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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sapna Jadhav Eldandi



Sapna Jadhav Eldandi


Eternally with Him

Eternally with Him

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After sharing a handsome amount of time with each other through messages and phone calls, eventually, Vinil and I decided to meet.

Its been nearly six months now that we know each other through Facebook. One fine morning, I received a random friend request. At the very first glance, I got attracted to his eyes. We were complete strangers for each other, still, I felt the connection in those eyes. With no more delay, I accepted him.

And this was how it all started.

"Riya, Can we catch up over coffee sometime?".. Vinil asked.

"Sure," I said, But we live in two different states, how is that possible ? ".. I answered.

"Destiny will make the arrangements".. He said winking his right eye.

And as they say.. if your wish is powerful it will be surely fulfilled by the Almighty.

I reside in Pune with my family. That day at the weekly meet in the office, I was selected to represent our branch for the Company's Annual Meet that was going to be held in Kerala. My excitement touched the surface of the sky. My God! 

I was longing for this to happen. Within the next twenty seconds, I emailed Vinil the details of my flight arrival and my schedule. He was super joyous, reading my mail. His use of words and smileys while chatting, reveals his feelings clearly. I so used to read him by this time.

 Next week, I landed at Cochin airport by 8.45 a.m. As I came out of the Arrival gate, There he was standing in front of me, In a white T-shirt and Blue jeans. Branded Snickers and Rolex watch on his right wrist completed his look. He looks more handsome in real than he looks in the images and on video calls. I was so very happy to see him.

Welcome to Cochin, Riya!. He said

We hugged each other for a while. There was so much to say, but I guess that hug conveyed our emotions more effortlessly.

When are you flying back?. He asked.

Tonight ... I replied. But I am free after the second half of the day. We can have lunch together.. I added.

Okay!. He said.

Vinil dropped me to my hotel and asked to ring him up after I am done with my presentation.

At around 2.38 in the afternoon, I called Vinil. He was at my doorstep in another eight minutes. 

"Looking Gorgeous as always". He complimented.

I blushed.

The next seven hours spent with him by my side,, were extremely memorable ones of my life Which I will cherish till my last breath.

He made me feel so comfortable and secure, that I forgot myself completely. I was just wandering in the world, which was too hard to be real. Tasty food, aromatic coffee and scenic beauty of Kerala were adding its romantic touch to my journey. I still feel the touch of his fingers when he tucked my hair behind my ears. The way he lends his hand to help me step out of his car and a gentle peck on my forehead while adjusting my bindi is still very fresh in my heart.

We spoke about various things throughout the evening. At one point in time, when our eyes hooked up on each other, I felt some divine connection which I never felt before. I haven't come across such a gentleman in my life. He made me realize, How unique I am! When he said. " Riya, that mole just below your lower lip is distracting me from the day I saw you on your Facebook page, Be your own self and appreciate the inner beauty your blessed with"... He continued

"Don't wait for others' approval to know your worth". He requested.

He introduced me to my ultimate calling. Good times often run with the highest speed to reach its finale.

 At the departure gate of the airport, I couldn't hold myself from hugging him. While waving a goodbye, Vinil had a smile on his lips but his eyes somehow couldn't match his emotions. I gathered all my courage and took his leave to take a step towards my reality.

After boarding my flight, a few minutes before the takeoff, I received a message from my husband, "Riya! Have a safe flight!".

"Thank you ".. I replied.

Vinil never contacted me since then. He vanished from social media overnight. All his accounts were invisible. His phone number was unavailable. He was nowhere around and was completely nontraceable .some people come to escort us towards the better side of life.

He disconnected himself from me, just to connect me to myself. 

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