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Let's Create The End!

Let's Create The End!

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One thing that has remained constant about GOT is that you cannot expect anything. Your expectations will be thwarted at every step. D & D will make sure that a doormat is created out of your expectations on which they can easily walk over. But then no one can prevent us crazy GOT fans from taking the show in our own hands, even if it's just for a while, in our own imaginative retreat, and come up with innumerable amount of fan theories, stories and assumptions.

So you are asking me how will it all end? Let us get to the worst possible conclusion, please.

I will give you that. You can surely count on me.

Okay, so ask yourself this. What's the very first question that you feel needs to be urgently answered by the creators of GOT universe?

Of course, "Who will get the Iron Throne?"

This is the need of the hour. This is what the viewers have been waiting for since the last seven seasons. Let us tackle this first.

But nothing has been possible in this world without build-ups, right? So let me do the same for you. Just imagine for a while that GOT is my show and you are watching it (Yeah, just imagine. You can do it, yay). Please, I need you to focus and get yourself mentally prepared to expect even the worst possible outcome. You will feel like burning me alive. But then we are imagining, remember? So be kind.

Okay, let us begin. Phew!

Honestly, let me break the bubble for you, right from the beginning-JON SNOW OR DANAERYS ARE NOT GOING TO END UP ON THE THRONE. I hope even the original GOT doesn't show this lame stuff.

Okay, so what I believe is that Dany is pregnant (Just imagine). Of course, she doesn't know this yet. But all hail to Jon (Or should I say, Aegon Targaryen?) for having given scope to her barren land, once again! Since this is fiction, we are quite likely to see her in labor soon. Probably the pain would be unbearable. She would have to be killed. She would probably cry out for mercy-killing. Like, beg for it! And guess who will do the honors? Jon Snow! Yes! (Pathetic!)

Meanwhile, what's gonna happen to Cersei? Cersei will lose the battle, as expected. After the whole Lannister army has been wiped out (thanks to Dracarys), Arya, the faceless assassin would kill Jamie Lannister. She will probably use his face to kill Cersei, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of the witch that Cersei would be killed by her paramour. She will die in the arms of her lover, whatsoever.

Coming to Bran, let me break this to you (don't laugh, okay?). BRAN IS THE NEW NIGHT KING. Remember that the NK had left a mark on Bran much before his death? You can never really wipe the Walkers out. Yes, you can expect a comeback. The dead will rise again!

Meanwhile, Dany is gone and she has given birth to a lovely baby boy/girl (whatever is your pick). Snow is dead in the battle against the Walkers (Goodbye).

Sansa becomes the ultimate Lady of Winterfell (Winterfell is yours, my Grace). White Walkers retreat, somehow (magic, maybe?). Expect all the others to die (Gendry, too). Bran is the new NK. Hurray! So we give Bran back to where he came from. Bran might return. In a way, the show will conclude on the note that humans can't defeat the Walkers. The night will come again. Winter will come again and so will the Night King.

About Viserion, he remains with the Walkers. We have lost him. Sad but accept this fact and move on.

Dracarys remains! Yes, congratulations to the mighty dragon for having survived all the cruelties.

What about Tyrion? Well, Tyrion survives and he and Varys are now in charge of looking after the child of Jon and Dany. They prepare the child in the best possible way for the throne. Probably one day the grown-up child may be spotted riding Dracarys, going all around the Seven Kingdoms.

Perhaps, the child's name would be interesting. Maybe a fusion or hybrid of the names of both Jon and Dany! You can think of all that, too!

So who will ascend the throne?

The offspring of Dany and Jon (Fire and Ice!) Yes!

What about Arya?

Well, no one knows her whereabouts. No one knows till date.

And guess who closes the book of the 'Song of Fire and Ice?'





That's it, folks.

Hope you enjoyed.

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