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Praneetha Gutta

Drama Romance


Praneetha Gutta

Drama Romance

Where Are You My Life? - 2

Where Are You My Life? - 2

7 mins 125 7 mins 125

Siddarth and Ananya are happily married performing all the rituals. Siddarth thought to give his wife a gift. So, he took her to his mansion where Akash had already arranged a press meet on Siddarth’s request. In the big hall, everyone was waiting for them. No one knew what he was going to tell.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are presenting you the owner of SM Group of companies, Mr. Siddarth Maheshwari.” Announced Akash.

Then all see Siddarth coming with his wife holding her hand. She is so shocked that she is not able to believe her ears. She just now married the most eligible bachelor. Though they have not seen him before, most of the girls are ready to go mad just by his name. He is successful and popular.

Hello guys, I am Siddarth, Siddarth Maheshwari and this is my wife Ananya Siddarth Maheshwari. We organized this press meet just to introduce myself and I know you have a lot of questions to ask? Please, you can start your session one by one”.

“Why did you keep your identity secret all these days? And why are you revealing it now?” one of the people asked.

“From my childhood, I was all alone. There was no one to recognize me. All these days, I never felt to publicize myself, because my success spoke on behalf of me. But now I am married, I have another life who came with me trusting me. So, I thought to give this to her as our wedding gift. So, how is it darling?”

She just nods in happiness not trusting her voice. Few of the reporters asked their questions and Siddarth answered them very smartly. All the time Ananya was looking at him proudly. To say she was very happy is a very small thing.

“So, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all for today. Thanks for coming. Have a nice day” saying this Siddarth got up and took his fully shocked wife along with him.

The next morning, Ananya woke up to find Siddarth was not beside her. She went down into the hall in search of him. Finally, after searching the whole mansion for about 20 minutes, she went to the kitchen only to find him struggling with the bread.

“What is happening here?” asked Ananya folding her hands across her chest.

“Good morning Ananya. I was just trying to make breakfast for us”, replied Siddarth scratching his head and looking at the mess he had created.

“Siddarth, if you were feeling hungry, you would have woken me upright. I would have prepared something for you”, said Ananya.

“I want to cook for you Ananya. This is the first time I have got someone in my life to take care of. So, for you, I want to do everything by myself”.

Ananya got emotional but composing herself “then what should I do?”, asked Ananya to lighten the atmosphere.

Siddarth lifted her and made her sit on the kitchen slab. “You just sit here and watch your husband make a sandwich for you because he doesn't know anything other than that”.

As the breakfast was ready, Siddarth was anxiously waiting for Ananya’s response. She took a bite and looked seriously making Siddarth tensed but finally she smiled and told him that it is the best breakfast she had ever had as he made it for her with love.

Ananya hugged him and in her mind, “Siddarth, from now on, till my last breath I will be with you giving all the happiness that you deserve”.

As they were relaxing in the hall sitting in the sofa,

“So, Mrs. Maheshwari, tell me where we shall go for our honeymoon?”, asked Siddarth cheekily.

“First, I want to go to Sunshine orphanage”, replied Ananya.

“Okay, we will go there tomorrow as today I asked Akash and his mom to join us for lunch”, said Siddarth.

“Wow, that’s great. I will prepare a very good lunch today”, smiled Ananya already thinking about what all the dishes she would make.

“But Ananya, why you want to do so much work? you can happily take rest. we can order food online”, said Siddarth being concerned.

“Siddarth please let me do. Don't you want to have food from my hand?”, asked Ananya faking anger.

“In fact, I would love to”, replied Siddarth

“Good, now I will start the preparations”, saying which Ananya left to the kitchen followed by Siddarth. Instead of helping her, he was indeed disturbing her by romancing with her. Even Ananya was enjoying it so she didn't mind. At around 12, Akash and his mother reached followed by Ananya's mom and dad. Ananya was so happy to see them.

“Mom, dad…you both are her?” asked hugging them.

“Ha, Siddarth called us for lunch”, replied her mom.

Ananya thanked Siddarth through her eyes and they all had a nice time together.

The next day, Ananya and Siddarth went to the orphanage early in the morning. All the kids came towards them as soon as they saw Siddarth. He introduced Ananya to them. They all liked her and she liked them too. They stayed there till the evening and left there in the car.

“Siddarth, I am thinking to resign my job”, said Ananya hesitantly.

“Ananya, do as you wish. I don't want to force you for anything”.

“Actually, I want to teach the kids in the orphanage”. She looks at him expectantly.

“I am proud of you Ananya”.

After that, they went on a honeymoon for 10 days to Paris.

5 years leap:

Ananya and Siddarth were blessed with a son and a daughter. One fine day, Siddarth was sitting in the lawn outside his house. Ananya came there with coffee for both of them. She gave it to him and sat beside him.

“Ananya, Thank you so much for coming into my life”, said Siddarth looking into her eyes.

“Siddarth, what happened suddenly?”, asked Ananya.

“Fifteen years back, I was all alone. There was no one with me who could ask me whether I ate or not or there was no one to take care of me. You know though I am rich and can get anything with money, happiness was missing in my life. Finally, you came into my life like a moon in the darkness. You made me complete. Ananya, now I am a husband and a father. What else I want in my life?”

Ananya smiled at her emotional husband. “So, then I should also thank god for giving me, three beautiful kids”.

“Three?”, asked Siddarth being confused.

“Ha, one is our daughter, one is our son and the other is you”, saying which she laughed, and he hugged her immediately. Just then two little hands hugged them too from either side. They looked down to find their kids smiling at them.

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