Sapna Jadhav Eldandi

Drama Romance


Sapna Jadhav Eldandi

Drama Romance

Window Seat

Window Seat

8 mins

As I turned to page no. 196, My jaws left amazed in shock. I was left with no exact reaction. This is something out of my imagination. This novel is just the next level. " Waves that links Ocean" , what a unique title! How can he even imagine and write like this? He always come up with an extremely undefined twist and turns in every story. .. I exclaimed.

Stupid! That's why he is who is now. The bestselling Author in the house.... Mini me interrupted.

Mini me is the tiny little inner self that resides in me. She keeps correcting me in everything that I do. She thinks I am always wrong but then too she is my best friend. She stands by me in every thick and thin. A bit irritating sometimes but still she is adorable.

I smiled at her.

Absolutely right Boss! I completely agree..... I said smilingly.

I am always right... Mini me stated with confidence.

Oh! Really ??.. I jested.

Leave all this stupid talks now and concentrate on the current chapter. It seems to be very interesting.... Mini me said.

Yes, you are right. I was about to do that. Kindly don’t disturb me.... I tried to poke her.

Why would I ?? I have better things to do... Mini me stated.

As I was busy making peace with my mini me, which was a difficult task although.. He enters the boggie and stood in front of me. If I was not mistaken, He was approximately 6.1 inches and was wearing a deep black shirt from Allen Solly, the logo on his shirt was completely visible as it was embossed with grey thread, accompanied with sky blue jeans slightly washed which was branded too. But I failed to notice its brand name. Uff.. he was wearing a Swiss watch on his right wrist. I truly admire the people who wear watches on their right wrist, like Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. Wow! Like really wow!

Sneakers from Nike was completing his attire and personality.

Black colour was adding glim to his already fair complexion.

Antara! He is damn hot. Exactly like the dark hot chocolate. I feel like savoring him right now ... I confessed.

Just stop there and then... Mini me popped up.

Just shut up. I won’t.. I ignored her.

Excuse me! Is this seat no. 26 ?... He enquired.

Oh shit! I am occupying his window seat. But I really want this seat. The nature view from this window is so fresh and rejuvenating. Can't he adjust on my seat?... I thought

 Why would he??... Mini me questioned.

 I guess .. You are right, why would he ??.. I oftenly surrender to her if the situation insist.

Are you serious ? Just stop admiring him and leave his seat.. Mini me warned.

Will you keep quite for sometime?... I opposed her.

Excuse Me! Miss ..??

Antara Mehra... I reacted

Miss Antara, if you don't mind can I use your seat??... He requested.

Like really? Are you sure you don’t need your window seat?..I confirmed.

I am sure. Kindly exchange the seats... I requested.

 Yes of course! Please go ahead.. I said willingly.

Actually, I can't tolerate the nuisance and freezy breeze that runs from window. Its very irritating when the wind touches my face. I deliberately stay away from the window seats. I rather prefer the upper berth. No disturbance and ample amount of peace. He explained.

Not an issue! Mr... ?

Bunny.... He introduced

Like really, Bunny?... I was shocked. What a contradicting name to his mind blowing personality. He doesn’t appears like a tiny bunny from any angle. Rather he looks like a Lion. The king of jungle. Look at his biceps. They are so mascular and strong. Ufff!... I blushed.

Are you in your senses, Miss Antara Mehra?.. Mini me interrupted.

Just get lost, you little munchkin.... I suppressed her.

Thank you so much Antara.. He conveyed his gratitude.

No need to mention, I am fine here... I replied with a smile and butterflies in my belly.

You are not fine, you are supper dupper joyous for bagging his window seat... Mini me popped up again.

Shut up! He himself offered rather he genuinely requested me..... I made her quite.

Did you say anything? Is there any concern ?..... He asked.

No, no, nothing! .... I replied turning the subsequent page of the book.

After a long series of silence and glancing at him in few intervals, Eventually, He broke the ice. So, Miss Antara , Do you belong to Mumbai?... He asked.

Actually, I have a family in Mumbai, but I keep on travelling around the globe for work. So most of the time, I am away from home. My job demands me to travel. I work for a Television channel. ... I gave him unnecessary details which I am sure he was not at all interested in.

He smiled.

Am I boring or bothering you ?... I asked.

No, not all, please continue .. He replied.

So, I was telling that, our channel collaborates with different countries and shoots their travel diaries, the food culture, the experiences of local people , their lifestyle etc. We try and reach to the remotest part of the countries to explore something unique for every episode. I love to read books too. But only love stories, specially from my favourite author. He is the Best.

Will you just control yourself, don't you think, this is bit much to share with a stranger... Mini me interrupted.

Hmm... I kept silent.

That's interesting , Antara. Glad to meet you!. Even I like to travel and get connected to people. .. Bunny said stretching his right hand for a hand shake.

Same here! .. I reciprocated thinking of his kiddish name.

Control Antara! ... Mini me popped up.

I ignored her this time.

So, Do you like to read love stories ?.... I asked.

I don't believe much in love ...He smiled. What is your pick these days? I mean what are you reading.... He asked

 "Waves that links Ocean" by Arnav Ahuja.... I lifted the book to show him.

KoDo you like his stories??... He questioned.

He is a magician. He can weave the most soulful and mesmerising tales. I am head to toes his admirer... I answered.

I wish I could see and meet him some day. Unfortunately ,He is no were on any social networking sites nor he prints his photography on his book. We readers just know his name. How can he be so rude to this readers ? He must interact with his fans. ... Don’t you think so... I question.

This is his third book and all three are best sellers... I continued without waiting for his reply.

He smiled as he looked at his watch.

How is it possible for anyone to excel with mere words without using his identity for marketing or promotions. How can he touch the heart of millions of readers by his words and emotions.... I thought.

I was secretly falling for this unknown Author... I blushed.

He smiled again.

By the way what do you do for your bread and butter?... I asked.

Well, I am a software engineer by profession. I work for a multi national company based in Kolkata. I look into operations there.....He answered. 

Other than working for long hours, I like to meet people and observe their emotions. I consider myself to be a good listener and a keen observer... He added.

Interesting!.... I exclaimed.

As I looked at the train's timetable in my mobile , I realised that I was just twenty minutes away from my destination. I wanted to windup things before I reach. So I closed the book and placed it in my handbag. 

As I was doing so, He was keenly watching me.

Bunny, Thank you so much for this window seat. I didn’t mentioned you in the beginning but I actually, needed it.... I said.

That's all good, Antara. Please don't mention it!..... He said

Can you please pass that book to me for a second, just need to have a glance as I am about to deboard on the next station... Bunny requested.

Maybe, I will purchase it from the first book shop I come across as you had insisted and praised the author so convincingly.... He added

Sure, why not! And I am confident you will purchase your copy once you read the synopsis on the back cover of the book....I said while lending him the book and went to the water closet to fresh n up.

As I came back to my seat, Bunny already deboarded and the train was set into the motion gradually. I sat near the window seat and peeped out to waved him good bye. He reciprocated with a flying kiss. I somehow felt the feeling of detaching something from my heart, and without my concern a tear rolled down my cheek. He kept waving me till the time train left the platform and we were out of each others sight.

As I came back to my senses after couple of minutes. I heard an announcement of my destination. I hurried looked for my stuff around. I quickly lifted my bags and left the seat. As I was about to step down the last step of the Boggie, I suddenly realized, I have left the book near that window seat..... without wasting another second I rushed inside the boggie.

As I reached near the berth, The book was still lying there.

Thank God! Thank you so much .... I took a sigh of relief.

I grabbed the book in my right hand and rushed towards the exit door as the train was about to leave the station.

As I deboarded the train, a note fell from the book.

I glanced at it with amazement as I lifted it carefully.

It stated...

It was glad meeting you, Antara. You are a wonderful person at heart. Thanks for making me believe in love stories once again.

As I opened the book, I see an autograph on the very front page, mentioning....

Waiting to weave an unforgettable love story.

With love and warm hugs.

Arnav Ahuja


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