Fatema Chakki

Comedy Drama


Fatema Chakki

Comedy Drama

Don't Laugh At My Dreams

Don't Laugh At My Dreams

2 mins

It could have been a thing lasting either for a few seconds or years...

Hey! It could have been a dream, just a dream where one can see the sausages laughing and bread dancing to its tune.

A dream where tacos and donuts live and love together.

And you would say what a dream!

It was that "light between oceans" which can be claimed only by those who dare to sail uncharted waters. After all, one has to take a chance. Getting your dream job and then buying a perfect Kylie Jenner Holiday Edition for yourself! I am free and a dreamer. What an added advantage!

I thought I had "fallen" miserably like an apple on the ground that will be consequently smashed to extract the juice out of it.

But I was human, influenced yet indifferent to the wider concept of sin and corruption.

Lazing around, smoking a weed outta pipe...No, it's not me out there!

I am there where the oceans meet the land. I am there where people browse the internet in their leisure time. I am there where "serendipity" rules and roars even louder than the Wild West Wind.

I don't mind the moon and stars. But I love the sun.

It burns and shines every day like everything's normal. It could be that acid attack victim that never lost hope.

That victim whose face is still as beautiful as before even after all the hardships.

I promise to wake up one day "before sunrise" since that is the dream of competence I have seen. Hence the itch to fulfill.

And all those dreams which I have seen and nurtured......

From the Kylie Lip kits to Oceans

From personifying serendipity to waking up before sunrise 

Will come true, "One Day."

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