Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Eyes Can be Deceiving - 2

Eyes Can be Deceiving - 2

7 mins

A bureau is seen where everyone is busy doing their work. As there was a call, Inspector Shreya answered it.

“CID Bureau. (the man from the other side told something to her and she replied). Okay we will be there”.

(She went near her boss to inform the same)

“Sir, just now we got a call from Akruthi hotel saying that they found a dead body in room no: 666. And also, there is a girl in the room with a gun”, informed Shreya.

“What? Inform Karan and Meghana to investigate this case. We are already pre-occupied with so many here”, replied the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

“Okay sir”.

As soon as Shreya informed Karan, he along with Meghana reached the hotel, entered the room followed by the manager and started asking the girl some questions. But the girl didn't open her mouth even for once. Finally, Meghana shouted at her getting frustrated.

“Why did you kill him?”

“No mam, I don't even know who he is, why will I kill him?”, replied the girl coming out of the shock.

“Then what are you doing here and why are you having a gun in your hand? Do you think it is a toy and got it for playing?”, asked Karan with sarcasm.

“I…I don't know sir. I can't remember anything”, stuttered the girl holding her head in her hands.

Meanwhile, Meghana has been searching the room very carefully and she found a suitcase which was locked with a number key. Apart from that, there isn't anything of interest.

“Hey, is this your suitcase?” asked Meghana to the girl for which the girl nodded in negation.

“Okay Meghana, send the body to the forensic lab and I will call lock opener to help us with it. Also, take this girl into custody”, instructed Karan and Meghana obliged. After handing the girl to her subordinates, Meghana joined Karan and they both went to the house of the owner of the hotel.

As soon as the owner saw them, he greeted Karan “hello sir, just now my manager had called me and said everything. I am feeling very sad for the death of my close friend. In fact, I spoke with him yesterday evening itself. He has come here on some personal work. I asked him to come and stay in my house, but he didn't agree, and I didn't force him”.

“Wow, look Meghana, sir has told us everything we want to know even before we asked him anything making our work easier”, said Karan with a smirk.

 “See this picture, do you recognize this girl?”, asked Meghana.

“This is the first time I am seeing her, who is she?”, replied the owner taking his eyes off the picture.

“She is found with a gun in the crime scene. Our prime suspect”, said Karan.

“Oh! A very sad thing to happen”, was all that the owner could manage saying.

“Do you suspect anyone, I mean who is the one to be benefitted by his death?”, asked Karan

“My friend is very helpful and doesn't even hurt an ant, So, I couldn’t find any proper reason for this murder”, replied the owner of the hotel.

“Do you have anything else to say”, asked Meghana for which the owner nodded his head in negation.

“Okay thank you, until this case is closed you are not supposed to leave this country”, saying which Karan and Meghana left from there not before instructing his

subordinates to keep an eye on the owner.

As Meghana was interrogating the girl, Karan was busy with the lock owner trying to open the suitcase.

“Meghana, come here and look at the contents of the suitcase”, called Karan.

Meghana was shocked to look at the suitcase full of money and after a thorough examination, they found it to be fake money.

“Oh my god, I think there is a high chance of a big mafia being involved in all this”, said Karan thinking something deeply.

“By the way, Meghana, did you find out anything about the girl?”, asked Karan.

“Just that her name is Riya and she is a medical student. I checked in our database, but there are no criminal records of her”, replied Meghana.

“What about the forensic reports?”, Karan asked his subordinates.

“Sir, the man died because of the gunshot and the gun is having Riya’s fingerprints. So, the murder is done by her whether she accepts it or not and it is for us to find out why she did it?”

“I think to find the answers, we need to go back to the place where it all started”, said Meghana and they both went back to the hotel taking Riya along with them.

Once again, they made a thorough search of the whole hotel this time and they found an interesting thing that on each floor there are only five rooms while the sixth floor has an extra room that is Room No. 666. Karan found it suspicious and he searched the room now tapping on each and every wall where he luckily found a secret entrance in the cupboard wall, which is well hidden under the wood. In a moment Karan was inside it and there he found a Currency printing machine and a lot of fake money.

He came out and explained what he found to Meghana and then asked the manager to call the owner. As he came, the girl shouted “Uncle, please help me. I did not do anything”

“Owner sab, you said you don’t know her but here she is calling you uncle?”, asked Meghana.

And when there is no reply Karan shouted.

“Open up Mr. Arvind Thakur, how many illegal businesses do you have? One is printing fake currency (As Arvind tried to protest) don’t even try to deny it, we found your room, the manager here confirmed that it is your personal room and you don’t allow anyone to stay there. Moreover, my subordinate saw you meeting this currency dealer who is now in our custody and he has spilled all the beans, but it would be our pleasure to hear it from you”.

Looking at the guns in the men surrounding him, Arvind understood that he can’t escape.

“I only hypnotized this girl to kill my friend. He got to know about my illegal business, and I was waiting for a chance to become the sole heir for all the property which is on Riya’s name. So I thought of hitting two birds with one stone. (looking angrily at the manager) It’s all because of my stupid staff, I told them not to allocate that room to anyone but yesterday as the hotel was full, this idiot gave it to my friend and unaware of that fact my men were working already working inside. Hearing the noise, he searched the whole room and somehow found out about my secret room. He came to my house and started blackmailing me. After promising him a lump sum amount of money, I sent him back to the hotel and planned everything. I didn't know that he bought a bag full of fake notes from the room. If I would have known I would have removed that bag from there before sending this girl in”, Arvind confessed his crime.

Karan ordered his subordinates to arrest him and hand over the girl to the CID bureau as rest will be taken care of by the law.

On the occasion of successfully completing another mission, Karan and Meghana planned to go on a vacation before changing their identities for another undercover operation.  

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