Be Honest

Be Honest

2 mins

Once upon a time, a shepherd boy caught sight of a small shining piece of stone. He picked it up only to make look his little lamb beautiful and therefore tied around the neck of the lamb. The lamb looked extremely beautiful to the eyes of the sheltered boy.

Days passed by, one day the shepherd was resting under a tree, keeping a watchful eye on the lamb and the shining stone around the neck of the lamb . Just then a dealer in precious gems happened to look at the shining stone around the neck of the lamb and immediately came to know that it is not an ordinary stone but a precious valuable gem.

He approached the shepered boy and made a deal with the innocent simple minded shepered boy, for a sum of rupees fifty. The only thought that came to the mind of the shepered boy was

that he can buy few more such stones only to decorate his beloved lamb, and hence took the money and gave back the stone.

The dealer walked away with the precious stone to resell it for a lakh in his shop. The minute this thought came to him, the stone broke into small tiny pieces, became powder and got mixed with air.

Diceit and trickery may bring fortune, but never true happiness in our life.

Only honest dealings ensure peace and happiness.

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