refused and asked him to do whatever he wanted to. Luiz laughed and kept his gun inside. The man smiled. Luiz removed his knife and smiled. The man screamed. He got stabbed and lost his wallet, a small price to pay for being brave. Luiz took the money and walked away. He went to a store and bought some food. He then went to his house, if you could call it a house. It was a rundown place which sticker a lot. Luiz sat down on a broken couch and had the food he bought. He then slept.

He was woken up by a phone call. It was his friend Josh. He asked him for help after he hit his father. He “helped” him. He let him stay with him and because of that Luiz got into a lot of bad habits. He was ashamed of them but couldn’t help them, He picked up the phone asked Josh about the job. They had to rob a bank.

The weather was nice that day. They parked the van right outside the bank. Three people dressed in complete black with their faces covered and rifles in hand jumped out of the van and ran inside. They shot the guards and threatened the customers and employees. Luiz took the manager to the safe and asked him to open it. The manager without hesitation opened it. Luiz filled all the bags with the cash and told his team to leave. They ran out of the bank and sat in the van. The driver drove away.

The police cars were behind them and a helicopter was above them. One of them said that they should ditch the car and hide. Luiz agreed. They stopped the van, grabbed the money and ran. Luiz ran with Josh. They could hear the sirens. Luiz looked behind and saw three policemen chasing them on foot through the houses. There was a wall in front of him. Luiz was looking behind him and crashed into it and fell down. Josh who was behind him screamed at him “ Stupid Mexican cant even jump a wall” as he came to pick him up. Josh got shot. There was blood all over Luiz’s face. He had his gun in his hand. He shot towards the police and stood up leaving Josh bleeding on the ground. He ran with the money. He dropped the gun. He ran.

25 years passed.

Luiz was sitting in front of his house. It was a nice house. The weather there was nice. He had heard his dad talk about his homeland. His wife came out of the house to tell him the lunch was ready. He got up and went inside. He sat with his children and ate. He then got up and went outside again. The weather was nice. He heard his phone ring. He picked it up. No one was talking on the other side. Then he heard a shrill inside his house. He ran inside to see what had happened. His wife fell down the stairs but she was fine afterwards. Luiz had imagined something horrible,

The next day when he came back from work he saw a car outside his house. His youngest son came out of the door and told him that he had a visitor. He went inside. Josh was sitting on a chair. He looked up and asked for his money. Luiz told his wife and children to go to their room. Josh asked for his money but this time he had a gun in his hand. Luiz removed his revolver and shot Josh twice to make sure this time he died. He then buried him. He looked up. The weather was nice.

Some more years passed.

It was Luiz’s funeral. It was a sunny day. Sitting in the church was an old woman and man who claimed to be his parents. The man had scars on his head. The weather that day was unpleasant.

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