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Yogeshwari Arya

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Yogeshwari Arya

Abstract Others

Dad's Mom

Dad's Mom

2 mins 242 2 mins 242

    To calm my boredom I started counting IV's drops 1….. 2… 3……...10………..20………..35….

Even after two hours this piercing sensation of needle is still itching my veins. I'm having attacks and attacks to scratch open this white tape securing needle in my right hands back.

    Aside from the regular plink..plink...plink of drips everything is oozing cold and dead breathe in this emergency room. The other bed which is accompanying the bed under me is empty as an open grave.


I moved my crawling eyes back on the drip drop.

     A CLANG!!!! made my eyes twist in the direction of the only door of this room. Someone rushed inside. I thought that someone to be a regular nurse, but it is my dad. Tangled mess running in hair, untucked wrinkled shirt, puffy red eyes swollen cheeks made my already dry throat even more dry. I have never seen him in this vulnerable state.

"Dad what happened??" 

I screamed, and forced myself to sit up while resting my back on a pillow attached to the metal handle.

"Belle!!!! Mom is no more ….."

He rushed in my direction holding me in his arms, he placed his head on my shoulder.

Mom was fine moments ago what happened to her, I am trying to figure his words there he mumbled again 

"Mom! my mom…my mom your grandma Belle…. she passed away "

His hot streams were filling my dry shirt , while I was processing his words his mom…. my grandma...she passed away!!!

I brought my arms round his back and hugged him back. Streams of tears were rushing down my cheeks and floods of tears were soaking my back.

  I heard him chanting repeatedly just a word……..

The cold oozing room was filled with cries and tears.

   I had no words to comfort him. Today my dad was fighting for his two most beloved possessions, his mom who gave him life and his daughter whom he gave life to.

  Aside from little warmth I had nothing to comfort him, for his already great loss.

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