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Sapna Jadhav Eldandi



Sapna Jadhav Eldandi


Hopefully Soon!

Hopefully Soon!

9 mins 239 9 mins 239

The scurrying sound of dry leaves accompanied by the chirping of birds soothingly interrupted my thoughts as I was indulged in the daily dose of Newspaper, sipping the most demanding green tea in trend. I truly hate the taste of this flavoured tea, but my unavoidable health issues made it an essential and undeniable commodity of my life. Hence, not giving much emphasize on its taste, I accepted it wholeheartedly.

With the last sip of the green tea turning to page no. 8 of the daily newspaper, I spotted a familiar face not only familiar but the one which I can’t forget in my dreams too.

Is she Aafra? No, not possible.

 Aafra! Aafra! No man, how is it possible?? you are just hallucinating her dude.. She can't be Aafra.... My brain started convincing my heart. But failed in the process.

Calm down Aftab, just calm down. You are just over reacting. She is some random girl who has a resemblance of Aafra. Just stop thinking of her before you drive yourself crazy for rest of your life.... My brain insisted.

I pressed my head forcibly in my palms trying to control my anxiety. Oh God! Please forgive me. I can’t take this anymore. I am dieing everyday. I beg you please pardon me....I pleaded

How can she come back?? She just can't! It took me around nine long years to come out of her thoughts. Now, at this stage of life I can't afford to go through that same pain and anxiety and disorders over again. It's all over. She is out my brain and nerves. She is gone long back. We have parted our ways forever. Now things are impossible to mend. I just can't get into it ever again. She must be happy in her better life where I don’t exist for her. Why, am I sulking for her? 

Aftab! Please let her go, let things get normal and life take a better turn towards the new beginning...... my brain insisted again.

Her thoughts made me mad once again.

I popped around five sleeping pills to make my brain placid. But this sleeping pills don't work for me these days. The quench of my heart is so intense that no medication accomplishes its motive. I couldn't resist to check her innocent face once again in the newspaper. I get mesmerised each time I look into her eyes. She has the most enchanting eyes in the world.

But how is this possible? I clearly remember the day, when Aafra and I were on our way to a writer's retreat at Lonavala, The climate of that evening was so charismatic and wonderful in the month of July. It was 5th of July and the time was around 4:30. Or if I am not mistaken, it was 4:36 exactly in the evening. I was on the driver's seat and she was playing our favourite Bollywood numbers at high volume.

"Lag jaa gale ki fir yeh haseen Raat ho na ho". 

You are in love with this song, right ? I questioned.

Not exactly, But yes! I am madly in love with someone who adores this song and me equally... Aafra answered reciting the lines of the songs.

My God! The way she sings this song is just mesmerising and soothing to my soul.

By the way, who is that lucky man ? I asked.

Well, He is the one who loves my smile, adores my eyes and hugs me tightly everytime we have a tiff... She said with her lavishing smile.

He is the one, Who is your biggest admirer... I added.

He is the one who loves me more than anyone in this life.. She added.

But who is he??.. I insisted.

He is that crazy man, who is sitting next to me and not concentrating on his driving skills... She said adjusting the front mirror of the car.

As we were half the way towards our destination, the sun was on its urge to set. The scenic beauty of mother nature was soulful. I remembered few lines from diary, as I was about to recite them, She lowered the glass window next to her seat to click and capture the scenic beauty of the setting sun. Aafra is an excellent photographer. She is skillful in capturing the perfect moments. She leaned slightly to the outer side and felt a drizzle on her forehead. Rains drive her crazy. She is madly obsessed by rain, like the child in her pops up everytime she witness the showers of pouring. I was not willing to stop her but then, we had time restriction.

Stop the car! Stop Aftab! Just stop the car!.. she almost requested.

You are out of your mind ? We are already running late, we were supposed to reach lonavala thirty minutes before. So, please stop acting like a kid. I can’t stop here at any cost.

This rain will be staying here for upcoming months.... I refused to stop the car.

Please Aftab! Just for few seconds, and then we can proceed... Aafra insisted.

No way! Authors are waiting for us to start the event. I can't keep them waiting for this stupid rain... I bluntly denied

She made a puppy face., Which she does, when things goes against her wish. But, I love her more when she gets enraged. Her beautiful face converts into red hot complexion to express her anger.

She still looks gorgeous and lovable.

Ignoring me... She stretched her left hand outside the window to feel the pouring. She was looking stunningly gorgeous as the drizzles were kissing her forehead followed by her cheeks and eventually her lips.

Her beauty in the rain was distracting me. I was not able to resist myself from kissing her there and then.

I somehow convinced myself and turned my attention towards the road.

As I looked in the left hand side mirror, a heavily loaded truck was rushing towards us swiftly.

I gathered my mind which was already distracted by her sensuous beauty and tried to get control on the steering

Come inside Aafra, take your hand in. I promise we will drench ourselves in this natural showers as soon as we conclude the event. But for now don’t lean forward..... I promised.

You never know Aftab. What is stored in our destiny. We plan so many things but they never execute according to our plans. There is someone far superior than us to plan and execute fate for us. I know this sounds like some boring lecture but this is the ultimate truth of life......She said staring at me, ignoring her hand completely.

Aafra! Watch your hand! Be careful.. I screamed over the top of my voice moving the steering towards my right and then left, The car went out of my control in the fraction of seconds. I tried my best to manage the brake but couldn’t make it. 

I dashed the car on the adjacent divider taking few flips over the road. There was a pricking, long, never ending silence after the loud and nasty noise of dashing and flipping of our car.

Aafra, are you fine ? Don’t worry baby, things are under control. We will be in the hospital in next few minutes. We have to stay strong. You know “I love you”.... I looked into her deep eyes which were trying to convey something very special to me. I stretched my right hand trying to reach her to hold her tight. But as she said... Destiny plans differently.

She was completely drenched in a pool of blood as I tried once again collecting my possible courage to hold her hand before she was out of my sight. I was trying hard to keep my eyes wide open to see her for the last few moments, but my body couldn't support me as the accident was devastating and destroyed myself viciously.It was all over for once and all.

Ouch! I banged my wrist on the centre table near me to control my anxiety and anger.

Oh shit! It's bleeding.. as I hurriedly looking for an antiseptic, I sensed someone unlocking the main door.

And there she arrives.

Aftab! My God! What is this? How did this happen? 

Come here and sit, just relax. You will be fine. Bleeding will stop in next few minutes, I will bandage your hand.... Asma panicked. 

Aftab! Why did you come out of the room? I have told you several times to utilise your leisure time reading your favourite books, listen to some good Bollywood songs.. Like ‘lag jaa gale' ....I said interrupting her.

Sorry! .. I said hugging her tight. She hugged me back more intensely

It's okay Dear, Just calm down and relax. You will be fine soon.. Asma consoled me.

I think you need to take rest, I am sure you will feel better till next morning. Let's go to your room. I will help you.....She insisted.

As Aftab patiently relaxed his body on the bed closing his eyes, I held the photo of our wedding night. Just three months before that wild accident which overturned our life to utter disaster which can never be forgotten and left us scattered for rest of our life.

 The accident was so intense that it terminated my eight weeks pregnancy which I was so excited to announce it to Aftab in the presence of the rains. I was, therefore, insisting him to stop the car that day. But, unfortunately, he didn't.

My face was badly smacked on the front glass of the car leaving it unrecognizable. I was lying on the hospital bed for almost eighteen months. Innumerable plastic surgeries and various prosthetic therapies gave me this new face of Asma..

And Aftab.. He landed in the state of coma for next two years. Inspite of best medication and surgeries, He just left behind his memory and consciousness in that accident. He only remembers that we met with an accident and I died in front of his eyes drenched in the flood of blood.

He doesn't allow his brain to believe that things are getting better. He keeps reading the same old newspaper which had the news of our accident, Stating... "The most Promising Author Ms Aafra Khan met with a brutal accident alongwith her husband Mr. Aftab Khan leaving her lifeless on the spot". 

This incident refuses to leave his brain and body.

Doctor advised lending some more time to his brain to recollect and attached the strings of the incidence of past years. Too much stress on this brain can lead to brain hemorrhage and ultimately loss of memory permanently. I readily agreed to take up a new name and a different character to get him back to life.

It's been nine years now.. I am eagerly waiting for Aftab to get back to our normal life where he left me alone on the path which leads to isolation and loneliness. My story is still longing for the eternal moment of togetherness for Aftab and Aafra.

We will be together once again, but nobody knows when?

But my heart confirms... 'Hopefully soon'


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