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Jasmine joshi

Horror Tragedy


Jasmine joshi

Horror Tragedy



4 mins

It was a bright day and very special since flag hoisting was an official auspicious occasion for Sandra. As usual the day had started with the normal routine of getting ready and leaving for school. She packed her bag and stepped out of house all excited to meet her fellowmates and discuss about the cultural event today.

             It was all so suddenly planned this year that practicing before the event was a bit tedious and she was quite nervous regarding the D day. As she was approaching the bus stand she noticed something fallen on the ground . She went closer to inspect it when she saw that it was a small flag lying in the dusty footpath. Some one must have been carrying them and ignorently left one there. She picked it up with care and felt deep contempt and hatred for anyone who must have done this irresponsible work. Soon the school bus arrived and she boarded in and soon forgot about the flag that was in her bag.    

         The following day was very eventful with the flag hoisting followed by speech by principal and faculty and then cultural event . Time ran out fast and when she reached the bus stand it was dark. She got down from the bus and started looking for her father who was supposed to pick her up. Alone in the dark she was about to make a phone call when someone called her from behind. 

" Didi", Sandra heard the voice and looked behind only to find a little boy standing in the dark. 

She could hardly make out his face. "Yes.. " , she stared at him surprized. 

" I am chotu .. uncle is not well so he could not come.. if you dont mind I l accompany you home". Sandra sighed as a sign of relief. 

Chotu was their servent s son. He stayed in the slum nearby. Often at night chotu would roam around to take grocery stuff for his mother. Sandra thought mom must have told sarla to send chotu to take her home. " Didi give me your bag .. so that you can walk comfortably" . Sandra started walking with him. 

            As she walked she started telling him what happened that day. She also mentioned about the flag that she got. As she kept on talking to him she noticed his silence. " What happened chotu why are you so quiet today. What is wrong with you". Chotu did not respond. Sandra was a bit offended at chotu s behaviour but did not tell him anything. When she was just about to enter the house chotu said, " Didi, can you please give me the flag you found in the bus stop this morning." Sandra stared at him once and gave it to him. 

          She was about to tell him something but mother called from behind. " Oh dear! you are back home", said mom comming out of the house running almost in tears. " What happened ma? " asked Sandra. " Your dad had come home in the evening and is down with fever since then . Doctor has prescribed medicines and bed rest. I was about to leave to get you from the bus stand when sarla was working. She said she l send chotu to get you home from bus stand."

            " Oh yes! Chotu came to take me.. but he has become so annoying mom. All the way he did not say a word." Her mother looked at her absolutely stunned. " What? But you came alone I did not see anyone with you ". Sandra ignored her mom and went to bed. Next day Sarla came for work and Sandra started complaining to her about chotu. " Chotu! But how is that possible .. yesterday Chotu had gone to the bus stand but he did not see you there . He said there was no one in the bus stand . He had waited for an hour and left." Sandra now figured out that last night she somehow could not manage to see Chotu s face in the dark. She went to school and all day kept thinking what really happened. 

             She tried to look for that child again but could not figure any one out at the bus stand. She waited for sometime and went back home. She decided to talk to chotu this time. Chotu looked very upset , however when she asked him what happened he said, "Didi, yesterday my friend Pulak and I were playing on the streets with a flag which Pulak s father had given him. We were quite close to the main road when out of excitement I pushed him and he ran into a car." 

           So... short stories are related to small experiences in life may be real or fake but it is always fun to read or write. 

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