A Stranger's Smile

A Stranger's Smile

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It was an usual day, I thought. But I was totally wrong. Just before the day was going to end, it turned out to be special. Never have I thought that I would remember a person whom I had met only for a few seconds.

The day had almost ended and the night looked scarier as it was getting darker and darker. Fear had slowly started to fill my mind. It was all because I was alone. And also the place was an unknown place. Being a girl, the feelings can't be expressed. It can only be felt. Most of the girls would have experienced something similar in their lives.

I was returning home in a bike from a place that was new to me. I lost the track somewhere in the middle. I had no clue, which way to go. Right Now, I knew I was in a deep trouble.

If I could find the road that connects to the main road, I would carry on from there which was my only hope. After riding a few metres in a wrong direction, the board in front of me gave a different route to my home. But I was not ready to take a new route which only added more fear to my existing fear. I took a U turn and came to the same road in a hope that I could find that main road.

A girl wearing an orange saree strode towards my direction. She must be returning from work I thought. I stopped my bike and asked her how to reach the main road. She looked into my eyes and flashed a smile like she had known me closely. I wondered how could she smile looking at my face in the dim light though I was wearing a helmet. Maybe she didn't notice my face clearly but still managed to give a genuine smile. She told me to take left and then right and one more right again in a four way road and then to go straight. Meanwhile, she never stopped smiling. I was astonished, how could someone smile at me like this when many people around us share fake smiles without a shame.

I thanked her and returned her smile. I hope she noticed how thankful I was in that one smile which was all I could offer.

I didn't realise I would remember her smile forever at that moment. I would never call her a stranger again, she was a friend in disguise.

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