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Praneetha Gutta



Praneetha Gutta


One Last Trip

One Last Trip

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"This is the first time I lied to my parents and it is all because of you both", complained a girl relaxing in the back seat of the car.

"Seriously Ananya, do you think they would have agreed to send you on a two day trip with us if it is not for a business meeting", argued Arjun.

"And remember we are going on this trip because it is you who is going away from us and don't know when we will get such a chance again", put in Karan.

"Look out guys, we have almost reached Araku and I heard that sunrise is the best to watch from here", Arjun said immediately in an attempt to divert them from that bitter truth.

Araku Valley is the hill station in Vishakapatnam which is popularly known as Ooty of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the best tourist places in South India famous for waterfalls, trekking, and many more attractions. The three best friends had just started their four-day vacation as they wanted to make as many memories as possible before parting ways. After roaming around the place, they went to the resort which they pre-booked. Relishing upon the local delicacy, Ananya started her emotional conversation.

"I must say you two are the best things ever happened to me. If it were not you, my first trip would have been my honeymoon". Hearing which the other two smiled while Ananya continued.

"You know right that I get attached to people easily and start trusting them blindly. Since my childhood, everyone took advantage of me in some or the other way. Then I decided, I am not going to be friendly with anyone, I would just complete my work and leave. These were my thoughts two years back before joining this company and then... I met you. You both brought out the real me. You made me experience many things which I always wanted to but couldn't do. I wish we could have met before without wasting so many years. I wish we could go on more trips."

"That's possible only if you stay here right? You are flying to the USA after your marriage", replied Karan, the pain of getting separated from his best friend is clearly heard in his voice.

"Come on Karan, Siddarth is a nice guy. Other than him no one can handle this dumb-head. I pity him", teased Arjun only to receive a smack from Ananya. Just then Ananya's mobile rang and looking at the caller Id, her cheeks turned red and she answered. 

"Hello Siddarth".

"Hi, Ananya, you are comfortable there, right?", came the reply.

"Yeah and we are waiting for you, so you are going to be here tonight, right?", asked Ananya being desperate to meet her fiance.

"Well, I am actually thinking to stay back. See, I don't want to be a hurdle between you three. You might have plans..."


"But Siddarth, we thought to explore the caves together", Ananya interrupted feeling disheartened.

Arjun pulled the mobile from her "Bro, don't tell me you are ditching us in the last moment".

"Nothing like that Arjun. I just don't want to be...", Siddarth tried to explain.

"I don't want to listen to anything, you are coming here. That's it. Don't you want to meet those who took care of your princess for two long years?", Karan started his melodrama.

Finally, Siddarth agreed and reached Araku that night and four of them had a lot of fun together enjoying to the fullest. 

Ananya came back to this world hearing the voice of her 4-year old daughter. 

"Mom!!! Mom!!! where did you take this picture?", asked the little girl pointing to a picture in an album.

And a smile curved Ananya 's lips as she again went back in time which she spent with her best buddies. It has been ten long years for that trip but she couldn't forget even a single moment. For her, it was a trip to make memories with her loved ones, for Karan and Arjun, it is a time to know about the man who is going to marry their friend who is more like a sister and for Siddarth it is a chance to spend some time with his would-be life partner and get to know more about her as well as her peers.


What else you need in your life when you have an understanding family, a loving husband, caring friends, a naughty daughter and a job you enjoy doing?

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