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Where Are You My Life?

Where Are You My Life?

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A beautiful mansion is seen, with a garden in front having a fountain in the middle and a couple of cars parked in the garage. Of course, all the cars are of top brands. Going inside, it has a staircase in the middle which diverts in two directions leading to the rooms on the top floor. To one corner there is a lift. Towards the left, there is a kitchen and a big dining hall which can take more than 50 people. And to right, there are few guest rooms and attached washrooms. In the middle, it is a big hall with a beautiful chandelier hanging to the roof. Outside the house, few yards back, there are small cottages for the servants working in this mansion.

Only one man along with 10 servants and 20 security guards live in the mansion. People around him say he is kind-hearted but coming to work he is very strict and arrogant. He is none other than Siddarth Maheshwari.

Siddarth’s Point of view 

I am Siddarth, Siddarth Maheshwari, one of the topmost businessmen. I earn millions in minutes. I hate people who waste my time and I like things to be much disciplined. Other than my manager and friend Akash Malhotra, no one knows me as the owner of SM Group of companies. I don’t like publicity and I had not found any reason to come into the limelight. Akash takes care of all the meetings and I make deals mostly in calls or emails. I am an orphan and I don’t want sympathy for that. From my childhood, I was alone not getting anyone’s love and with my own hard work and with the motivation I got from people’s taunts I came to this position. So, I started an orphanage named Sunshine because I don’t want any kid to be in the darkness just like me and face all the hurdles of this society in their tender age. Here we provide food, clothing, shelter along good education and hospitality. Every weekend I love spending time with those kids. Now, I am 27 years old and I am searching for a girl who would make me complete. Well, I have seen many pictures in the matrimony sites, but none touched my heart. I am not telling that no girl is beautiful; it’s just that the qualities I am looking for are missing in them. They are very simple, I want a girl who would love me as a wife, take care of me like a mother, tease me like a sister and share with me everything like a friend. That’s it. I don’t have any problem with her profession, caste or family background. I am already having a lot of money, so I don’t want dowry too. I want a pure and innocent soul who loves me and not my money. If you find any girl having such qualities around my age, then do tell me. Again, I am telling you, I am Siddarth, Siddarth Maheshwari.


“Ha Akash, I didn’t forget about the meeting. I will be there within 30 minutes. I am just getting ready. Do arrange breakfast for me there. I am very hungry, and I don’t have time now to have it here.” Siddarth said this into the phone while wearing his black tuxedo looking dashing as usual.

“Yes sir, I will do it” came the voice from the other end.

“Come on Akash, call me Siddarth dude, we are friends, right?”

“Sure sir”.


“Fine Siddarth, come fast. I will be waiting,” saying this he cut the call and went into the restaurant to see the arrangements.

After having one quick look into the mirror he went to his car. As soon as he came out of his house, all his bodyguards got alerted and the driver got into the driving seat. One of the bodyguards came and opened the backside car door. Siddarth sat into it and three cars started at once. Siddarth is in the second car accompanied by his security ahead of and behind. Near a traffic signal, all three cars stopped along with many other vehicles. There he could hear a baby girl crying and turned in that direction only to find a beautiful pair of eyes that are also looking towards the baby. He couldn’t see her face because she had a scarf on it. She is sitting in the auto and looking at the baby who is in her mother’s lap on the bike between Siddarth’s car and the auto. She took out a chocolate from her bag and gave it to the child who stopped crying looking at the chocolate. Then suddenly he found his car moving in a different direction, unlike her auto. He hurriedly asked the driver to stop the car but by then the auto is nowhere to be seen. Feeling disappointed, he went to his destination.

“Akash, I am so happy today dude, I found my soul mate.”

“How come you decided without even meeting her Siddarth? She is actually waiting for you inside the restaurant.”

“What? Oh god, I totally forgot about her. Ask her to leave. I am not talking about her.”

“Come on Siddarth, after seeing so many girls you said okay to meet this girl, now you are rejecting her without even meeting. If this continues, I am telling you the girl’s population is decreasing day by day and it will be very difficult for us to get married. Think about me also yar. I don’t want to marry in my old age.” Akash’s mom treats Siddarth as her elder son and had told that only after Siddarth’s marriage, she will search for a bride for Akash. This match is also arranged by his mom.

“Akash first let me complete, today while coming here I saw a girl and I couldn’t get over her eyes. There was so much innocence hidden in them. They captivated me in such a way that even now I could only think of her.”

“Congrats brother, you are finally in love. Tell me about her details. Mom will talk to her parents”.

“I don’t know, I saw only her eyes because she covered her face with a scarf and she is in auto so that doesn’t help either. I don’t know how to find her, but I am determined that I will marry only her”.

“Siddarth, Are you mad? In this big city, how will we find her without even knowing how she looks. Please listen to me and forget her.”

“No Akash, I know there are many exceptions like what if she is married or what if she is from another state, but I don’t want to give up without trying” saying this he left from there thinking about what his next step would be. Akash too left from there apologizing to that girl.

As Siddarth is a good artist, he drew her eyes and asked all his men to appoint experts who could search whole Kolkata to find girls with similar eyes. After their hard work for complete 15 days, they found around 50 ladies who have similar eyes. They took the report containing all the details of these ladies to Siddarth and he asked them to get all of them under one roof giving suitable excuses for one day.

“Tell them that we are going to pay their salary for that day if they are working and I want all of them under one roof within two days. Did you get that?”

“Yes sir” saying this, his men left.

Finally, that day came, and Siddarth reached that place with a lot of excitement. His heart started beating fast in the hope that he is going to find his life today.

He is looking for a girl, who does not know he exists or the story that has brought him here. He has no reason to be discreet but still, he must be careful. He is standing near the doorway and surveying the golden banquet hall, which is filled with refined bodies in saris and jackets, and beautiful young women with straight hair who never make facial expressions. But they will, soon. Any moment now.

Slowly he stepped into the hall and everyone turned towards him hearing his footsteps. Most of them were talking about his looks. Of course, he is damn hot in a white T-shirt and blue jeans. To add to that, he is also wearing goggles. Any girl could fall for his looks within seconds. He slowly went to every girl and introduced himself looking into their eyes but of no use. They all found it weird because just for the introduction, what is the use of doing it personally, but they were happy as they were going to get a handshake from him, so no one questioned him. He is near the last girl, but she is not the one. So, he signaled Akash in disappointment and Akash gave a small speech regarding the social welfare scheme by SM Group of companies which is actually an excuse to get them there. After that everyone left. Siddarth introduced himself as the organizer of that scheme. As he was about to leave, he found a girl sleeping on the seat keeping her head down on her knees, that is why no one noticed her till now. He went near her and tapped on her shoulder. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. He found her. He found his love. These are the same eyes which made him sleepless all these days. He signaled his bodyguard to get something. The bodyguard went out, brought a bunch of red roses from the car and gave it to Siddarth.

All the while, the girl is lost in him. She is staring at his face shamelessly without even blinking. He noticed that and smiled.

“Well, I love you, Miss”.

“Ananya, Ananya Rathore”.

“Good, Okay Miss Ananya Rathore, will you marry me?”

There is no response. He clapped his hands in front of her to get her out of the trance. She came to reality and remembered why she was there. She looked at her empty “Sorry Mr. actually, some people from SM Group of companies had invited me here for a social service scheme but they were not starting the program, so I felt sleepy and I slept. I think now it’s over and everyone left”, saying this she smiled sheepishly.

“Well, I think you didn’t hear what I said. Let’s talk properly. Please take your seat”, said Siddarth sitting in front of her.

“I am Siddarth. Actually, this is all done by me to find you.” He tells her everything about how he saw her for the first time and how he arranged an expert team to get her here.

“So, Miss Ananya, will you marry me?”

This came out as a shock to Ananya who was listening to everything patiently. She found very difficult to find correct words. Finally, she made it.

“But you don’t know anything about me neither do I know you. So, how can you ask me for this proposal?”

“Well do you know that your eyes speak a lot? They are so pure and genuine. I don’t want to know anything about you. But about me there is nothing much, I am Siddarth, an orphan working for SM Group of companies.”

“Here, this is my address, come and talk with my parents. If they agree, then I don’t have any problem.” Giving a visiting card, she left from there.

The next day, he along with Akash and his mother went to her house and spoke with her parents. They didn’t reveal his original identity because he wanted the girl to marry him for him but not for his money. They agreed for their marriage after knowing about him properly.

Ananya’s Point of view

I am from a middle-class family. My world is very small. I am an only child and I love my parents. I am working as a teacher in the nearby school. I never believed in love at first sight but after hearing what all he did to reach me, I felt very surprised that even today without seeing a face there are people who would love the heart of a person just visible in her eyes. I felt it so filmy and left the decision to my parents. When he came home with the marriage proposal, my parents were overwhelmed by his gesture and his talks. They couldn’t find any reason to say no.

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