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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Yogeshwari Arya

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Yogeshwari Arya

Thriller Others

Devil In Clean Facade

Devil In Clean Facade

3 mins 120 3 mins 120

" The more I will show

The more you will see

And more attracted

You will be towards me"

This rhyme always played in my head whenever I saw him waiting for me outside class. Rimless square glasses, neatly combed hair and a clean smile described him well. He waved his right hand in mid-air to grab the running attention of mine. In return, I gave him a knowing smile that I noticed.

I and he are friends from the very first day of the first year. A year has passed but still, I am not used to his presence. If ever he is behind me I feel a dark aura suffocating me. And when he unconsciously moves to hold my hand with his cold one I feel an instant shiver. I don't complain about his presence but an undefined fear crawls up in my veins, making me hard to breathe around him. His award-winning laughter is no less than lullabies for other ladies of my age. His looks are something that makes heads turn. He is the living Prince Charming for all the beautiful ladies beside me. But for an average one like me, he is no different than a devil in a clean facade.

His charming smile feels mockery for me, and those unmoving dark pupils make me naked under its gaze. When his cold skin makes contact with mine I feel millions of ants crawling over me. He tries his best to hide his lingering intentions. But they still cry for me. To tuck me under him, to be above me. So with his bare hands, he can rip off my saviours. With his cold fingers, he can squeeze my curves. With his eyes, he can lick off his desired sight and ultimately with his body he can chew off every inch of my body. By doing his masterpiece again and again and again.

I feel it. Him doing this every day with his eyes and every night in his mind.

A snap of finger brought me back to daylight

" Class is over Liya, where are you? Aren't you coming?"

I was surprised to see him inches apart

" Oh, Ash ! "

I took a pause to calm my racing heart

" I almost forgot. I have a project today maybe some other day."

A long Oh…. Was his answer

" I will leave then Ash"

without giving a second glance at his disgusted face I stuffed my books back in the bag and rushed outside to feel the New air.

"No More" I repeated this phrase one more time

" No more I will show

No more you will see

Forget about attracting

You won't dare to look at me "

A new rhyme started playing in my head.

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