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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Everything Is For Our Own Good

Everything Is For Our Own Good

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There lived once a king, who was very compassionate to his subjects. He loved helping the needy in his kingdom in all ways, be it food, shelter, clothing, education, medicines, etc.

The king was in turn loved by his subjects.

The king had a faithful minister. The minister was several times put to test by the king. The minister faced many times humiliation either from the other ministers or sometimes by the king also. Whatever happened, the minister's policy as this is for my own good.

The king, the people in the kingdom, the other ministers couldn't understand what the minister's reaction. For any unpleasant faced the minister had borne it with a smiling face and used to say"it's for my own good". One day the king questioned him for why he was not hurt, or angry or revengeful. There was never a reply to this but the minister thought that he should be able to make understand what it means at the spiritual level. He was very concerned about his master.

He observed the king's day to day, nevertheless to day, minute to minute, the activities performed by the king and thought to himself "as you sow, so shall you reap".

Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows, so was the king's motto.

One day the king took the minister far into the woods for a pleasant walk. The king sent the minister to enquire about the welfare of people around the place. So did the minister. The king continued walking further where he was attacked by thieves, who looked fierce full, scary and violent.

The king was taken aback by such unpleasant visitors.

The thieves were on the hunt for the flesh of a human. But they wanted a person with no deformity. They approached the king, snatched the valuables and were planning to kill the king. To their surprise, they found that one of the fingers of the king's hand was in deformity. So they left the king and went away. The king learned.

Returned the minister and reached where the king was stopped by the thieves. The king explained everything to the minister.

The king told the minister that he understood what he meant each time by saying "everything is for our own good".

The king was actually unhappy with the deformed finger he had.

God has His ways. What He does to whom, is for one's GOOD.

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