Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Moment of Life

Moment of Life

4 mins

"At last we reached. Let me find a parking slot", said Arjun driving his car out of the crowd and into the parking area of one of the finest hotels in Chennai.


"I am so excited to see them. I am going to shout my heart out that they would be forced to turn back and look at me", smiled Ananya imagining the moment which she is going to experience in the next few minutes. To say that she is excited would be a small statement as it is the first time that she is seeing all her idols at the same place and that too from just a few meters of distance.

Both of them came out of the car and joined the crowd in front of the entrance waiting for the cricketers who would come that way to board the bus which is waiting for them. The whole place was filled with commotion, people were trying to get as close as possible to the entrance while the security is having a tough time to control the mob. Out of which Ananya could hear a melodious voice of a little girl who was giggling, her eyes traveled in that direction and she was startled to find the girl walking in the midst of the road not paying any heed to the vehicles passing by. At the same moment, a truck was coming that way at such a speed that looking at the driver, it seemed that he was not able to control it probably because of brake failure.

Ananya hurried towards the girl and at the nick of the time, she pulled the little girl towards her and turned back while the truck went past them giving little scratch on Ananya's elbow. In the next moment, Ananya was found to be pulled by Arjun to a safe place as she was so immersed in the girl's safety, that she didn't observe a car coming that way.

"Are you mad? What is the need of putting your life into danger?", scolded Arjun and Ananya could sense the fear of losing her in his voice.

Before she could reply, a lady came running towards them with tears in her eyes and the girl happily called out "Mumma". Ananya handed over the child to her mother after giving a good scolding for being so careless.

"How can you leave a three-year little girl on a busy road like this?", questioned Ananya her voice was stern.

"Thanks a lot, mam, I went to get her ice cream and in the crowd, I lost her”, replied the girl’s mother regretful as well as thankful at the same time.

As they left, Ananya turned towards Arjun only to find him glaring at her. To pacify her extra worried husband, she put up a cute face and said: "If anything would have happened to that little girl?"

"What if anything would have happened to you? You didn't even think for once how will I live without you?", Arjun choked and tears started forming in his eyes for which Ananya immediately hugged him.

"Arjun, I am fine. Kids are the future generations of our country. How can we let something happen to them?", asked Ananya.

He silently broke the hug and took her towards the car. Taking out the first aid kit, he attended to her wounds.

"I am not telling you not to help. I just want you to be careful", he said putting the final bandage.

Ananya cutely nodded in yes and thanked God for giving such a caring husband to her.

"Why should I be worried when I have a sweet and caring husband?", replied Ananya making her sweetheart smile.

"You brought me all the way from Hyderabad to Chennai to see your favorite cricketer, but now I think they have already left", said Arjun walking towards the security to find out. After a minute or so he returned back.

"The cricketers were hurried into the bus because of this disturbance keeping in mind their safety. Bad luck", sighed Arjun.

"It's okay, if not today, we can see him tomorrow, but once life is lost, we can't get it back right?", Ananya smiled.

"So, that means we are staying here for one more day", he sighed already missing his home.

"No problem, we will visit all the prominent places, eat Sambhar Idly and have fun the whole day. Only you and me", saying which Ananya pulled him with her making plans on how to spend the entire day.

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