Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

True Devotion

True Devotion

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Once Lord Narayana and Goddesses Lakshmi wanted to descend to earth in disguise to test the devotion of human beings. Lord Narayana made arrangements for people to attend to listen to His discourses based on the goal of life, the divinity that is all pervading, etc. Lord Narayana daily gave his discourses on spirituality and philosophy of life. People got interested in the messages being given by the Lord, daily people started pouring in, gaining knowledge and wisdom listening to the discourses.

Then descended Goddess Lakshmi to test.

Goddess made arrangements for people to visit Her place. She observed people increasing in number for listening to Lord Narayana discourses. She wanted to test whether people truly are reforming and putting into practice the teachings of Lord Narayana. Goddess planned for a test. Goddess in the beginning started offering silver utensils for those who came to listen to Her teachings. Gradually She started giving more precious, valuable, (both silver and gold) objects to those who came to listen to Her teachings. After Her discourse, Goddess gave each one, either silver or gold object. People use to receive those and moved aways. This happened everyday. Slowly the news spread all over. The people started increasing in the place of Goddess Lakshmi in such a number that those who were daily attending to Lord Narayana discourses, immediately shifted to Goddess Lakshmi place. A day came where not a single person was to be seen in Lord Narayana place. They all started going to Goddess Lakshmi.

There comes the exact nature of human beings, forgetting all the knowledge and wisdom they learnt for all the days they were attending to the discourses of Lord Narayana, pushed themselves, towards the place where Goddess Lakshmi was giving Her teachings only to receive the precious objects.

Goddess Lakshmi observed this, learned that Lord Narayana was left with absolutely no work as He found none visiting to listen to His discourses. The number became zero.

So Lord Narayana planned to ascend back to His Vaikunta, having come to know, human beings are not ready to transform, realise the importance of human birth, nor are they striving to attain the goal of human birth.

Lord Narayana reached His abode.

Goddess Lakshmi immediately learnt this and disappeared into thin air reaching Lord Narayana, occupying Her place near the Feet of Lord Narayana.

Back on earth.

The next day when people came to visit Her place, they found no Goddess Lakshmi, but only heard a voice saying, "I exist where Lord Narayana is present". As Lord Narayana ascended back to Vaikunta, so also I immediately, instantly followed the footsteps of Lord Narayana, and reached His Lotus Feet. So understand unless each one of you has Narayana in you, with you, above you, below you, around you, you will not get Goddesses Lakshmi, THE WEALTH.


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