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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine

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Ajay was getting ready to meet someone special. He was never the same a day before. He didn’t care about what he wore or how he looked but today was different. He picked a blue shirt from his wardrobe as it was someone’s favourite colour.

After checking out himself in the mirror, he headed to the usual gift shop. He spent nearly an hour in the cards section. Without interest, he vaguely pulled out the red card in the corner that was hiding behind the other cards. It looked attractive with Red background and white cherry blossoms on top of it.

He slowly opened the card. The words Dear valentine were printed in big fonts. His black eyes scanned the card and with each word his lips spread in smile. The words exactly conveyed his feelings. He happily carried it to the billing counter. He forgot to pay the bill until the shop owner reminded him of. His mind was busily occupied with other thoughts. It was like someone had cast a spell on him.

That someone was Reshma,his Dear valentine. he hadn’t met her in a year. Now, he couldn’t wait another day. His eyes displayed a mixed feeling of excitement and fear.

He reached her place and strode towards her direction. Reshma was a kind of girl who didn’t have to put efforts to look beautiful. She looked elegant in casual white tee and torn jeans. He slowed down the pace while approaching her.

Reshma couldn’t believe what her eyes revealed. He absolutely looked adorable in her eyes. The blue shirt was a perfect fit for him. His charm outshine every beautiful thing she had admired before.

He left her dumbstruck as he inched closer to her. Her eyes fixed a stare at his dreamy black eyes. She had lost in it’s sublime like the million times before.

Patting on his right cheek,

‘You stupid’ she said in a low voice.

He pulled out a card from a book and reached his hand to her.

A year before

Reshma excitedly waited for their first valentine’s day . She had been dreaming about the day for years, the day she could see the same world differently.

She wanted to present Ajay something memorable on valentine’s day. She went to the shopping mall where they had spent most of their time together.

A blue shirt was on top of her priority list for a long time. But to choose one among hundred blue shirts was the hardest part. Everything looked the same to her like the maths question paper. Finally she chose one blue shirt as it was blue in colour. How simple!

Then she headed to the gift shop in search of a perfect gift that would melt Ajay’s heart.

She stepped inside the shop and jumped onto the cards section that was crowded than expected. A red card in the corner of the shelf caught her attention. She carefully read the words and fell in love with it the next moment. Her eyes shed happy tears reading it. She had never felt this happy before. She was counting down the days for Feb 14 but things changed drastically all of a sudden.

All her happiness did not last for long. The indifference and fights between them had reached it’s peak. Their love was not enough to break the shell they both were hiding inside.

Her painful heart demanded his love the most. Yet she was so adamant not to dial his number. She was afraid Ajay will not pick up the call like the previous times.

Ajay almost went on to attend her calls. It was not easy for him to avoid her calls. He always wanted her to give the best. He knew he was not the right match for her.

Her pain grew into anger and to hatred. then back to square one, falling for him. She wanted to move on but failed badly at every attempt.

After a week had gone, she went to the gift shop to return the card. She halfheartedly placed the card in the same place. This card is meant for someone else she thought to herself. She was proved wrong a year later, only to shed a few more happy tears.


I love you

I love you when you’re with me because You make me feel special.

I love you when you’re not near because you make me fall hard for you.

I love you when you put in silly fights because you always make amends later.

I love you because there’s nothing to hate in you

I love you because we are destined to be lovers and much more.

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