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 She had always wanted him to search for her in the darkest corners of the street and the deepest caverns of his mind.

Not that she was lost somewhere!

She only wanted to tease by playing with him a frivolous game of hide-and-seek. She had always wanted to be on the top of his priority list. C'mon who wouldn't like that?

But she also admitted to the fact that she is not the ONLY person in his life. She was content with the idea that every time after a nasty fight, he would revert to her and soothe her by saying something or maybe just that one word which would make her day.

Those had been the happy nights where she wouldn't have to struggle to gulp her food down anymore and her overjoyed heart would jump to drink a can of Coke or a bottle of Appy Fizz which she otherwise would skip on normal days, thinking that caffeine is bad for health.

Happiness spreads happiness!

Someone who said this said it quite right. She had always wanted to make him feel special, always wanted to support his dedication at work from nine to five.

She had always given him the topmost position not only on her priority list but in the deepest layers of her mind and heart so much that even if his image is shattered in one region of the body, at least it would stay alive in the other regions.

She had set her goals but she would still feel weak at knees even when she would catch his glimpse from a distance.

Mind said "Beware" but the heart said, "Go For It." 

They say everything looks beautiful when two people are in love.

But in her case, things were overtly strong and stubborn.

May be overthinking was her biggest enemy!

Every night she would feel what if one day he doesn't acknowledge her existence anymore? What if one day she becomes a forgotten actress in the movie of his life?

Some of the most beautiful things happen in imagination but too much of imagination can castrate your security.

She wasn't in a mood to moralize.

She wasn't a morality writer nor was she a philosopher. She, being she, was a hopeless romantic who was not yet tired of playing the role of "second" fiddle.

Yes, she is the kind of girl you would find sporting leather jackets in winters, messy and untied hair quite frequently and trying her luck at every small thing that would make her and if not her, then others around her filled with happiness.

She had always adored happy faces and the kind of glow they emitted.

Being second was not a compulsion,

But choice!

A choice that she herself had chosen. A choice that might cost her so many emotions but would give her the ultimate satisfaction that at least she didn't lead anyone astray. 

That she went out of her way to do things for those who mean the world to her.

But let me remind you...

Such are the girls who never get their love:)

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