Sapna Jadhav Eldandi

Drama Tragedy


Sapna Jadhav Eldandi

Drama Tragedy

Make Up

Make Up

5 mins

You just hate if your heels are visible below your saree, don't you?.. Anika said as she pulled my saree's border below the saree level. 

I think now its perfect... She continued.

Red colour looks amazing on you. The saree seems to be very expensive, but not more than your magical smile, which can make anyone fall for you. Anika exclaimed.

The broad golden border is so sparkling and bright that its sheen is reaching your face and making it look extremely gorgeous, or shall I say. 'sexy' or 'sensuous' which are your favourite adjectives to address yourself, My Sweetheart... Anika complimented.

Anika seems to be in full swing today. She was all praising me, which she rarely does.

Look at your curves sweetheart, they are just in perfect shape. Your hard work is being paid off. I always used to nudge you for your dieting fad and your crazy obsession for clothes which would make you look slim and sexy. But I guess, you were extremely right on your page as I look at you now. You eventually achieved what you always wanted.... Anika said... Planting a kiss on my right shoulder.

Nobody will interfere between both of us today, I will get her ready on her extremely prominent day... Anika said refusing the help of other ladies in the room.

Can you all please excuse us? I will call you all once we are done... She requested.

Listen, you are not going to instruct me on anything today. I will do it as per my talents. Better you keep your mouth shut and don’t disturb me. I know I am not as skillful as you in make up skills, but trust me you will look at your best today. .. Anika said hugging me tight.

I was in a lack of confidence that Anika would stand on my expectations. After all, it is a humongous day of my life.

But how can I forget the fact that I believed her the most throughout my life? She is my soulfriend, my confidant, my sukoon friend and much more that words can’t describe. I trust her more than myself.

So let me surrender myself to her... I thought

You must be thinking, Anika doesn't know to fix makeup, even she doesn't understand its basic concepts. How is she going to manage this today?.. Anika said.

But don’t worry Darling.. just wait and watch.. Anika continued.

My God! I gave the touch up of talcum powder on the base of foundation and compact. Like who does that ?.. Anika tapped her forehead forcefully.

I will follow all the steps and instructions properly as you told me the other day... She assured.

Let me redo it again. Now, it’s better. .. Anika was speaking to herself

Big red bindi on your forehead is like a replica of the setting Sun, who has fullfilled all his duties and is ready to enjoy the other part of his life.

The deep red lipstick is giving the mesmerising effect of red hot rose petals which are eager for the eternal moment of togetherness of every man and wife. Let the jhumkas play its role of adding beauty and grace to your already stunning look. Your love for jhumkas is just eternal. How can I forget this temple necklace? The golden carving on it is just near to perfection. You just fell in love with the necklace at a very first glance. Your eyes were completely stuck on them. But I still remember that moment, Uff! I had a tough time convincing you to buy it. Inspite of loving the piece so much, you were so rigid on bargaining for its price. I almost pitied that poor dealer who was trying his heart to convince you that his selling price is accurate and he is not demanding more than its worth... Anika said with a smile.

Have a look at you.. This necklace suits you the most. The price we paid for it is all worth it. Your obsession for glass bangles and finger rings will never ever fade. I remember you clicking pictures of your hand with these glass bangles of different colours accompanied with exclusive finger rings worn in your middle finger. Many are big fans of your graceful hand snaps. I hope you remember your Instagram posts very well... Anika continued.

Do you want me to add something more? She said placing a kiss on my forehead dropping a tear on my bindi.

Oh yes, the strings of fresh mogra flowers are waiting to get placed and settled in long lustrous hair. Anika said.. placing the strings in my hair.

Anika freezed her eyes on me with tears and smiling lips.

She hugged me once again and kissed my closed eyes.

You look magnificent and mesmerising as always. You will always remain my rockstar. No need to say that you occupy the best part of my heart. Anika said blowing a flying kiss towards me..

I very well remember my promise.. I will bid you goodbye with smiling lips and sparkling eyes... she added calling the ladies to enter the room.

Ladies you can come in, She is all set for the rituals towards her final destination. Please handle her with care, she is my sweetheart. Strong and fragile at the same time. See to it that her make up doesn’t fade.. Anika said dropping a tear.

 A heavy lump rolled in her throat as words stuck leaving her in tears as she handed me over for my final funeral rites.


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