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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sapna Jadhav Eldandi



Sapna Jadhav Eldandi


Smiling Waves

Smiling Waves

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I somehow managed to hold myself from landing in a pothole as I was descending from an auto-rickshaw. I clearly remember the days in my hometown, where the ladies of the house would do all the household chores in the saree from dawn till night. I often wonder how our grandmom’s and mom’s succeeded these many years in this never-ending saree. I can definitely say .. Saree is not my cup of tea. Although I look very gorgeous in chiffon sarees. I know, I just sounded self admirer.

I finally, reached the school. I serve as an English Teacher in this school for the past eight years.

Good Morning Ma’am.......I greeted with a smile, as I unlocked the door.

Hey Aditi! Good Morning, Please come in ........ Ms. Gauri Dixit reciprocated.

 Ms.Gauri Dixit is an Administrative officer and the heart of our school. Mrs.Gauri is a lady full of life and determination. Ms. Gauri Dixit, Administrative Officer of our School. She is Kathak Visharat, an excellent classical dancer. She accounts for more than 500 programs of “Katha Kathan” i.e( Story Telling ) all over India. She has a vast knowledge of Marathi Sahitya.

Ma’am, How is the decoration? Hope you like it....... I stated

Everything is adorable, just perfect. I am in love with this jasmine flowers. They are enchanting....Ms. Gauri said showing a thumbs up.

Thank you so much, Ma’am, for your appreciation..... This is a tiny gesture of love especially for you...I exclaimed

She just curved her lips to smile.

There is a special celebration in the school to welcome Ms. Gauri after a long break.

I have arranged some fun games for all you ladies....Ms.Gauri said enthusiastically.

As always Madam, You are always ready for fun....... my colleague said in jest.

We will have a joyous day filled with laughter and giggles ...she added.

As we ladies proceeded towards the stage area, 

Glad to see you, Madam, How are you?....... A senior Peon enquired

I am all good, Keshavji. How is your daughter? She is studying in 10th std. I guess?........Ms. Gauri asked

You are right madam. She is preparing well for her exam........peon replied

Ms. Gauri always maintains a balance between personal and professional relations. She is adored and loved by all the students, teachers and staff members. No need to mention but She herself has earned this affection and respect with the way of her approach towards every single person in the school. With all her inner beauty, she is extremely beautiful and gorgeous from outside too. Her clean fair complexion reminds me of Poornima’s moon, so clear and classy.

The program is about to commence, let's occupy the chairs...A friend interrupted my thoughts

As we all settled on our places, Ms. Gauri ascended the dais to address us, as we often enjoy hearing her. She was looking stunning in her traditional Paithani saree It was in pink color which had deep blue and golden zari on its border. She accompanied it with an elegant pearl necklace set which her son gifted on her 25th wedding anniversary. The half-moon red bindi ( chandrakor) on her forehead was adding a star to her beauty. She is an epitome of elegance and compassion.

Ma’am is looking gorgeous?.............My colleague commented

She is undoubtedly beautiful ..........I replied

Good Afternoon to all my dear ones.......... Ms. Gauri said with a million-dollar smile.

I am overwhelmed and feel content witnessing this sight. I am so deeply touched by this grateful gesture of our Trustee Mr. Sameer Sane and my dear colleagues. I am so happy and excited to join back my school after a long leave. I missed you all and so now I am back to boost all of you once again. So let's start a new fresh inning together with lots of excitement. I once again pay my gratitude to every single person in my life for making it so worth living........ Mrs. Gauri said and ended her speech.

What was the need of such a grand function ? of my colleagues whispered

She just had an operation. So what’s a big deal in it?........ Another staff member said

While the people around me were busy chatting, I was looking at my watch every few seconds. 

My god!..........Its already 1.25 Aarav, was about to come directly here from his school, I informed his van person to drop him here.

Why he still didn't turn up?......I thought

Don’t worry, he will reach any moment ........I console myself but still was nervous.

Aditi, Come let's go for lunch........... My colleague insisted

Actually, I am waiting for Aarav. You all please proceed, I will join you once he comes......... I said.

As I was counting descending numbers in nervousness, I heard somebody calling me from behind. 

Hello Sapna, Where is your plate?.... Mrs. Gauri enquired

Is everything alright? .......She added

Madam, Actually, I am waiting for Aarav. He was about to come here directly from school, but he didn’t turn up.....I said with a ray of worry.

Don’t bother Dear! He must be on his way, he will be here at any moment......... She ensured

Come let's start at lunch. Trust me, he will reach before you conclude your food.....She added

I could not disobey her, so took a plate with one Tandoori roti and a spoon of Paneer Masala on it. Don’t be so stressed Aditi , Aarav will be on his way. Please have your food......Mrs. Gauri said patting my back.

My God! I can't resist anymore, What should I do now?......... I got panicked as it stuck 2.15 in my watch.

Somehow finishing my food, I made a phone call in Aarav`s school.

Hello ............A male voice answered

Hello............ I am a parent of a child from the nursery section. Will you please check and tell me whether the Van`s had left the school............... I requested.

Ma'am, all the Van`s left the school at their usual time............He confirmed

Okay !.............I said and hang up.

My little baby, where are you?.........I was about to roll tears.

 As I was rolling in a dilemma of thoughts, I heard an announcement.

All the teachers are requested to be in the conference room for an urgent meeting......Mrs. Gauri announced

What the hell? I can't attend this meeting..... I got irritated. 

I need to leave this place right now......I said to myself

With Innumerable thoughts and gathering courage, I went to Mrs. Gauri.

Excuse Me, Ma'am......I said

Hey, Aditi, I was about to come to you.......She said.

Ignoring her words, I started........

Madam, Aarav has still not arrived, I need to go right now........... I said in a steady tone.

That's okay, You can go but first calm down ......She said offering me a glass of chilled water. she increased the speed of AC to 18 degrees Celsius. Take a deep breath and listen to me now............. She said softly.

Aditi, just check your message box, do u have some call alerts??

Actually, your phone was not reachable, maybe it was out of coverage area. After trying to connect with you several times, Van person called on my number. Maybe you have updated my contact no. in case of an emergency. He informed me that his van was punctured on the way returning from school. He had to go to the garage to get it fixed. So he personally dialed every parent to inform about the delay............ She informed.

He had my contact no. in Aarav`s school almanac, so he rang me.....She added.

He will reach here any moment........she said confidently.

Wipe your tears and let’s go for the meeting.............. she said offering me a tissue paper.

 I took a sigh of relief after hearing her. As I tried and composed myself, I saw Aarav running towards me from the corridor. I m thrilled watching him approaching me.

 My Baby! I hugged him tightly as I can. I kissed his forehead and cheeks innumerable times.

Happy now ! ...... Mrs. Gauri said with her smile.

Kaka, Please feed Aarav and give him an extra scoop of yummy strawberry ice cream if he finishes his food quickly.... She said to the peon

Aarav! Mumma will come soon, till that time you finish your food and enjoy the ice cream...... she said pulling Aarav's cheeks

Thank you, Ma'am........I said with tears.

She just smiled

Mrs. Gauri is gifted with patience and a distinct vision to handle the worst situation.

As we all settled on our seats. Our Trustee Mr. Sameer Sane came in with Mrs. Gauri Dixit.

Good Afternoon everybody, Hope you all enjoyed the lunch...... Mr. Sane said

Aditi, Is Aarav here ? ...... he enquired

Yes, Sir, He is having his lunch........ I answered

Mr. Sane is an extremely ambitious person. He is extremely professional to work, but equally emotional when it comes to family and kids of his staff.

This meeting has nothing related to your work. So please be stressed free ......He said

You all must be here with a similar question in your mind that, why such a grand celebration to welcome Mrs. Gauri?..........He added

Everybody threw a glance at each other. As we all had this question in our minds.

As a part our family, you all should know the reason behind such a big celebration.....Mr. Sane said. 

As you all know, that Mrs. Gauri went through a Hysterectomy Surgery a few months back. Unfortunately, when her uterus was sent for a routine examination it had two tumors on the sides. After the thorough diagnostic by the Doctor, it was concluded that she was suffering from Adenocarcinoma of Endometrium.

My God!.....We all got shocked.

After consulting two more doctors, all of them gave a firm opinion, that she was suffering from Cancer......Mr. Sane said.

Our jaws left wide open.

Mrs. Gauri was still calm as usual. As we looked at her, she just smiled. Mrs. Gauri, Please describe your journey....Mr. Sane said

Things went worst but fortunately, everything is under control now. Nothing to worry.............. She ensured

I am hail and hearty as always.........She added

Mrs. Gauri went through the toughest treatment to come out of it.....Mr. Sane said

I salute her courage and determination towards her work.............. He continued

Thank you so much, Sir........Mrs. Guari said

All this has become possible with everyone's support and prayers........She continued

My good wishes were always there with all the positivity and encouragement. My family at home and my extended family here loves me so much, then how can a cancer win against so many blessings?........She said with her vivacious smile.

Now, when the situation is under control and everything is fine, I thought of sharing my not so happy phase of life with all of you........She added

As I was listening to her carefully, so many thoughts reminded in my mind. Mrs. Gauri went through such a tragedy but there is not a single line of stress on her forehead. She is so calm and composed. I got panic just because Aarav came a few minutes late.....I said to myself.

I hope you all enjoyed the function. Now, you all can disperse as it is already late.......She said

As I stood up and peeped down the window, My little Aarav was playing and enjoying his strawberry ice cream.

Ma'am, I need to talk to you......I said

Sure Aditi.......Mrs. Gauri said with concern.

I am so guilty for not been there with you during your tough time........I said

Please don’t say this .....She said in her tender voice

Already many people were suffering with me. I didn’t want to add to that number. As you know, I believe in sharing joy and not sorrows......She continued

God always gives pain to the people who are capable of bearing it, and I am one of his special children.......Mrs. Gauri said patting my back.

So, now don’t drop these precious tears and just give a curve to your lips........She said hugging me.

Look, Aarav is waiting for you. 

Hey Aarav,........... She waved toward him.

As I was descending the stairs, My thoughts got a new vision towards life. Her Inspirational rays turned my life towards “Rising Sun”

Mom........ Aarav came running towards me.

He held my hand tightly, let's go, mom... Aarav said

As I turned back, I saw Mrs. Gauri waving us Goodbye with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. As I looked forward, I felt she is indeed a blessed one. She left an inspiring impact on my life with her “Smiling Waves”.     

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