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Be Practical

Be Practical

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One mid-afternoon, a thirsty, hungry old woman kept begging for food. As she kept moving for want of food, she reached a temple. There she saw people in plenty, abundantly offering money, sweets, other food items to the DIETIES.

She moved closer to a person who appeared in looks like a saint and philosopher. The so called saintly looking person also had a coconut, bananas, a sweet dish, rice, etc. to offer to the dirty.

The beggar stretched her hands expecting, the saintly person would atleast give one banana to her.

NEVER, NEVER. Like any other person, he ignored her, showed a sense of irritation and moved inside the temple.

Then came a young boy of age ten, who also had few bananas in hand. The beggar asked the little boy for a, placing her hands on her stomach, so as to tell the little boy that she is hungry.

The small boy, INSTANTLY, pulled out a banana and gave it to the beggar.

The beggar was over joyous, the little boy ran away not knowing that he made a generous deed, nor he had any thought of any return for his action. He did it as he learnt, imbibed the values one should put into practice.

When a person is hungry, give food.

When a person is sick, treat him with medicines, but neglecting such needs and thinking of selfish merits, is not right.


Human being, which means being HUMAN.

One cannot teach philosophy to an ailing person, or a hungry person.

Being spiritual is doing good actions.


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