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Yogeshwari Arya

Tragedy Crime Others


Yogeshwari Arya

Tragedy Crime Others



3 mins 98 3 mins 98

Pain! When was the last time I felt it, yesterday or maybe minutes before. When he pinned me to the wall with both of my wrists in his left hand grasp while the right one was busy tearing my top. Pieces by pieces he was unraveling my already torn top. 

"You know why I'm doing this! It's all because of your parents, those fu**ing parents of yours who think themselves too smart. Now let's see how much smartness they still hold after seeing your blue film hahahaha..."

And then he tore all the remaining pieces with those hands whom I trusted more than anything.

      I'm in Mr. Aspher lingo, my uncle's  trap probably from days. I lost the count. But everyday he enters tears a piece from my top  makes a video and leaves but today he tore them all. Probably he sends them to my parents MY PARENTS! In the hope to get his already lost back. And sometimes I laugh at his desire to get back his share from them, The almighty Lingo couples. Will they ever return ? Well that's a Question!

Sleep took me off with naked top I layed on my stomach on that already blood stained sheet.

       I fell in love with Aspher when I first met him in my teenage years. He returned from his years, long trip from Asia. Before that I never met him, I only knew dad had a very young brother who is always away. I misinterpreted this love from those teenage lust. But as the time passed my carving for him, his presence, his touch grew wild. I tried every possible method to seduce him, to touch him, to make him touch me and by the end of teenage years we were in our so-called forbidden relationship. Mom and dad knew this, those forbidden touches, those forbidden moaning in nights they heard them all. But they never cared as long as I can make money then they don't care, to what I do. But I knew one more thing the day when I will stop making money then I will be thrown.

      Movement of cold fingers on my lower back woke me up.

"I'm sorry! I'm doing this to you. I didn't want to do this but I don't have any other choice. This is the only way..."

Aspher's thin fingers started taking my skirt off with his experienced fingers he tore my panties apart. Now there was no wall of clothes. He turned me to face his bare 

chest, he was doing this again. 

"Ahhhhh a-aspher!"

"You know, whenever I took pace you scream. These screams are like boosters for me, I lo-ve


    I know he won't stop. I'm in pain but he won't stop! He takes those screams as moans. Well this is not the first time when I'm under him and he is above me, and this is not even the first time when he turns into a lout beast with my scream. Those times I enjoyed, but now I feel numb. But what's really painful here is seeing him die every minute by the hands of his own endless tries to get that already lost shares back.

 Will he ever get? Well that's a question!

And I even know one thing: he will die, he will definitely die just like me...

     In Lingo's Mansion, a man and a woman were dancing with glasses of wine

      "Cheers darling in the name of our daughter today she died!"

      "No! Cheers babe in the name of your little fu**ing brother today he was sentenced to death..."

      CHEERS!!!! and the hallways of Lingo mansion echoed with laughs.

Being a foster parent is not that hard… 

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